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[FIN] Star Wars: The Beginning of the Galactic Empire

Master Jimmy

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Please leave comments [thread=165377]here[/thread]. Thanks, Jae Onasi.


Hi, I'll be writing the story about Anakin Skywalker if he survived Mustafar, this will begin after Anakin's ending from the Episode 3 video game. This will contain some characters from KotOR and I will have my first chaper shortly!



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Anakin entered the Lambada class shuttle leaving his Jedi Master, Sith Master and wife behind on Mustafar. He was headed for Coruscant to inform the members of the senate of his reign. When he reached Coruscant through hyperspace, he immediatly made his way to the Galactic Hub to annonce his reign. Members of the Senate were surprized to see Anakin instead of Sidious.

"I am Darth Vader, your new Emperor" announced Anakin, chatter scattered all over the place asking why Anakin has taken Sidious' place.


"What makes you think you can push us around, Sith Apprentice?" asked Senator Organa


"Sith Apprentice?"


"Yes, our alliegience wasn't even to Palpatine at all what makes you think we'll be loyal to you?"


"This..." Anakin raised his hand and Senator Organa's hovering platform became unstable, Anakin then sent it plunging to the floor! "If any of you even thinks about separtism, you can join Organa..." warned Anakin. No one spoke back. "Good!"



On Pollis Massa, Yoda dropped to the floor and his face was scrunched up as if he was about to cry. "Failed Obi-Wan has!" Yoda didn't bother to move.



In his office, Anakin sat thinking.


"What do we do now?" asked Anakin's advisor.


"What are we gonna do...? We hunt down Yoda, That's what we're gonna do" replied Anakin "Make sure I'm uncontested in my reign... wipe out that itch on my arm" he ordered.


"Yes my master, I'll prepare the army-"


"NO! He's one Jedi, I'm gonna do it on my own, show anyone that dare oppose me what will happen to treason" declared Anakin


"Y-y-yes m-m-master"


"Is the prototype to the new ships ready?" Anakin asked.


"Only the prototype my lord" answered Anakin's advisor


"Then I leave now" Anakin took a newly built ship that sort of looked like a tie, and left to find Yoda.



Anakin searched all across the galaxy and found an isolated asteroid base, Anakin thought that would be the perfect place for Yoda to hide. Anakin searched all over the place and found Yoda he did. Anakin drew his saber.


"Stop, Anakin!" told Yoda "have to do this, you do not!"


"Save your preaching tratior!" ordered Anakin "Your words mean nothing to me, the Jedi shall become one with the Force this day!"


"Be it so" said Yoda, Yoda then drew his saber and the two started fighting. Strong blows from Anakin forced Yoda to frequently make a run for it but Anakin found him one way or another. He then followed Yoda and cornered him in a small room. Yoda dropped his saber.


"See if you will strike down a defenseless prisoner, we shall" said Yoda


"I am not a Jedi, old midget!" replied Anakin "I have no need for mercy!"


Anakin shot a bolt of lightning and started killing Yoda. The more Yoda screamed, the more Anakin laughed, Anakin had completely fallen to the Dark Side. Yoda stopped screaming and started twitching after a while of lightning.


"Now to make sure" Anakin said to himself holding his saber. Anakin impaled Yoda and Yoda stopped twitching. The Jedi are no more.

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Anakin stood over Yoda's dead and charred body saying to himself "I've fallen so far, how the hell could he believe there was hope in me?"

A figure wearing a mask walked out of nowhere and said to him "Because there always is, at least in the Jedi point of view, but you choose not to embrace it, so you choose to embody power and only power!"

"Who are you?!" asked Anakin.

"I am like you" replied the figure "A fallen Jedi, an all powerful Sith, or at least I was four-thousand years ago"

"I need a name!" demanded Anakin.

"Okay, my name is Darth Revan" answered the figure.

"What do you want from me" asked Anakin.

"From you?! Nothing!" Revan replied, "Except to help you."

"I don't need your help!" yelled Anakin.

"Oh I believe you do," told Revan "You were always over-confident and arrogant Vader! I've been watching you for thirteen years, I've seen your incident with the Sand-"

"BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!" demanded Anakin

"Anakin, you are not a Sith yet!"

"Who are you telling me what I am and what I am not"

"YODA STOPPED FIGHTING BECAUSE HE DIDN'T SEE YOU AS A TRUE SITH!" roared Revan "You do not have a Sith army, Skywalker! Hell you are so arrogant, you went to take Yoda alone, without an apprentice to watch your back! He could've been planning a rebellion, he could've had armed men here!"

Anakin started breathing deeply, "What do you propose I do?" asked Anakin.

"I propose you rebuild the Jedi Temple into a Sith Temple, build an army and find an apprentice to follow in your footsteps."

"Okay, but you are only a ghost, what asset are you to me?" asked Anakin.

"I can only be seen be you, I can be your advisor." answered Revan "I'll meet you on Coruscant."


Revan dissapeared, Anakin jumped into his Tie Fighter and made his way to Coruscant.

Back on Coruscant, Anakin went back into his office and sat down in his chair.

"Have you completed your task, my lord?" asked Anakin's advisor.

"I'm here arent I?" answered Anakin, "You're lucky Polis Massa was close to Coruscant this year, there was no effort to put a Hyperdrive into that starfighter...! Anyway we've got work to do, I want the researchers busting their asses off in improving that fighter, and I want the engineers and construction workers rebuilding the Jedi Temple into one of the Sith!"

"Yes master"


Weeks later, the Sith Temple had been built and Anakin had some welcoming to do.

"Welcome, my Sith Army to be! I am Anakin Skywalker but you will address me as Master, or Lord Vader! Here I will teach you in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force the more powerful and intimidating alignment! The most powerful out of all of you shall have the privilage of being my apprentice to take my place when the time comes" announced Anakin.

"Repeat the Code of the Sith after me... Peace is a lie!"


"There is only Passion!"


"Through Passion I gain Strength!"


"Through Strength I gain power!"


"Through Power I gain Victory!"


