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Mod Link Requests from PCGM, KotOR Files and other Sites


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Does anyone happen to have the Count Dooku PC head which was formerly on PCGM? I can't remember whether it was K1 or TSL, but either would be much appreciated! Also, could someone send me the original trilogy heads mentioned above?


PM sent :D - Cz

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I would very much like to have Taina's Replacer, if you would be so kind as to PM me the linkie:D

Sent :D


How many mods do you have ChAINz??

Any chance of the Dustil Recruitment mod (by D333 i think)


I can't find it.. I'll have to keep digging. :(

If someone has this mod, please help DB out. :)


I'm after a copy of Taina's Replacer too, please.

You betcha. PM sent :D




As am I. :)

I'm on a roll, PM sent :lol:


I'll take Avol's Bastila as Pc mod v2.0/2.3

the movie mandalorians mod

Taina's Replacer

Thanks in advance

Sent Avol's Bastila and Taina's Replacer. I don't have Movie Mandalorians though :(




whew. That was a decent roll..hehehe. Also, for anyone I've ever sent links to... please feel free to share them (via PMs) should you see a request here. Sometimes I catch requests, sometimes I don't... so all the extra eyes out there helps out ;)


If you've ever received a link from me.. you can probably guess a pattern as well as how things are set up. So that's an easy way to explore. However.. if you don't see a mod, ask (here). It may just be that I haven't transferred them to my server since my collection is HUGE. I tend to miss alot.. :lol:


I should also state that if a file exists on FileFront.. then more than likely it's not on my server. I only host the 'hard to find because author has vanished' type of things. So please remember to check both FileFront, LucasFiles and the modder's website since they just might have found a home there. ;)

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Thank you! Now my girl can be powerful AND cute! :lightning


Edit: I seem to be having a little trouble installing it. I extracted the file with 7zip and dropped everything into my Kotor Override file. I used KSE to go completely DS to make sure it had worked, and, well, she turned into a zombie. Any idea what's wrong?

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Does anybody have the Full Item Creation Mod for TSL?


And Endorenna? You might have to start a new game.


Is there a Bastila PC mod for K1 that is not a disguise?


I can't remember if there were.


DP, please read the special rules for this thread, you are spamming here. No more ok? If you want more than one mod post a full list instead of one at a time. And re-edit your previous post if you have more to add. -RH

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