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[FIN] The Sith Lord

Diego Varen

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Chapter I




Jedi Master, Kyle Katarn slowly walked towards his former apprentice, Jaden Korr. Jaden had fallen to the dark side and he had become more powerful than his former master. He had also become much stronger than Luke Skywalker. Jaden used the Force to pull Marka Ragnos’ scepter to him. Kyle stopped immediately. He quickly held his arm to him, to protect himself from being killed. It didn’t stop Jaden though. Jaden felt his new weapon shoot an orange beam at Kyle. The blast of the scepter blasted Kyle backwards. Jaden then used the scepter to blast a hole in the ceiling, causing several rocks to fall onto Kyle. The rocks landed on Kyle, trapping him. Jaden then used the scepter to blast a hole in the wall to escape. The wall was broken and Jaden leapt through the hole and left to find his X-Wing. Luke walked into the room, seeing the devastation of the battle that Jaden and Kyle had just had. Kyle crawled out of the rocks.

“Kyle what happened here?” Luke asked.

Luke helped Kyle up.

“Jaden has turned to the dark side,” Kyle told Luke, “And he has taken the scepter.”

“And Rosh?” Luke asked.

“Dead,” Kyle told Luke, “Jaden killed him. He felt betrayed by Rosh and the anger was too strong for him to control.”

Luke held his head in shame. He felt like he could cry. Kyle felt the same.

“I… misjudged him,” Luke told Kyle, “I’m sorry Kyle.”

“I failed both my students Luke,” Kyle told Luke, “Maybe I shouldn’t be teaching at the Academy. It’s not like I’ve been the perfect Jedi myself.”

“No Kyle,” Luke interrupted, “Yoda and Ben were both great teachers, yet even they lost students.”

Luke then closed his eyes for a minute. He was thinking of Jaden. He opened his eyes.

“I can still sense good in him,” Luke told Kyle, “There’s always hope Kyle. Remember that.”

“You maybe right,” Kyle said, “Well at least Tavion and her cult have been stopped, Ragnos won’t be coming back.

“But the scepter is too powerful.” Luke told Kyle, “We must find Jaden and destroy it.”

“I’ll take care of it,” Kyle told Luke, “As my student, Jaden is my responsibility. If I find Jaden, I’ll let you know.”

Kyle was walking out of the tomb, when Luke called out to him.

“Be careful,” Luke told Kyle, “If there is anything I can do to help.”

“I will.” Kyle interrupted.

“And may the Force be with you.” Luke told Kyle.


Jaden found his X-Wing and left Korriban. The Jedi Order was now in tatters and the New Republic would soon be the same. Jaden approached the Star Destroyer where he had killed his best friend, Rosh Penin. As he landed inside, he arrived on the top floor. Several Imperial officers were working in the bridge of the Star Destroyer. As the door opened, the Imperial officers turned to see Jaden. The head officer walked towards Jaden. He had an angry look on his face.

“Who the hell are you?” He asked, “You can’t expect to…”

Jaden stopped him, by using the Force to choke the man. He grabbed onto the collar of his neck, trying to breathe.

“Please… let me go.” The man choked.

“As you wish.” Jaden told the man.

He pressed the button on his Lightsaber. An orange blade appeared. He pushed his Lightsaber into the man’s abdomen. The man yelled in pain. As he yelled, the man’s face turned red and his body bled to death. Jaden smiled coldly. He pulled his Lightsaber out of the man and let the man collapse.

“If anyone else wants to end up like his man here, you can try to kill me now. Go on!” Jaden shouted at the other officers.

None of the other officers said a word. They didn’t even breathe.

“Good,” Jaden told them, “Now set a course for Dxun. There is something I must do.”


Kyle set his ship, the Raven’s Claw for autopilot to Coruscant. He put his hand on his face. He felt as if nobody could ever look at him again. He had failed. He had failed Rosh. He had failed the Academy. But most of all. Most of all he had failed Jaden. How could he not know that Jaden could fall to the dark side so easily? Had Kyle’s teachings failed Jaden? Had the fact that Rosh had once felt the dark side, made Jaden also feel the dark side? There was no answer to any of those questions. They would be answered soon enough.


The Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace. While the officers set their coordinates for Dxun, Jaden hung his head. He was thinking about the previous events that had happened. To Jaden, it had all flown by. One minute he had killed his best friend and then the next, he was on a Star Destroyer on its way to Dxun. Maybe Jaden was never meant to be a Jedi. Maybe he should never had built his first Lightsaber on Coruscant and travel to Yavin IV. His mind was questioning itself all the time. Jaden knew he couldn’t undo all the damage now. He decided to swear his allegiance to the dark side. He had fallen. Now his goals in life were to destroy the Jedi and the New Republic. An officer walked towards Jaden.

“Sir we are approaching Dxun.” He told Jaden.

“Excellent officer,” Jaden muttered, “But I want you to address me as my lord. Do you understand?”

“Yes… my lord.” He told Jaden.

“Excellent,” Jaden told the officer, “You are dismissed.”

“Thank you.” The officer said.

Dxun was in site.

“Prepare a shuttle to take me down to Dxun, officer.” Jaden told the officer.

“As you wish my lord.” The officer said finally.


Kyle landed on Coruscant. He got out and saw his former partner and lover, Jan Ors run out towards him. She greeted Kyle with wide-open arms. Kyle received the hug and they kissed each other on the cheek.

“What are you doing here?” Jan asked.

“I have bad news Jan,” Kyle told Jan, “Jaden has fallen to the dark side.”

“What?” Jan asked, “Why?”

“That’s what I’m asking myself all the time.” Kyle told Jan.

He thought it was best not to tell Jan about how he fell. Kyle walked back to the Raven’s Claw and waved to Jan. He was about to take off, when Jan stopped him.

“I want to come with you.” She told Kyle.

“I can’t let you come.” Kyle told her, remembering the time when he believed she had been killed.

“I know you’re trying to look after me, but tough, I’m coming,” Jan told Kyle, getting into the Raven’s Claw, “I’m here to help you, protect you.”

“I suppose there’s no way to change your mind,” Kyle said finally, sighing out loud, “Okay then.”

Kyle and Jan strapped themselves in and then left Coruscant.

“Where do you think Jaden will be?” Jan asked.

“I don’t know,” Kyle told Jan, “But we’ll find him. Whether I have to go to the end of the Galaxy or not.”


Jaden landed the shuttle on Dxun’s surface. He had landed, right next to the tomb. He tried to open the tomb. It was locked. Suddenly, a spirit arrived in front of Jaden.

“Why do you disturb me?” The spirit asked, groaning.

“I command you to open this tomb, spirit, otherwise I shall make your living death a lot worse.” Jaden told the spirit.

“I am no spirit!” The spirit shouted, “I am the Force ghost of the legendary Sith Lord, Freedon Nadd. I’m sure you have heard of me?”

“I don’t think so, spirit,” Jaden told him, “Now let me in!”

“Never!” Nadd shouted, “Only if you can become a true Sith, you can access my power.”

“Fine.” Jaden sighed, “I’ll be back.”

He walked off, back to his shuttle.


Stay tuned for Chapter II Dreams or Visions?

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Chapter II

Dreams or Visions?



Returning to the Star Destroyer, which Jaden now named the Echo, he assumed the captain’s dormitory as his own. He entered his new dormitory. It was quite large. It had several lockers, a large round table and a bed. He took off his tattered old Jedi robes that he wore and put them in one of the lockers. He got into bed and drifted off to sleep.


Jaden felt himself drift over a cold, icy Planet. Was it Hoth? Mygeeto? Or was it the polar regions of Telos? To Jaden, those icy Planets looked the same. He felt himself drift onto a high mountain. He felt himself drop onto the hard, cold floor. Ouch! He thought. He got up. The snowstorm blinded his sight. Suddenly, the snowstorm stopped around Jaden. He looked up to see an old woman next to him. She was a Force ghost, like Freedon Nadd was. She wore an old, black Jedi robe, which hid her face.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” Jaden asked angrily.

“You must be cold, with only your underwear on.” The old woman told Jaden.

“Well I am dreaming aren’t I, you old bat!” Jaden shouted at her, “What do you want anyway?”

“That is why I have brought you here,” The old woman told Jaden, “You have fallen to the dark side, as I had once. If you choose to follow that path, then I can help you.”

“Look I don’t take advice from some broken old woman.” Jaden told the old woman angrily.

“My name is Kreia, I am over four thousand years old.” She told Jaden.

“This gets even better,” Jaden told her, his anger rising, “I especially don’t need help from a four thousand year old woman.”

“I believe you shall become a Sith,” Kreia told Jaden, “But first, I can only set you off on the journey you are about to face. You will need a new identity, new robes and an apprentice.”