"Through Victory my chains are broken!"


"The Force shall free me!"



Through months and months of his army training his army, Anakin saw two equally powerful individuals and asked them to step into the throne room.

"I've been watching you two, very closely" Anakin told the two, "but only one can be my apprentice..."

"What would you have us do?" asked a beautiful female Twi-Lek

"I will have you fight to the death" answered Anakin

"Why the death?" asked a tall man

"Because the Sith do not have time for mercy, that's why!" growled Anakin, "... begin."


The two students fought a fierce battle knowing one will only walk out alive! After fierce swings and chops the battle was won... by the Twi-lek!

"What is your name?" asked Anakin.

"Oola..." replied the Twi-lek.

"You shall now be known as Darth.. Slaaf"

"Thank you... my master" replied Oola.



P.S: Slaaf is Dutch for Slave

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"You are progressing well, Lord Vader." told Revan.

"Thank you." replied Anakin, "But I must return to the Galactic Hub to get the Senate members into giving control of their planets over to me."

"What will you do if they do not" asked Revan.

"The Senator that refuses will suffer the same fate as Bail Organa, and the planet will be givin to me by force" told Anakin.

"Good... good." said Revan.


Anakin made his way to the Galactic Hub and was going to force the Senators to give him power over their planets because Palpatine couldn't make that happen when Anakin killed him. "Okay I am going to have total control over the galaxy as of this moment, you will sign this document to give control of your planets over to me!" ordered Anakin. Chatter went out and about over Anakin's order. "I'm going to give you two options, the first is that you hand your planet over to me, the second is that you join Senator Organa." Even more chatter scattered, then a senator came forward.

"I will sign this document of yours... Emperor." obeyed the senator of Manaan.

"Smart move on your part" said Anakin.

Senators kept coming forward to sign Anakin's document all but one, the new senator of Naboo.

"Why do you not sign my document?" asked Anakin

"Because our alleigence is to the Republic, not you...! Naboo demands its full independence!" demanded the senator of Naboo.

"Request... denied!" replied Anakin.

Anakin raised his hand, lowered it and then the senator and his advisors fell right down to join Senator Organa.

"You're all smart people" told Anakin.


Anakin raced back into the Sith Temple and ordered his Oola to ready the 501st legion of Troops and the 107th legion of Dark Jedi for they attack Naboo immedietly!


Aboard his flagship The Executor he gave his army a briefing on what they were going to accomplish. "My fellow troopers and warriors, we attack the planet of Naboo, for their incompetent senator refused to sign my document, for that they will pay! We will show no mercy, we will teach them the penalty for defying me!"


Anakin sent his troopers down first to let them weaken the Naboo Royal Guards and penatrate their defences. The troopers managed to end up having the Royal Palace flanked, to that event, Anakin and Oola went down in a tank with all the Dark Jedi to finish the Queen. The Queen had been sheltering some renegade Jedi who left the Order during the Clone War, and she had unleashed them against Anakin's army. Anakin took them all down one by one and went to hunt down the Queen who was making a break for it. The Troopers blocked her way out of the city and took her prisoner and brought her to Anakin.

"What do you reckon we should do with her, My Lord?" asked a Storm Trooper. Anakin looked at the river and and then ordered the Trooper to bind her hands and feet and let her drown.


Meanwhile on a distant planet,

"Miss, reconnisance shows that Naboo has been taken the hard way... your husband led that campaign" told an officer "What do we do?"

"I don't know what to do, Captain *sniff*" said Anakin's wife Padme.

Padme dropped her head and started crying because of Anakin's evil ways.

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It has been years since the events of Naboo and Padme's children: Luke and Leia Skywalker, have reached the age of five. Meanwhile, in the netherworld of the Force, "Milady, you are the most powerful out of all of us" told Obi-Wan "You mus go and train my friend's children into becoming Jedi!"

"But how?" asked a female Jedi "I'll only scare them, I can only walk the galaxy as a spirit seen by the Force sensitives."

"As a living woman, seen by all you can be, if you pay a visit to the Valley of the Jedi." told Yoda.

"Yes, Master Yoda."


The female Jedi spirit made her way to the planet of Ruusan to find the Valley of the Jedi, when she did she was hit by a beam of the Force and she gained visibility. "Now to find a way out of here!" she told herself. She noticed a small mining colony and found a ship there, she took it and made her way past a gas giant called Yavin. She past three moons and stopped on the fourth.


She landed and asked if she could have permission see Padme Skywalker, she was granted permission and was led to her quarters. "Miss Padme, my name is Bastila Shan, I am a Jedi of four-thousand years ago." Bastila said as she introduced herself.

"Four-thousand years?" asked Padme surprised

"I died and spent my time til now in the netherworld of the Force." explained Bastila.

"Why you?" asked Padme.

"Us Jedi agree that I would be the best choice to train your kids to be Jedi." told Bastila. "We know that you and former officials loyal to democracy are plotting a rebellion to stop all this bloodshed. Only your children can be the catalyst of stopping your husband and the rest of the Sith."

"If they must be trained... can you train them close to home Master Jedi, please?" asked Padme.

"Don't worry, I wasn't planning on taking them off Yavin IV at their first stages of their training." told Bastila.

"I'll bring them out." said Padme.


Minutes later, after Padme telling her children on who they were, Padme brought Luke and Leia out. "Luke, Leia, this is Bastila Shan, she is going to train you into being Jedi." Padme told her kids.

"Hello, Bastila." greeted Luke and Leia.

"Hi, children" Bastila greeted back, "I am going to train you into being Jedi, do you know what a Jedi is?" Bastila quizzed the two.

"Keepers of the peace?" asked Luke.

"Very good, Luke" congratulated Bastilla, "Clearly your mommy has told you a thing or two about the Jedi."

"She has told us about daddy" said Leia.

"Yes, it's sad isn't it" said Bastila feeling her sadness, "I lost one who I loved to the Darkside too..."

"Where do we begin." asked Luke eager to begin his training.

"We will start with the Jedi Code" answered Bastila, "Repeat after me, There is no Emotion."

