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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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Hello all,


[K1] Checked my old Mod sites, did a search here on the forum and I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. There was a simple little Mod that fixed the Wookie Warblades so the Wookies would actually hold the grip and not the blade. Anyone know where I can find that sucker?


Thanks in advance,



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I am looking for Achilles's K1 robe mod. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: Sorry about the double post, but here is the deal. Achilles does not have a copy of the file as he never thought pcgamemods would go down. He might "slap another one together some day" so the only way to get the mod would be to get it from another person who has it. Or find out how to get this torrent to work, which I couldn't: http://torrentz.ws/torrent/317468/Kotor-Mods

And this thread doesn't make sense to me: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=185537

Did SilvanElf find it?


Smedles, please only post a request once, repeating requests or multiple posts about said request are spam here and get deleted. I combined one here and deleted the rest. Please read the first post in this thread for this threads special rules. Sorry. -RH

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I know that the Sith hoods are still around the web, not too sure about the Jedi though.


Would love if you could post the link to those hoods, i really searched long for a good hood mod for TSL,but since pcgm is off i can't find a site hosting avols hoods or something similiar

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I have Achilles K1 Robe mod. And a bunch of other things too. Here is the name or description of the mod and how their .zip/.rar filenames go. Pm me your Email and the mod/s you want and i will send them to you.


Bastila Shan as Selene from the Underworld movies: [K1]-mjpb3's-Selene-PC.7z

An update maybe?: [K1]-mjpb3's-Bastila-As-Selene-1.7z

Or perhaps a newer version?: [K1]-mjpb3's-Bastila-As-Selene-2.7z

Some Jedi Robes by Achilles: Achilles Robe Mod.zip

A bunch of .dlg files, I don't know what this is about: Allronix DP 1.5.rar

Change Mission into Atris: Atris Reskin.zip

Pretty Self explanatory: Aurra Sing.zip

A Bastilla Shan & Female Revan Romance: Bastila FRevan.zip

Some very nice reskins of Bastilas default clothes: Bastilas Revelation Robes v1.zip

Bastila Shan with leather clothes and black hair: Black Widow Bastila.zip

Reskin of the yellow? mandolorian armor to black: blackmando.zip

Another mandolorian reskin: bloodredmandoarmour.zip

New Heavy blaster skin available from Calo's Body: CaloPistol.zip

Improved romance between Female Revan and Carth: CarthRomance1.1.zip

Episode I clone troopers and weapons: clonetroopers[MECK].zip

Awesome reskin of bastila shan with black tattoos and hair: darth_arachne.zip

I-can't-remember-whos-blaster: DH17.zip

Jango Fett's Blaster?: DL18.zip

Han Solo's Blaster: DL44.zip

A bunch of Darkside equipment by T7Nowhere: DS_equipmnt.rar

A metallic green Mandolorian reskin: elitemando.zip

Revan robe model with feminine curves: feminine_revan.zip

Some SW Prequal weapons I think. Why doesn't everyone use readmes?: FINAL PROJECT.rar

Start off as a jedi: iamjedi.zip

Changes Sith officers uniforms into Imperial: imperialofficer.zip

A variety of Equipable? Iridorian armor. Like the creepy merc on Manaan: IridorianArmour.zip

PMHC04 with a beard: jediwhiskers1.zip

Juhani's Sanctuary threads (reskin of juhanis clothes implemented in-game): jst.rar

Another reskin of Juhanis clothes. Very nicely done too: Juhanis Dark Robe v1.zip

Jules Windus Jedi Master Robes: jwmstrrobe.zip

Groovy (or wavy anyway) new sword model: Kain.zip

Like Juhanis Sanctuary threads but for Jolee: kc.zip

Sith troopers into stormtroopers + equippable items: kotor_stormtrooper_v1.1.zip

The ebon Hawk has a basement installed and some new items: kotor-basement.zip

Jees I wonder what this could be ^^^: kotor-basement-patch.zip

Kotor save game editor (not exactly a mod but it was in the folder so...): kse_333.zip

Six new lightsabers by the sounds of it: Lightsaber_6_pack_1.2.rar

Light of the Force Mask: lotf.zip

Whats with all the Mando reskins and still no female mandolorians!?: Mandalorian Royal Guard Armor.zip

Adds Jabbas palace on tatooine: MECKProject-EnterJabbaspalace1-11.rar

Recruit Mekel. is that Carths son or someone else of Korriban? Its a Sith student anyhow: mekel_recruit_v.1.1.zip

Just read the darn filenames: mjpb3-Crushed-Velvet-Robes.zip

MJPB3 sure knows what she's doing when it comes to naming .zips!: mjpb3-female-Revan-latex-underwear-K1.zip

Some new robe colors 4xcamo for guys 4xnew colors for gals: ModernRobesPack_1.0.zip

"Please Explain?" (Okay noone from outside Australia will get that quote. And yes i AM being sarcastic: More Pistols.rar

One of Nequams gorgeous new Playable characters: NewFemPC_0.8.zip

Changes the Heart of the Guardian color to gold: NewGuardian.zip

A new femal pc by Kristy Kistic: pc_athena.7z

"I don't know, Daaaavey." Does anyone know what that quote is originally from?: Qui_gon_jin_hilt_1.1.rar

Basicly another bearded PMCH04, take your pick: quigonhead.zip

I know you can probably get this from RedHawkes .com but I can't be bothered sorting all these out: RecruitRedHawke14.rar

