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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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Hi I am looking for the cut 3rd ending for Kotor 1 for the female PC if you romance Carth by JDnoa as I recently lost my memory stick with all my mods (the horror!) I know someone somewhere has it. Please PM me if you have it or better yet post a working link if there is one. Thanks!


Edit: Thanks stoffe! You made my morning!

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Where can i get regin of the sith mod for kotor. Sience PCgamemods is down I don't know where else to get it. On GCCCc' website it only sends me to PCGM.


Edit: also this mod that luke jedi attack that is what helljumper sent me. Please reply


RevanMMaster, several of your posts have been deleted and others combined here. Please refrain from posting requests more than once, the subsequent posts will simply be deleted. If you do this too much you can be warned for spamming. Sorry. -RH

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Chainz gave me some of my mod requests but I have reinstalled since then and I would like them again; EDIT; because for some reason Jumpstationz is down



TK102 Birthday

Telos Billboards

All the MECK project. I mostly want jabba palace and insidious plot though.


I would like to have anyway...

Force Zombie

Reign of the sith K1

Manaan fish fest

Sith Armada

episode III anakin skin TSL



Whats sith armada and the meck project???


The Sith armada was a mod that on different planets you can find totally new sith party members, and replace originals.

There are

Darth Straker

Darth Malek

Darth Sidious

cant remember the rest.

i think there was a few other small features too


The MECK project is a massive project mod. I dont know all about it or who made it but it is the stuff like the jabba palace sidequest, stormtrooper mod, The InSidious plot and a few more I think.


I hath ressurected your previous identical request post and deleted your repost attempt. Nice try with the deleting previous posts only to repost the same requests again, but that is spam too. No more, ok? Requests are to be posted once, any more will be simply deleted as this thread is hell to maintain as it is. -RH

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ok, so i made a separate topic on this (missed this one) but ill ask here anyway... anyone got any of my soundmods? i made them for both K1 and K2 i think...


id like to have them now that ive installed K1 again (waiting for the restoration project to finish before installing K2)


IIRC i had one blasters and grenades mod and one evil sounds mod (nasty death screams)

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K i think this is the Right place to post this at


Lately i'v been going back and Playing Kotor (1) an been looking around finding the Skin with Bastila Shan with Red.. well auburn hair actually, but i can't seem to find it, i'v tryed googling it.. nothing. Yahoo. ZIP. MSN. Nothing


i'v run outa ideas can someone help me out a little bit..



Thank you in advanced

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Requesting the improved dancer model. The one created by either bwarner or parasiteX (i can't remember for the life of me who made it). Does anyone have it or know where it can be downloaded? Since the fall of pcgamemods i haven't been able to find accept in mention here on these forums.

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