"There is no Emotion."

"There is Peace."

"There is Peace."

"There is no Ignorance."

"There is no Ignorance."

"There is Knowledge."

"There is Knowledge."

"There is no Passion."

"There is no Passion."

"There is Serenity."

"There is Serenity."

"There is no Chaos."

"There is no Chaos."

"There is Harmony."

"There is Harmony."

"There is no Death."

"There is no Death."

"There is the Force."

"There is the Force."


"Good job kids." Bastila congratulated, "Always look to the code when you feel astray from your teachings."

"Yes, Master" obeyed Luke and Leia.

"Normally, that's what you would call me, but please call me Bastila." corrected Bastila.

"Yes, Mas-uh Bastila." said Luke.

"You got it Bastila!" said Leia.

"Great, when do you want to begin?" asked Bastila.



"Ha-ha-okay." laughed Bastila.

Bastila and her two new students started to make their way outside to begin their training, until Padme stopped them for a moment. "Bastila?"


"Thank You, for doing this" thanked Padme.

"You're welcome." Bastila told, "I will take good care of them, for you."

Padme nodded. As Bastila, Luke and Leia left the room, the whispered "Thank you."

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One year has passed, Anakin has watched 3 students very closely at his acadamy and has been training them as powerful generals aligned with the Dark Side to help command his army with him and his apprentice. "You must feel the power" told Anakin training his soon to be generals, "You must wait till your enemy is most vulnerable, then strike!" After dozens of minutes training, everyone put away their sabers, "Good, good, I can only have one apprentice and unfortunately for you three, I already have one, but you shall be my generals." explained Anakin. Anakin turned to a Kel-Dor and said "But you will also be Sith Lords, you, what is your name?" Anakin asked the Kel-Dor

"Telvert Hadom" the Kel-Dor answered back.

"You shall be known as Darth... Oorlog." Anakin told.

"Thank you... my lord."

Anakin turned to a male human, "What is your name?"

"Zepnam Ledkor" he answered

"You shall be known as Darth... Macht." Anakin told.

Anakin turned to a young woman, "What is your name?"

"Janice Wisurr" she told.

"You shall be known as Darth Moordenaar"

"Thank you... My... Master." she replied.

Anakin looked at her suspiciously and then turned away.


Anakin went into his throne room to meditate, then he was met by Revan.

"I see you have trained some new generals Anakin." told Revan.

"I can't watch over every planet all the time" Anakin answered.

"Then I recommend that you bring the 501st to and a squad of Sith to Mustafar, I have senced a disturbance there." Revan told.

"I'll bring my generals too, they can use this experience." said Anakin.

"Good idea." replied Revan.

Anakin called Oola and his generals to the throne room, "We are going to Mustafar, to check a possible rebellion." Anakin explained

"From who?" asked Lord Oorlog

"I don't know, we are going there to check if there is so I can sleep better at night." Anakin answered, "We will leave now!"

"I'll prepare the army." said Oola.


Oola prepared the 501st and a squad of Dark Jedi for the take off to Mustafar. While on the flagship Janice glared at Oola for the whole trip. She was plotting something against her.


Upon the arrival, they weren't welcomed warmly when they landed on the planet, droids of the CIS were waiting for them guns blazing. Oola and Anakin's generals jumped off the ship destroying every droid they saw.

"I'll scout ahead" told Janice.

"You're not ready to go alone" told Oola, "I'm going with you."

"Okay." replied Janice sounding rather pleased.

Oola and Janice, scouted ahead and destroyed every droid in sight. Janice walked up behind Oola and threw a pair of hand bracers on her.

"What are you doing?!" Oola asked in horror.

Janice slapped her down and started kicking her.

"The role of the apprentice is not for damned pieces of dirt like you!"

Janice brought her out on the lava observatory balcony, killed a sniper there broke it apart and tied some wires around her neck and hung her from the balcony rail.


Anakin walked out out of a room close to the lava observatory and noticed his apprentice hanging dead. Anakin fought the droids still focusing on the task at hand. He planted a beacon so his flagship will know where to bombard. Janice noticed a Geonoshan trying to escape, she took some rubble and crushed him like the bug he is. Anakin ordered everyone to get back on to the Executor. When everyone was safely on, they watched the fireworks. Anakin called over Janice.

"Did you have anything to do with Oola's execution?" he asked

"You shouldn't ask... I was the only one with her." Janice told.

"Right... You are now my new apprentice, Janice."

"Thank you, my master"

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"Master I think I know where the uprising will lead us too!" told Janice.

"Geonosis!" answered Anakin.

"You know?" asked Janice.

"Of course... the production plants are on Geonosis." explained Anakin.

"My master, shall I ready the fleet?" asked Janice.

"No Janice." told Anakin, "We shall something new!"

"Yes, My Lord" Janice said.


Anakin made his way up to the bridge. "Pilot!"

"Yes sir!"

"Set a course to Geonosis." ordered Anakin.

"Yes sir!" obeyed the pilot.

Anakin made a hand gesture and he started raising the pilot off the ground.

"How long have you been on the job?" asked Anakin.

"gha-three-years" answered the pilot gagging.

"Then you shouldn't be reminded to address me by My Lord or Lord Vader." told Anakin, "Are you clear on that?"

The pilot's feet started to twitch, "Perfectly clear *choke* My Lord!" answered the pilot, "Please, *gag* let me *choke* go!"

Anakin threw him up in the air, "fine."


Anakin walked to the transmission room and made a transmission to his new "Spacestation". "General Veers?"

"Yes Lord Vader?"

"Set a course to Geonosis!" ordered Anakin.

"Yes My Lord." said Veers.


The Executor and the new "Station" made their way to Geonosis. "Fire at will Veers." told Anakin. Everyone, sit back, watch the fireworks. Everyone stared at Geonosis and within seconds, it was gone and a shockwave flew right past the Executor and the the "Station" that did Anakin's dirty work.

"What will shall it be called My Lord" asked Janice.

"... Death... Star!" answered Anakin.