It's taken me long enough just to compile the list and... This switches the default soldier outfit to the Republic army uniform. Too bad the body model for this is medium size and all the other armor variants for soldiers cause you to sprout a few inches: Republic Soldier Clothes.zip

...it will take longer to send all the mods out... Allows you to equip revans mask: RevanMask.zip

...So gimme a break all right? I don't know, a better version of ^^^: revans_mask_plus2.0.rar

Canderous can become a jedi: RHCanderousDJediMod1.zip

Carth can become a jedi: JediRHCarthJediMod1.rar

Allows you to create a bunch of stuff at the Ebon Hawk workbench: RHEHConstructionBench.rar

The Bufferizer 2000. Increases your stats for $$$ i think: RHKaminoEugenicsChamber1.rar

An addon to the thing below \/: RHMissionJediBoosterStd2.rar

Mission, Jedi, you get the picture, right?: RHMissionJediMod.rar

This adds a workbench to the starforge for all those last minute mods: RHSFWorkbench1a.rar

The Rise of the Sith expansion. Early version, not very polished or long but worth a playthrough: ROTS v1.0.zip

You can buy yourself a nifty Cutlass: Sith_sword.rar

NOT S&M you perve, an improved Sith Mask: sm.zip

Not like the other stormtrooper one, this just turns their armor white, the red might stay red though: stormtrooper.zip

Like the Darth Arachne Bastila this is an excellent reskin of bastila that zombifies her, but not like the -Blammy!- Darkside transitions you go through: undead.zip

I think this allows you to hold the Wookie warblade by the handle instead of the blade. Which is safer, trust me: Warblade.zip

Darth333's Armband that allows you to travel to any module: Warpband1.0.1.zip

Wait a minute, if the Westar is Jangos gun whos is the DL18? Padmes?: Westar.zip

A set of new clothing and a pink lightsabre with unique hilt: Xia Terashai Set v1.1.zip

Recruit yuthura ban: yuthura.zip


But Wait, theres more!


Ah finally all done..... Oh I don't believe this -Blam!- Why are there TWO folders?!


Some new Jedi robes kinda. I think you just wear the same clothes as the other jedi at the enclave: DM_jedirobes.rar

High Stakes pazaak i think: extreme-pazaak.zip

For all those Jedi/Sith who don't like getting there hands dirty try our new Force Gloves!: fg.zip

Fuel of Hate. with the prices of petrol/gasoline this sounds expensive. Oh wait it's just a mask: foh.zip

Gives bastilla blonde hair and her revelation robes: GE_bastila.zip

Sounds like it belongs with K2 but it is definitely K1: JediPrestigeClassRobes.zip

Like lightsabers only bigger: Longsaber Crystal Pack by ChAiNz v1.zip

Havn't I already done this one? modernrobespack_1.0.rar

It's Scoundrel not Scndrl. Duh!: NewScndrlUndiesPG.rar

As in Ulic? Gives the Qel Droma robes a unique appearance: qeldroma.zip

Not like from JK:JO or JK:JA just all black sith apprentice/dark jedi's: reborn.zip


I do not fathom why my mods are asked for here, as they are easily available on my site and my site is linked to in all my mod release threads. :confused: -RH


Revans Redemption Robes. Some fantastic variations of Revans robes by Svosh, T& and D333: rrr.rar


P.S. rrr.rar. Hehehe, like a lion ;)


@redhawke: I am not asking for your mods, I just made a list of all the mods I have that others might want. I didn't know what had been lost and what hadn't and wasn't in the mood to search the web for all of them to see if they were available or not.


I was making a general comment... about some types of people. I can clearly see what you are doing here, and I was clairifying where they can easily find my mods. ;) -RH

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Sorry if these have been asked for before; I'm too lazy to go through every post in this topic:


Visas Marr "Unveiled"

Black Haired Atris

Burnt Anakin Sion Reskin (Mayber it was just "Burnt Anakin", I don't remember)

SW KotOR II TSL Excile Male Head Reskin

Female Jedi Meshes that will Integrate in storyline (I think there were a few updates to this one)

Neo-Crusader Mandalore

Military Grade HK Series

Calo Nord Desert Camo Reskin


Bastila with Red (Auburn) Hair/Blue Eyes (Just a note: This isn't the reskin at KotOR Files. Clicky)

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Looking for the following Kotor 2 mods...

(Please dont send me a direct-download link unless you know it works, many of the links no longer work as im sure many of you know.)



Darth Vader for PC <--Uber tks to Rick Shan and Miles Edgeworth for links-> Bronze Lightsaber

Added Hoods (not called that im sure, but it adds hoods to robes)



Darth Nihilus Hood and Mask


Jango and Boba Fett's armor <--Again, Uber tks to Rick Shan for link-->


Also need links to the mods that allows me to play as other characters as the pc. Something like changing the pc so he/she looks like Darth Nihilus, Darth Reven, or Malak. (I keep finding links to these but cant seem to find them again... I really need to learn to write down the address. /cry)

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I was wondering if anyone had any of the harder to find mods, such as the Insidious Plot.

I thought I remember reading somewhere on the site that someone was looking for a lost mods pack, but I cannot remember where for the life of me.

Any help would be appreciated.

I used to have it but my sister totally shattered my external harddrive.

Anyways, anyone out there with it, or any of the ones that went under after pcgm went down, I'd appreciate it if I could get those from you.

As always, thanks for the hard work.

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