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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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I got myself a crack at how to do this a little. I noticed it wasn't already easy to come up with some authors in the Google search when looking for some Oldflash mods. However for some reason Messkell was easy on some of his mods and I thought since I already found these I might as well post them for anybody who might want them.


Messkell Mods (Please note he put spaces in some of his zip file names and you'll have to highlight the whole thing and paste it on the url bar and hit enter on those particular ones)



Evil Temple

http://ds1.pcgamemods.com/core/7017/evil temple v1.zip

Shores of Death

http://ds1.pcgamemods.com/core/7018/shores of death v1.zip

Slaughter the Council




Peragus "Quick Ebon Hawk Access" v1.2


"Mullet Dude" head model


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Looks like PCGM is back up. I just checked it today and it's up and running. There's no telling if it wil stay up long or not. Figured I'd give the heads up.


Ok, no more about PCGM being up or down, let's keep this thread on topic about requesting working mod links... thanks. Further posts of this nature will simply be deleted. -RH

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KOTOR 2: PFHH01 Remodel


I have always liked this mod, and when I switched computers, it was lost. I tried to use the Lucasfiles link but it doesnt work, could someone send me or post the mod, I really enjoyed it and would like to use it again. If someone could help it would be appreciated. Btw, it was the hispanic female touch up. thanks

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I'm looking for a mod/utility. It was a cheat interface macro program, it allowed you to inter a bunch of cheats and assign it a name. when in the game you would type the name in and it would exacute the macro. like you could type all six set<stat> 20 cheats, and name it abil. in the game whenever you type in the letters abil it would set all your abilities to 20. I remember the it being called preppie's Something. I think I got from pcgamemods but not sure.

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I'm looking for a mod/utility.


I remember the it being called preppie's Something. I think I got from pcgamemods but not sure.


There is a console macro/helper utility called Preppie that you can download from here, is that the one you are looking for? :)

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As I have had to delete a couple posts, I am going to repeat the thread rules again...


Edit: I am adding some ground rules here...

  1. Please do not post only one mod, post a list if you want more than one mod. Multiple requests for a single mod in a short time will result in the posts being deleted.
  2. Please do not post "Thanks!" or "Thank You!" Posts. As they clutter up the thread, you can always edit in the Thank you into your previous post. These posts will be deleted.
  3. Please actually take some time and browse the Taris Upper City Emporium and the sites contained in the Where Can I Find Mods thread, before posting here.
  4. Check the list in the first post in this thread before posting a link request.
  5. This thread is for requesting KotOR or KotOR II:TSL Mods only. Any other requests for mods or tools for other games will simply be deleted.

Thanks. -RH


Once again posts that are not mod requests or people posting links to said requested mods will be simply deleted as clutter. Thanks.

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Here ya go !

NOTE: this is not my link. I just know how to roll up the mouse wheel and look over at Shem's post :p


Edit: Oh btw does anyone have the link of that mod where you can turn Malak to the Light Side ?

NOTE: I am not speaking of the "Turn Carth DS Turn Malak LS" mod. There was another one tailored for male chars...


EDIT: Much obliged :) !

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I looked for these mods on google search, coulden't find them. Hopeing someone could help me out.


[TSL] New Female PC Pack Update



Telos: Billboard Sets I-IV Series



Thanks in advanced, i'd really appreciate it.




Here you go! :D


[TSL] New Female PC Pack Update



Telos: Billboard Sets I-IV Series


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