Meanwhile on Yavin IV, "Captain Antilles, what activity on Geonosis?"

"Milady... it's gone!"

"WHAT?!" Padme shouted.

"I don't know what the hell just happened... these are the proper co-ordinates... right?" asked Captain Antilles.

"Come home, Captain."

"What has happened?" asked Bastila.

"I think my husband knows how to break more than just lives now... *sniff*" answered Padmem, crying.

Bastila patted Padme on the shoulder and took her leave.

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It's been a year after the destruction of Geonosis and the Skywalker twins have been progressing admirably. Bastila called Luke and Leia out of their studies and into the courtyard. She claimed that she had one final test for them. Bastila was waiting for them outside. Where she was standing next to a small tunnel. "This will be the final stage of your training" Bastila told.

"What will we be doing here?" asked Luke.

"I have 3 saber crystals with me, I will ask you a few questions and you will go into that tunnel with one saber crystal that is most suited for you and build your lightsaber." she explained.

"What?" asked Leia "It has to be harder than that."

"It is" told Bastila "When you slide down that tunnel, you will have to go through a series of trials to get back up to the surface in a room where you will build your lightsaber. Got it?"

"Got it!" they both said

"But first you must answe some questions where you will get one of three saber crystals: Blue, Yellow or Green."

"Are they supposed to symbolize something?" asked Luke.

"Blue is the path of the Jedi Guardian, Yellow: The Jedi Sentinal, Green: The Jedi Consular."

"Okay, a mother and child are attacked by a group of thugs and you two are the only people there." Bastila explained, "What will you do?"

"I'll attack the thugs." told Luke.

"I'll help them flee." told Leia.

"Next, you are in combat with Darth Vader and there is a pause in the battle." explained Bastila, "What will you do then?"

"Attack." told Luke.

"Find a weakness." told Leia.

"I suspected as much, next question, you come across a locked door and your objective lies on the other side." told Bastila, "What will you do?"

"Try and pick the lock." told Leia.

"Use my saber to make an opening." told Luke.

"I'm beginning to see a pattern here, final question, you are both the head of a Jedi Acadamy on a contested world and the Sith are turning your students to the Dark Side. What will you do?" asked Bastila.

"Hunt them down." told Luke.

"Lure them into a trap." told Leia.

"Very good, we're done. Luke: you would be most suited as a Jedi Guardian, and Leia: you would be most suited as a Jedi Sentinal." told Bastila, "But I only make the recomendations, you make the final decision on what you want to be."

Luke and Leia consulted each other and made their decisions.

"I want to be a Jedi Guardian." told Luke.

"And I want to be a Jedi Sentinal." added Leia.

"Here are your crystals." told Bastila giving Luke a blue crystal, and giving Leia a Yellow crystal.

The Skywalker twins walked right up to the entrance with their crystals in hand.

"Good luck" told Bastila. "Hopefully you won't need it."


The twins jumped into the tunnel and slid down to the bottom. Where they saw before them a large room, but they could only go to one area, they followed that hallway and only found a small room with a cracked wall. Luke thought about the situation for a bit and used Force Push on the wall.

"Good thinking." congratulated Leia.

Luke blew his hand as if he was blowing the smoke out of a DL-44 blaster pistol.


They followed another hallway which led them to another room except with a locked door and a lever which was impossible to get to. Leia quickly used the Force to pull the lever towards them to open the door.

"Good job' congratulated Luke.

Leia made a brief smile.


They followed another hallway which seemed to lead to a dead end. Luke looked up and found a ledge he could jump to.

"Time to jump sis." told Luke.

"What?" asked Leia.

Luke made an extremely high jump and made it up on to the ledge safely.


Leia quickly jumped up to rejoin with him.

"This place has seen better days, definately." told Leia.

"Yeah, I assume they had stairs once." added Luke.


The twins ran down an open hallway where Bastila was waiting for them.

"Finally, an open door." told Luke.

But as the twins got close, the door closed.

"No-no" said Luke in dismay.

Leia notice a switch on the ground and the door reopened. She ran to get outside the door. When the door started to close, Leia ran faster, all she saw was a slow door. Luke walked back to the switch and started running to the door. Luke entered the same state Leia was in and got through the door.


"Great job you two." congratulated Bastila, "I have two lightsabers with no crystals in them waiting for you two to put them in."

Luke and Leia walked over to their tables, no questions asked and started building their weapons. When they finished, they turned them on and they were working perfectly.

"Well done." congratulated Bastila, "You have completed your apprenticeship, and are now Padawans! I am honoured to call the both of you: Jedi."

"Thank you" the twins answered.

"Now when the time comes, you will be called to help the Alliance in their struggle against The Empire." Bastila explained,"There should be a change in your wardrobe back in your quarters."


The twins were sent back to their rooms and found that their regular clothes have been replaced with Padawan Robes. They were now Jedi, ready to help the galaxy whenever necessary.

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"Miss Padme?"

"Yes Captain Antilles?"

"We have recieved a transmission from an imperial transport craft, on the scanners it has no escort."

"The prisoners on the Death Star have escaped" said Padme with glee, "Let them land, let them land."


Padme ran to the imperial transport to welcome her men home. "Welcome home, I was beginning to worry."

"Well, we made it just fine." said a Jedi who was also being kept prisoner, "When we escaped, we found the plans of the use of that battle station."

"Where are they?" asked Padme.

"I have them right here." told the Jedi giving a data disc to her.


Padme made her way to the computer and inserted the disc, it read: "With this battle station we will crush the alliance in one blow, once we find the planet they are cowering on, we will fire our super-lazer upon them so no one can appose Lord Vader." Padme turned off the computer and took out the data disc. "We cannot forward the plans to Coruscant from here..." explained Padme.

"Then I suggest that we bring them to Coruscant." suggested Bastila who was there with them.

"The idea is good but I don't know who to send to escort them." told Padme.

"Padme, can I speak to you in private?" asked Bastila.



Padme and Bastila left the room.

"I suggest that you send Luke and Leia to escort them." suggested Bastila.