Jaden noticed her, pick up some black robes. She gave them to Jaden, who snatched them off her.

“This robe once belonged to the dark lord, Revan, who was once my apprentice,” Kreia told Jaden.

Jaden put on his new robe. It felt really smooth and comfortable, considering it was over four thousand years old. Kreia then picked up an old, dusty Vibroblade.

“Kneel.” She told Jaden.

“This better be worth my time you old bat!” Jaden shouted.

“Kneel!” Kreia shouted.

Jaden kneeled on the ground. Kreia then placed the Vibroblade onto Jaden’s right shoulder.

“You shall be now known as Darth Malus.” She told Jaden, placing the Vibroblade on Jaden’s other shoulder.

“Thank you… old woman,” Malus muttered, “Now send me back.”

“As you wish.” Kreia told Malus.

She shot a large bolt of lightning out of her hands at Malus. Malus felt himself leave the Planet.


Malus felt himself wake up in his bed. He noticed that it was the next day. He was wearing his new robe. He got up and walked over to his locker. He took out his Lightsaber and placed it in his belt. The door opened and the officer walked in.

“Are you alright my lord?” He asked.

“I have a new name officer,” Malus told the officer, “Soon I shall be known as Darth Malus across the Galaxy. You shall still call me my lord or Malus. Your choice.”

“As you wish my lord,” The officer said, “By the way my name is Officer Starkiller.”

“I don’t care what your name is, just get back to work!” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “I want to return to Korriban. There is something I must do there.”

“As you wish my lord.” Officer Starkiller told Malus.

He walked out, while Jaden sat down to meditate on the cold floor.


Stay tuned for Chapter III The Sith Tomb

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Chapter III

The Sith Tomb



Malus took his shuttle to the surface of Korriban. The last time he was here, he was fighting his ex master, Kyle. Now that he was dead, the only Jedi left was Luke. Officer Starkiller came out of Malus’ shuttle and walked up to him.

“Is everything alright my lord?” He asked.

“It… it is of no concern,” Malus told him, “I must go to Ludo Kresh’s tomb. I have been told to go.”

“Right away my lord,” Officer Starkiller told Malus, “I’ll be waiting on the shuttle, waiting for your return.”

Malus walked off, pulling his hood up, which covered his face. He entered the old Shyrack caves. It had a strong stench of death. Malus got out his orange Lightsaber and cut through several rocks. After clearing through, he eventually found Ludo Kresh’s tomb. Malus opened the large tomb door easily. At least I can enter this tomb, He thought angrily. As soon as he entered the tomb, the door shut behind him. Malus felt cold. Then again, the power of the dark side was cold. Only some people could control its power. Like Malus. Malus continued to walk down the thin corridor, until he entered a large room. Luke stood there.

“Jaden, I hate to admit it, but you’ve truly fallen.” Luke told him.

“I’m no longer Jaden!” Malus shouted, “I’m Darth Malus! Lord of the Sith!”

Luke reached for his Lightsaber. A green blade came out.

“So be it.” Luke said.

Malus ran towards Luke and fought him. Luke was strong, but Malus was even stronger. Especially with the power of the dark side. Their Lightsabers clashed together, causing orange and green sparks bouncing off their blades. Malus’ anger raised, causing him to push Luke backwards angrily. Malus tried to stab Luke, but he rolled over to the side. Malus put his Lightsaber and away and let Luke run towards him. As soon as Luke was close enough, Malus shot a large bolt of lightning at Luke. Luke fell the ground, shouting out in pain. Malus continued to hurt him and his power increased as Luke shouted. Eventually Luke stopped shouting. He should have died, but instead he disappeared. As soon as he disappeared, Malus heard several people running behind him. They were New Republic Troopers. Their Blaster Rifles were raised at Malus.

“What happened to Master Skywalker?” One of them asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Malus told the Trooper.

He gripped the Trooper. He tried to loosen his collar to breathe, but he was killed. The other Troopers walked backwards. Fear. Malus didn’t care for cowards. They had to die. The Troopers tried to run off, but Malus shot a large bolt of lightning at them. Like Luke they disappeared. What was this tomb? Malus thought angrily, There was something strange about it. Nobody died in this tomb. A shame, he thought. It was time to leave, until he heard a voice behind.

“You’re not going anywhere.” A voice groaned.

“And what makes you think you can stop me?” Malus asked.

