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Has anyone ever done a mod like Defender's Wrist Console or the Hak Pad, but for KOTOR, not TSL?


I know about the Holowan Extradimensional Emporium, and love it. But the Wrist Console had so much other fun stuff, like 'download area map', 'grant all force powers', 'grant all feats', 'do workbench anywhere', etc., and I'd love to have the same kind of functionality in KOTOR.




Responding here to not take this thread off-topic... Sorry Chuckg but some of the things the Wristconsole, HakPad, and my Mistake Correction armband does can't be done in KotOR I as the scripting functions do not exist in that game. Sorry. :( -RH

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Could someone get me the TSL holowan plugin patch? Thanks.


Here is the TSL holowan plugin patch you wanted!:D




Hope thats what you wanted.


what is the direct link for Shaggoth's Sith Mask reskin? It was the sith mask model, with a revan's mask texture.


Any help would be appreciated!


Sorry I could not find that!:giveup:




Also I am looking for AniCam Beta3 does anyone know where to get it besides pcgamemods, thanks for the help!:D

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When pcgamemods.com was still up I wanted to download a mod take made mandalore a jedi/sith but I didn't downloaded it next day I thought that I should had done it but when I wanted to go there the site was down so does anyone have a link were I can find it

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i found the old link for the force choke anyone mod for kotor 1.







if anyone could hook me up with this, it would be much appreciated. thanks!


Sorry I looked and I cannot find it but I did find the K2 version of the mod, if you are interested the link will be at the bottom of the page, also I recommend asking the author of the mod which is "Darth333" she will probley be able to help you find the K1 version of the mod!:D


P.S.: Sorry again


K2 Version Link:http://ds1.pcgamemods.com/core/16038/d3_choke12.rar

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