"Darth Vader doesn't even know he has children, it could work to our advantage." told Bastila.

"Then we'll have to make a transmission to Coruscant when we get in range, I don't want to risk their lives, they're all I have left of Anakin." told Padme.

"I understand, and that is a reasonable change. answered Bastila.


Padme went outside and found Leia. "Hi Leia, what are you doing?" asked Padme.

"Watching Luke and Wedge fly around in their X-Wings." answered Leia.

Padme went to the hangar to call her son down and they met with Leia in the courtyard. "Kids..."

"Yes?" asked Luke.

"I think it would be a good idea if you transmit a message to Coruscant for the Rebellion."

"Yes." both the kids whispered.

"I need you to fly into space so you can make a transmission to Coruscant about the Death Star plans, you do that, and the Rebellion will make a large step in liberating the galaxy from evil." explained Padme.

"We'll do it mother." answered Luke.

"Good... for your own safety, I'll be sending a large force with you on a Corellian Corvette."

"Don't worry mother, we'll have Vader out of office faster than his head will spin." told Leia.

"Okay kids."

Padme brought them to the Tantive IV. "Good luck." told Padme.

"Don't worry mother." replied Luke.

"I'm not going to like this at all, I hate flying." said a golden droid.

"Beep beep *whistle* (You Mynock)"

"Switch off"

"*Whistle* *farting sound* beep (Aww **** off)"

"Watch your speech"


After a long journey, The Tantive IV was almost in transmission range but, the were being chased by the Executor, which blew off the transmission dish. The Executor caught up to the Tantive IV and started pulling it into the hangar via tracktor beam. Troops immediatly ran over to the airlock to prepare for imperial boarding. The Skywalkers ran over to help but Captain Antilles told them to get down to the nearby planet. Sparks started to fly at the airlock then suddenly the door blew open and blasters started blazing. Luke and Leia ran immediatly to the escape pods, droids C-3PO and R2-D2 followed.

"Okay, you and the droids first." told Leia rather paranoid. She looked down the other end of the hall and began to sense trooper prescense very close.

"LEIA COME ON!" yelled Luke.

Leia just shut the door and locked it.

"NO- NOO!"

"Master Luke hurry." told 3PO.

Luke and the droids followed the hallway to the nearest escape pod and launched.

"There's one!" said a Storm Trooper noticing Leia, "Set for stun!"

Leia picked up a gun and shot a trooper and made a run for it, but another trooper stunned her.


On the escape pod, Luke hung his head and looked as if he was about to cry. He felt horrible knowing that he's safe heading for the planet below, and his sister about to face the wrath of Anakin.


Back onboard the Tantive IV, one Storm Trooper met Lord Vader who was interrogating Captain Antilles. "The Death Star plans are not in the main computer." told the troooper.

"Where have you been sending transmissions? What have you done with those plans?!" asked Anakin.

"We never made any transmissions... we're on a diplomatic mission."

Captain Antilles died and was thrown down.

"Tear this ship apart, and bring me the passengers, I WANT THEM ALIVE!" roared Anakin.

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Leia was taken prisoner by Imperial Stormtroopers and taken to Anakin knowing nothing of who he used to be.

"Emperor Vader, why am I not surprised...? The Imperial Senate will not sit still for this!" she told.

"Where are those transmissions you made?" Anakin asked.

"I don't know what you're talking about... I am a member of the Imperial Senate returning home from a diplomatic mission." Leia bluffed.


Anakin's apprentice Darth Moordenaar walked up and began to tell him about the some escape pods that escaped the heat of the battle.

"Send a detachment down to the planet below and send a distress signal and tell them all the crew were killed."

"Yes master" replied Lord Moordenaar, she bowed and took her leave.


Down on the planet below, Luke and the droids were travelling the desert and were tired as hell.

"I sense we're getting close to a house." Luke told the droids, "Don't worry we'll be safe."

"This desert is hell." told 3PO, "It seems like we're made to suffer."

"Beep whistle beep beep (aww shut your voice box you walking junkpile)" told R2.

3PO didn't answer.


Luke scanned the area and noticed a moisture farm, "There's some shelter." yelled Luke excited. Luke and the droids bolted to the moisture farm and Luke knocked on the door. The door opened. The man who opened the door noticed the rough state they were in and invited them in.


"Get lost in that desert and it's hell to pay." told the man.

"Thank you for offering us shelter." told Luke.

"Owen Lars." said the man introducing himself offering a handshake.

"Luke Skywalker." replied Luke accepting the handshake.

"Sorry, I didn't catch that, what's your name again son?" asked Owen.

"Luke Skywalker." Luke replied.

"... Skywalker? Shmi Skywalker, my stepmom."

"You must know my father then! Who is he?" asked Luke very quickly.

"He was my stepbrother, Anakin..." answered Owen.

"Then you're my uncle." told Luke.

"Whistle whistle (awwww what a great family reunion)" told R2.

"Watch your mouth, you rude little twirp."

"My father was a Jedi wasn't he?" asked Luke.

"A great one." Owen answered, "He was the most powerful of them all, he had many friends, his closest were: Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Vader, when Anakin and Vader entered the order, they were trained by Obi-Wan. They were both arrogant and both wanted to learn more. After the Clone War, Vader was seduced by former Emperor Palpatine with promises of ultimate power, Vader then killed all the Jedi, even your father, then when he killed their mentor he killed his new master and took his place as Dark Lord of the Sith and Emperor of the Galaxy." explained Owen, "Word of these events travel fast."


Luke got angrier by the minute, he clenched his fist and it began to crack.

"I'm sorry." apologized Owen.

"It's better that I know the full truth." forgave Luke, "My mother only told me he was killed after the war, now I know who to look for, why didn't Bastila tell me?"

"Beep whoop whistle (aww, poor baby.)" R2 insulted.

Luke ignored him.

"Owen, I need to leave this planet to rescue my sister from that murderer, can you help me?" asked Luke.

"I can only get you to Mos Eisley Spaceport and lend you some credits to pay for a ride." Owen answered.

