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Fanfics by Title

Jae Onasi

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These are the fanfics here in the Archives, listed alphabetically by title.

For those fics starting with an article like A or The, the fic will be listed by the first letter of the following word. For example, "The Adventures of Raniskran" will get filed under 'A' instead of 'T' and listed as 'Adventures of Raniskran, The'.

Please note that sometimes authors change their names. Those name changes are not always reflected here because they do not typically get changed retroactively in this thread.




Adorerer and Somebody.... (Non-SW) by Ar-Pharazôn the Golden (link)


Adventures of Jaden Lennon, The by Pottsie (link)


Adventures of Jolee Bindo, The by Jae Onasi (link)


Asking for Forgiveness by JediMaster12 (link)


Atton vs. The Droids by Anakin Skywalker (link)





Beneath the Surface by Emperor Devon (link)


Betrayal and Retribution: Potential Energy by stingerhs (link)


Betrayal and Retribution: Percieved Reality by stingerhs (link)


Betrayal by Force by Darth Aida (link)


A Box of Lies by JediMaster12 (link)


Broken Wounds Heal by JediMaster12 (link)





Christmas of Ewan Katarn, The by Jason Skywalker (link)


Christmas of the Jedi Exile, The by Pottsie (link)


Consumed by Emalin (link)


Crystal Island by Daft Adidas



Czerka Public Relations by Jae Onasi (link)





Daring Duty: a bounty hunter's tale..., A by LordOfTheFish (link)


Darkness Rising by Pottsie (link)


Darth Bastila-Power of the Dark Lady by Pottsie (link)


Darth Revan: Return of the Dark Lord by Pottsie (link)


Destruction of Telos, The by Revan Master of Darkness (link)


Double Love Story, The by Anakin Skywalker (link)


[NSW] Dreamed Memory, The by Ferc Kast (link)


Drunken Moments by JediMaster12 (link)






Ease of Darkness by The Doctor (link)


Echoes of Darkness by Pottsie (link)


Empire's Will, The by TruYuri (link)


Episode 3.2 - Revenge of the Sith Revisited by SamR (link)


Eternal Darkness by AkumaSF (link)





Fade to Black by AkumaSF (link)


Farewells by Pottsie (link)


Final Breath by Ambrose (link)


Forbidden Love by AkumaSF (link)


Freefall by igyman (link)





Galactic Conquest I: The Rise of the Imperials by RC-1162 (link)





Hardest Thing, The by JediMaster12 (link)


Heroes of the Republic: The Post-event Interview by Jae Onasi (link)


Historical Revelation by The Doctor (link)





I Couldn't Leave You by Topsite (link)


It's Just A Little Thing by Jae Onasi (link)


Imposter by Darth Balatro (link)


Imposter II by Darth Balatro (link)


Insomnia by igyman (link)


Inner Darkness Chronicles by igyman (link)


It Is to Me by Dark_Lady (link)





Jedi Forces Part I-Shadows of War by Pottsie (link)


Jedi Order, The by Darth Grivis (aka Darth Saruman) (link)


Jolee's Gizka by JediMaster12 (link)





Lessons in Pazaak by Uilleand (link)


Lone Free Mercenary by Pottsie (link)


Lost of the Jedi, The by Dark_Lady (link)


Love and Kisses by JediMaster12 (link)


Love and Tranquility by Mr_BFA (link)


Love is Forgiveness by JediMaster12 (link)


Love's Treachery by Jae Onasi (link)





Mace Windu: Jedi Master Reborn by RC 1162 [thread=167950](link)[/thread]


Mandalorian Measures by JediMaster12 (link)


Mandalorian Wars, The by Anakin Skywalker (link)


Master's Night Out by JasraLantill (link)


Memories Do Help by JediMaster12 (link)


Misplaced Trust by The Doctor (link)


my poem by Ar-Pharazôn the Golden (link)





Never Trust a Hutt: Travels of Kavar Part 1 by Jabba da Butt (link)


New Rays of Life by JediMaster12 (link]


Nic and Jana: A Mercenary's Tale by starmark2k (link)


No Escape by igyman (link)





