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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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wow, thanx for all those links (must have been a bit of a hassle to put in there) but ive already scoured kotorfiles and lucasfiles for models...

and i only want blaster models...


but alass i will have to do without... i remember that there were a few model packs that were basically just the models of like the dl-44 and such for modders resources basically... thats what i want...


and (for the moment) i want it for K1...

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Cyan Fix If all possible


l2ash, I have deleted a duplicate post to this one, that is spam, please do not post this or a similar request again in this thread. Sorry but this thread is becomeing quite unwieldly so all uneccisary posts are not allowed here. -RH

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For a while now i've gathered a list of mods that sound very promesing but have been unable to find.


Well, here it is:



Darth Straker

Sith Armada



Selectable Aayla Secura



Verpine implant integration Visor




Female Underwear Mod



T3-M4 Variations Mod

TSL Holowan Plug-in Patch


General Kenobi

T3M4 Codename: VORLON



Saber Blade Adjustments


Jedi Master Mike

Starry Eyed Mira Mod v1.0


*** ***

TSL Bastila Robe

[K1] Operation Kill Bastila v1.4

Bastila Hardcore

Bastila Alternate Undies

Bastilas Micro Bikini Underwear

Exlusive Underwear for Bastila

Bastila's new UnderWear with thong

Jedi Armor + Jedi Guardian Armor

Sith Power Armor


PS: All of these mods are also mentioned in the first post on this thread. You can PM me with the link or even email the mods to me.

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