"I appreciate that, thank you."

"First get some rest, and I'll give your droids an oil bath." told Owen.


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"You can borrow my landspeeder to get to Mos Eisley" offered Owen, "But then you'll have to hire someone to help find your sister."

"Thank you, I appreciate that." told Luke.

"Beep whistle whistle (YESSS! We can leave this hell hole)" whistled R2 in glee.

"What's that little bucket saying?" asked Owen.

"*Farting sound* beep whistle (Don't make me bust some lightning on your ass, old man!)" warned R2 thinking Owen was insulting him.

"You don't want to know." told Luke, "I should dismantle him soon for all the insults." told Luke.

"*Farting sound* (F**K)" wailed R2.

Do it, do it! 3PO thought to himself.

"But he might be useful." told Luke.

"Whistle (awww Padme thank you)"

"We've got to go." told Luke, "Thank you for your hospitality."

"Find your sister!" ordered Owen.

"I'll do that!" replied Luke.


Luke drove Owen's landspeeder to Mos Eisley Spaceport in search for a pilot who would be daring enough to help him. He searched the cantinas until he found a Wookie who told him that he knew someone. The Wookie led Luke to an empty table and asked him to sit. Seconds later he was met by a scruffy looking man. "Han Solo, I'm captian of the Millennium Falcon." boasted the man.

"I'm Luke Skywalker, I am a new Jedi in search for my sister." replied Luke.

"A Jedi, eh? Where were you planning on searching?" asked Han.

"Every Imperial Vessel until I find her!" answered Luke.

"Whoa whoa whoa, that commited huh? The cost will be big, are you sure you have enough money to pay that kind of flying kid?" Han asked.

"My mother was the former senator of Naboo, and she is now the leader of the Galactic Rebellion, once you help me rescue my sister, my mother will pay you handsomely." explained Luke.

"Wow kid, you've got yourself a deal." replied Han cheerfully, "We leave this rock as soon as we can. You look beaten, help yourself to a drink before we go."

Luke walked to the bar and asked for a Tarisian Ale, he was drinking when he was inturrupted by an Anqilish then a man witha flat face. "He doesn't like you." told the man.

"Sorry." replied Luke.

"I don't like you either, we're wanted people, we don't want you telling anything about us." ordered the man.

"I'll be careful." told Luke.

"YOU'LL BE DEAD" roared the man.

"This little one is not worth your trouble, let me buy you a drink." told a familiar woman. The man pushed the woman out of the way and attacked Luke, Luke raised his blue saber and killed the man. "Bastila, what are you doing here?" asked Luke.

"Guiding you... I see you have us some transportation, good good." congratulated Bastila.


Han Solo tried to make his way back to Luke to tell him that he's ready, but he was intercepted by a Rodian, "Going somewhere, Solo?" the Rodian asked.

"Greedo, tell Jabba that I have the money now, I just need a bit more time" told Han reaching for his blaster.

"It's too late, you're too late." replied Greedo.

"Don't do it." ordered Han.

Greedo took a shot but missed, Han took a shot and gave him another eye socket, he tipped his server and got Luke ready. "Who's your new friend?" Han asked.

"Bastila Shan." Luke replied.

"One extra eh?" asked Han.

"Yes." replied Bastila.


Han led Luke, Bastila and the droids to the Millennium Falcon and invited them aboard, "Enjoy your trip" said Han.

"I don't sense any deception from him, which is good." told Bastila.

The Falcon took off.

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"If you want your brother to survive, then name the system!" demanded Moorenaar.

Leia started crying "Yavin IV" she sobbed. "All on Yavin IV."

"Do it." ordered Anakin.

"WHAT?!" screamed Leia.

"From here, my lady, Yavin IV is very remote." replied Anakin, "But do not fret, your Rebel friends will perish soon enough."

"No please! Don't kill my brother." Leia begged.

"Why? So he can board the ship and rescue you? I cannot allow that." answered Anakin.

"No." sobbed Leia.

"Don't test my patience!" demanded Anakin, "You will join him one with the Force soon enough."

Leia sniffed, thinking her brother was going to die and knowing she couldn't do anything about it. A green laser shot at the barren planet, it then exploded, just as Anakin did to Geonosis. Leia only stared into space letting her tears run down her face. Leia turned around and tried to use Force Pull to grab one of Anakin's sabers, while she was pulling the saber, Anakin grabbed it saying "I am the Dark Lord of the Sith. I am not a moron, you imbecile!" Anakin then turned to his apprentice and ordered her to take Leia to the detention centre on level 5.


Lord Moordenaar took Leia into her cell but then she heard her master talk to her through the Force "Punish her, for trying to put up a fight at the observation level." he ordered. Moordenaar started beating Leia and using the Force to torture her until she passed out.


Aboard the Millennium Falcon, Luke got increasingly angry, feeling his sister's pain.

"Luke, there is no chaos." said Bastila reciting the Jedi Code to calm Luke down.

Luke took a deep breath and followed "There is harmony." he completed.

Han Solo noticed the Death Star "What in the hell is that?" he asked himself. Luke and Bastila walked into the room and also noticed the Death Star. "Do you want to start there, kid?" asked Han.

"Yeah." answered Luke.

The Millennium Falcon began to rumble and steadily started flying toward the Death Star.

"Faster!" demanded Luke.

"Shut the hell up kid, there isn't a damn thing I can do, they've caught us in a tractor beam." snapped Han.

"Then we must wait." told Bastila.

Chewie roared. The Millenium Falcon moved slowly and steadily towards the Death Star, and her crew awaited the landing.

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"Get into these compartments, people." Ordered Han, "We can hide here." Everyone hid into the compartments of the Millenuim Falcon. They heard the footsteps of the Imperial Troops, until it stopped. "The ship's all yours gentlement." Some Imperial workers brought some equipment on the ship but fell flat on the ground, to Luke and Bastila's sabers. "Hey down there." yelled Han, "Could you give us a hand?" he asked. The Storm Troopers that were previously on the ship walked back up the loading ramp answering his call, but they fell dead to Han's blaster. "TK-421, what's your status?" asked an officer, "TK-421, do you copy?" A Storm Trooper walked out of the loading ramp and tapped his helmet. "Can I get assistance down here? We've got a blown speaker." The man opened the door and there stood Chewie, who quickly killed him.