Once Friends, Now Enemies by Pottsie (link)





Pookie by Jae Onasi (link)


Power of Love, The by Pottsie (link)


Promises by JediMaster12 (link)


Prophecies of the Dark: Part I - Son of the Sith by KotO[REvan] (link)





Reason to Kill by igyman (link)


Return of the Gizka by Emalin (link)


Revan's Poem by Darth_Kotor (link)


Revan's poem #2 by Darth_Kotor (link)


Revenge of the Exile by Pottsie (link)


Rule Number One by The Doctor (link)





Sandtrap by JediMaster12 (link)


Saviour, Conqueror, Hero, Villain by Jason Skywalker (link)


Scars of War by igyman (link)


Sera Tana Saga, The--Short Fanfiction by Topsite (link)


Shattered Love, Shattered Faith by The Doctor (link)


Sith Lord, The by Pottsie [thread=167903](link)[/thread]


Sith Order, The by Darth Grivis (link)


Smile, The by Jae Onasi (link)



Star Wars: CSI Coruscant Episode 1 by CSI: Nihilus (link)


Star Wars: CSI Nar Shaddaa Episode 1 by CSI: Nihilus (link)


Star Wars: Darth Yoda 1: The Power of the Dark Side by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: Darth Yoda 2: The Dark Civil War by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: Defiance by Ztalker (link)


Star Wars: Evil Transformation by LordOfTheFish (link)


Star Wars: Gizor Dellso's Victory by Darth Saruman (link)


Star Wars: Hunger of the Force by Darth Grivis (link)



Star Wars: Incarnation of Evil by wildjedi (link)


Star Wars: Invisible Hope by Sabretooth (link)


Star Wars: KoToR3-fanfic by Empress Padme (link)


Star Wars: Revealed by Darth Saruman (link)


Star Wars: The Adventures of John Skywalker by John Skywalker (link)


Star Wars: The Battles in the Unknown Regions by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: The Beginning by machievelli [thread=167886](link)[/thread]


Star Wars: The Beginning of the Galactic Empire by Revanscool [thread=167893](link)[/thread]


Star Wars: The Dark Trooper Project by Darth Saruman



Star Wars: The Early Path of Jaden by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: The Fight is Over by Darth Saruman (link)


Star Wars: The Jedi Purge's Failure by Darth Saruman (link)


Star Wars: The Path to Darkness by Darth Saruman (aka Darth Grivis) (link)


Star Wars: The Rise of Darth Plagues by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: The Rise of Desann by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: The Rise of Xanatos by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: The Survivors of the Battle by Darth Grivis (link)



STAR WARS The War of the Dead by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: The Way of Bendak Starkiller by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: The Way of Corruption and the Rise of Tyber Zann's Empire by Darth Grivis (link)


Star Wars: Tython Ties Episode 1: The Great Schism by Ztalker (link)


Star Wars: Victim of Betrayal by Sabretooth (link)



Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Heroes by Jason Skywalker (link)



Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III: The Second Sith War by Revanscool (link)



Star Wars Legacy: In Her Eyes.... by SkywalkerRules (link)



Statement on the New Six Degrees of Canon by Jae Onasi (link)


Survival of the Bombardment by Maverick5770 (link)





Teachings of a Mandalore by JediMaster12 (link)


There is no emotion... by RC-1162 (link)


True Teachings I: Heir of Darkness, The by igyman (link)


True Teachings II: Forbidden Knowledge, The by igyman (link)


True Teachings III: Slumbering Army, The by igyman



True Teachings IV: Fate of the Future, The by igyman (link)


Twist of Fate, A by Jason Skywalker (link)





Unforgiven, The by AkumaSF (link)


Unsatisfied Hunger by Pottsie (link)


Until It Sleeps by AkumaSF (link)





Vengeance of the Dark Lord by Jason Skywalker (link)


Virgin Sands by Ambrose (link)





Warrior by machievelli (link)


Way of the Dark Side, The by Pottsie (link)


Way of Darth Vorges, The by Darth Grivis (link)


What He Truly Was by Mr_BFA (link)





Young Jedi Exile, The by Pottsie (link)

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