"I must go and disable the tractor beam, so we can leave. I will go alone." told Bastila.

"I want to go with you." said Luke.

"An- err... Vader is too much for you, you will fight very bravely but die very quickly, to avenge for the crimes he has commited." explained Bastila.

"Okay" Luke obeyed. Bastila closed the door behind her.

"I don't want to wait here to be captured, I want back to my ship." complained Han.


"He's saying that he has found Leia." explained 3PO.

"Where is she?" asked Luke.

"Beep whistle *farting sound* beep whistle (Level 5, in the detention centre numbnuts, where else?)"

"We got to go find her" ordered Luke.

"Count me out." complained Han.

"At first you didn't want to wait to be captured, but now all you want to do is stay?" asked Luke.

"Walking into the detention area is not what I had in mind." told Han.

"They're gonna do something to my sister." complained Luke.

"Better her, than me"

"Remember our agreement? You walk out now, you get no money." threatened Luke.

"Damnit, fine." obeyed Han.

"I need you to put some cuffs on Chewie here."

Han walked over to Chewie with some handcuffs, "Don't worry Chewie, I think I know what he has in mind."


Luke, Han and Chewie made their way to the detention centre to rescue Leia. But they weren't welcomed gladly with Chewie. "I was not aware of this transfer, I'm going to confirm it." told the officer. Luke ignited his saber and started killing the men. When he killed the last one, he took his sister's saber from his belt. The Alarm had already gone off and Han was the first one there. "What's your situation up there?" asked an officer.

"Uhh... everything's fine situation normal, we're fine, we're all fine... How are you?" asked Han.

"We're sending a squad up." told the officer.

"Uhh... negative, negative, we have a large reactor leak, very dangerous, give us some time to surpress it." told Han.

"Who is this? What's your operating number?" asked the officer. Han grabbed a gun but didn't shoot when he heard Luke say: "Make something up."

"Uhh... 925-026-7153." told Han.

"We'll leave you to the reactor leak." told the officer.


Luke made his way to Leia's cell where Luke was happy to sense her alive. Luke opened the door. "Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?" asked Leia.

"Damn straight." told Luke as he removed his helmet.

"LUKE! I thought you were dead." said Leia in glee as she ran to hug him.

"The new Jedi won't die so easy, here's your weapon." replied Luke as he gave his sister her yellow blade. Luke and Leia met Han in the hallway, "Wha'd you say?" asked Luke.

"They think we're a clean up crew." replied Han.

"Good, now we have to find a way to get out of here." told Leia.

"Hello, gorgeous... I'm Han Solo." said Han, introducing himself to Leia.

"And I am Leia." replied Leia with a smile on her face.

"Leia, I am going to put these cuffs on you so it makes it look like we are doing a prisoner transfer." explained Luke.

"Okay, where to now?" asked Leia as Luke cuffed her.

"To his ship." replied Luke "We have to meet with Bastila."

"That's good news." replied Leia.


Luke and the others walked the Death Star trying to get back to the hangar, Bastila trying to dis-engage the tractorbeam, with Anakin looking for them all. Bastila found a power room and shimmied over to the controls. She lowered the power and disabled the tractorbeam. Then started making her way to the Millenium Falcon. Everyone eventually were reunited in the hangaer. "Bastila, well aren't you a sight for sore eyes." told Leia.

"It is good to see you too Leia." replied Bastila.

"We have to get back on the ship" complained Han.

"Quit complaining, leave that to the Jedi." told Luke. Luke, Leia and Bastila ignited their sabers and started killing the Stormtroopers one by one until there were none left. Everyone made their way on the ship and Chewie got the engines fired up while Han and Luke took the turbo lazers to make sure no one would get on board. Anakin Skywalker himself tried to get on board, but the loading ramp closed before he could try. The Falcon took off with no worry of a tractor beam.


Unfortunately they were followed by a number of Tie-Fighters. Han and Luke got back on the turbo lazers, guns blazing. They killed off all the fighters until there were none left, and minimal damage was taken.

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"Will you fight for us?" asked Leia.

"For you? Of course!" replied Han.

"Good, thank you so much." thanked Leia in glee. She stood up to leave the cockpit to meet Bastila and Luke, but before she left she kissed Han on the cheek. "Your welcome!" Han said to himself. Leia walked to the guest's quarters to Bastila being interrogated by Luke. "Did Vader kill my father?" Leia heard Luke ask. Leia gasped. "Yes Luke, I'm sorry to sat that he did." answered Bastila.

"Don't be sorry for telling me now, why didn't you tell me earlier?" Luke asked.

"Then your mind would be so concentrated on revenge, you would fall to the Dark Side." Bastila answered.

"I understand, master." said Luke with a sigh.

"I'm sorry." said Bastila. Leia began to weep, she ran to her room and started bawling. "We're coming up on Yavin IV" told Han. Luke and Leia ran to the loading ramp to meet their mother. The loading ramp lowered and Padme was waiting there. "MOM" both Luke and Leia roared, running to give her a hug.

"Luke, Leia." replied Padme.

"We missed you so much." told Luke.

"Same here, kids."

Han walked from the loading ramp to take a stretch. "Mom, this is Han Solo, he help us get here." explained Leia.

"How'dyo do?" asked Han.

"Very fine, thank you for getting them here safe." replied Padme.

"Mom, they know that we're here." explained Leia.

"Excuse me?"

"The Sith have their ways."

"Then we must prepare. And Bastila, Luke, Leia? Can I see you for a moment in the hangar?" asked Padme. Bastila and the twins followed Padme into the hagnar. "Our smugglers have stolen these." announced Padme as she revealed three Jedi Starfighters.

"These are Starfighters from the Old Republic, aren't they?" asked Luke.

"Yes, you'll need them." replied Padme.


Hours later everyone was prepared for a space battle, so were the Sith. "I want there master! I want her battle meditation, I-want-her here." ordered Vader "Is the tractorbeam back online?"

"Sir, yes sir."


Back on Yavin IV, Padme was trying to inspire her army with hope. "There were many one sided wars in the period of the Republic... But this is your time and you will win, believe in yourselves." yelled Padme. The army cheered, her speech was a success. Everyone launced to space to meet the Sith at the Death Star. "Is everyone there?" asked Padme.

"Gold squadron, standing by."

"Red squadron, standing by."

"Blue squadron, standing by."

"Viridian squadron, standing by."

"Violet squadron, standing by."

"Rogue squadron, standing by." said Wedge.

"Good to have you with us, Wedge." said Luke.

"Orange squadron, standing by."

"White squadron, standing by."

"Green squadron, standing by."

"Jedi squadron, standing by." said Bastila.

"Millenium Falcon, standing by." said Han.

"Lock S-foils in attack position." ordered Bastila as they approached the Death Star.

"Look at the size of that thing." Wedge pointed out.

"Viridian squadron, bomb the turbo lazers." ordered Bastila. A group of Y-Wings made an attack run on the turbo lazers, taking them out one by one. "I can use my concussion missles to help out" suggested Han.

"That would be appreciated." answered Bastila. Han fired some concussion missles that took out the turbo lazers very quickly, until he was out. Luke fired at random places on the battle station causing him blocking off major hallways. "Sir, the attack force is taking out our turbo lazers one by one sir."

"Then we will destroy them ship to ship, Moordenaar, you take the generals to test out the new fighters."

"Yes Master" obeyed Moordenaar.


Bastila flew past the hangar to take out the turbo lazers there, but she ended up getting sucked in. "Leia we have to save Bastila." told Luke.

"My pain is meaningless, focus on the task at hand, I am not defenseless." ordered Bastila. Anakin observed Bastila's starfighter as it was getting pulled in by a now working tractorbeam, "good, good, come to me my prey." Anakin made his way to the hangar where he would be waiting for Bastila, he closed off that hangar so no one could intrude on the fight.


"I've been waiting for you milady, we meet at last." told Anakin as Bastila landed, "You and your battle meditation would be a great asset for me... Come to the Dark Side."

"I've been there, Skywalker." replied Bastila "I will never go back."

"So be it." told Anakin as he ignited his blue and red sabers. Bastila ignited here yellow doublesaber and entered a fierce battle with the most powerful Sith Lord of all time.


"Attention spacers... enemy fighters coming your way." warned an officer.

"This is where the fun begins." told Han "Chewie, pilot this thing while I take the gun turrets." ordered Han. Chewie roared back. A large space battle had started while both sides had lazers blazing all over the place. "LEIA THERE'S A FIGHTER ON YOUR BACK!!" screamed Luke.

"I can't shake `im." replied Leia. Han fired a persice shot at the wing of the Tie Fighter and it landed on the station. "Thank's stud." thanked Leia.

"Anytime, toots" replied Han.

"I've found the trench" annonced Gold Leader "We're making our run"

"Cover me, I'm on the leader." ordered Moordenaar in her new Tie Advanced X-1.

"Yes Ma'am."

Moordenaar and her generals picked Gold Squadron off one by one.


In the hangar, the battle between Bastila and Anakin continued. There was a pause in the battle, Anakin's head peered of in the direction of the trench. "They've found it, Sith Lord." told Bastila "The trench, it's only a matter of time"

"You can surrender and die with some dignity." suggested Anakin.

"If I die, I will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." replied Bastila. Then the duel continued. Anakin cut Bastila's saber in half but both sides still worked. Bastila kicked Anakin down and knocked him out. She stroke up to him and was ready to end it all. "You can still join me in the darkness." said a voice very familiar to Bastila.


"Yes, my love, I've been pulling his strings, join me."

"You can be redeemed... Please."

"You were the one who got me into taking my mantle back."

"You chose to accept, I'll bet if you made the correct decision on Rakata Prime, you would be asking me to come to the light."

"Do you know how hard I've worked to have the Sith rule the galaxy again?"

"You are not the one ruling, Revan."

"You're right."

"PLEASE!!! I beg of you come back to the light, for me... My love."

Revan paused for a moment and closed his eyes, "You would still believe I can be redeemed? You still love me?"

"No one is out of that range."

"I cannot... Saviour... Conqueror... Hero... Villan... I was all those things, I chose darkness..."

"You can choose light."

"I can't... I will forever stand alone... Good-bye, my love, and may the Force be with you." After that emotional conversation, Revan disappeared, he wiped himself from existance. Bastila grabbed a Tie Fighter and flew back to Yavin IV. Anakin woke up, to see Bastila was gone, "DAMNIT!!!" he roared as he ran to the firing room to do the honors himself.


"Almost there" Red Leader said to himself, "IT'S AWAY... Negative, it didn't go in." He was then shot down by Moordenaar. Luke and Leia made their run along the trench to find stopped guns. Leia and Wedge got shot but not blown, Luke ordered them to leave for their safety. Luke evaded Moordenaar's aiming systems very well. She managed to get a shot off, but it grazed the wing. Luke looked at that wing to find no astromech droid on the wing, "Good-riddance." Luke said to himself.

"WHAT!?" yelled 3PO.

"I have you now." said Moordenaar in glee, but one of her generals were shot down.


"Look out!" One Tie Fighter grazed Moordenaar's wing causing her to be set off course.

"You're all clear kid" told Han "Now let's blow this thing and go home." Luke took a deep breath and fired a cluster of missles. They all went down the service pipe and to the reactor. Luke exhaled and retreated. "Great shot, kid, that was one in a million!" congratulated Han. Seconds later, the Death Star blew up.


Back on Yavin IV everyone cheered for Luke's success, while Han and Leia shared a kiss. "Oh no, R2... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" screamed 3PO in deep sadness. Then followed an award ceremony where everone who survived were awarded medals for their Bravery and Valour.

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