“Because I was once your best friend.” The voice groaned.

Rosh? Rosh Penin? Now this was strange. Malus turned round.

“I killed you once Rosh,” Malus told Rosh, “I can kill you again.”

Malus leapt up high in the air and landed behind Rosh. Rosh immediately looked behind him, but Jaden stabbed him.

“You were just as weak as before!” Malus shouted at Rosh.

He took his Lightsaber out of Rosh and they continued to stare at each other. Rosh groaned out loud as he disappeared. It was over. Malus prepared to leave. Hopefully forever.

“How was the test?” Kreia’s voice echoed in Malus’ head.

“Test?” Malus asked, his voice rising, “Test! What are doing in my head?”

“I can enter your thoughts whenever I please.” Kreia told Malus.

“Don’t bother in the future old woman!” Malus shouted.

Kreia didn’t reply. That showed her, Malus thought. He left the tomb.


As soon as Malus came out of the cave, Officer Starkiller ran up to him.

“Are you alright my lord?” He asked.

“That tomb has changed me Officer,” Malus told him, “But no matter, we should leave.”

“Where to?” Officer Starkiller asked.

“I’ll think about it.” Malus told him.

Malus walked into his shuttle, with Officer Starkiller following him.


Several hours later, Malus was meditating in his dormitory. He was thinking about everything that had happened. His power was increasing and soon he would rule the Galaxy. The door opened.

“What do you want Officer?” He asked.

“I’m not your Officer,” A man said, “I’m here for a very important reason.”

Malus got up and turned to see a Kel Dor.

“Who are you?” Malus asked.

“My name is Darth Caos.” He told Malus, “I swear my allegiance to you.”

Caos bent on his knee, bowing to Malus. Malus felt great. Now he was being followed.

“Excellent,” Malus said finally, “You shall be my first apprentice. Darth Caos.”

Caos got up off the floor.


Stay tuned for Chapter IV The search for Jaden

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Chapter IV

The search for Jaden



“Where are we going?” Jan asked.

“Correlia,” Kyle told her, “Perhaps Han can help me.”

The Raven’s Claw landed in the busy city of Cornet. Many people were about on Cornet. Humans, Rodians, Twi’leks, Bith, Kel Dor and Zabraks were one of the many species that came to the Cornet. Now where is Han? Kyle thought, He last told me that if I need to see him, he would be on Correlia. Kyle decided that he should go to the local cantina. Perhaps Han would be there. Kyle and Jan were about to enter when an Aqualish bouncer stopped them.

“You come in here, as long as you don’t cause any trouble.”

“We won’t cause any trouble and we can enter” Kyle said, waving his hand at the Aqualish.

“You won’t cause any trouble and you can enter.” The bouncer told them.

Kyle and Jan entered the cantina.

“What did you do?” Jan asked.

“Let’s just say I’ve influenced him.” Kyle told Jan.

The cantina looked great. Several Bith musicians played their instruments and local Podraces could be watched on the loud view screen. Those were just some of the things that could entertain people.

“You go get a table, while I get some drinks,” Kyle told Jan, “What do you want?”

“Correlian Ale please.” Jan told Kyle.

“Okay then,” Kyle told Jan, “I’ll be back soon.”

Kyle went over to the counter. There was nobody at the counter. A Chiss bartender came over to Kyle.

“What can I get for you sir?” He asked, noticing Kyle’s Lightsaber in his belt.

“A Correlian Ale and a Juma Juice.” Kyle told him.

“Of course Jedi sirs.” The Chiss bartender told Kyle.

“In clean glasses please.” Kyle added.

The bartender put his current dirty glasses down and got out two clean ones. He put his glasses to warm up under the boiler.

“It will be about two minutes,” The bartender told Kyle, “Do you seek informations?”

“I do,” Kyle told the bartender, “Have you seen a young man, who carried a Lightsaber and a large scepter?”

“I’m sorry sir, but I haven’t seen any men of what you speak.” The bartender told Kyle.

Both Kyle and the bartender heard a beep. The drinks were ready. The bartender got the drinks and gave them to Kyle.

“Thanks.” Kyle told the bartender, handing him twenty-five Credits.

Kyle took his drinks and returned to the table. He gave Jan her Correlian Ale and Kyle sat down.


Han Solo approached the local cantina. It was busy as always. He was about to enter the cantina, when the bouncer stopped him.

“You come in here, as long as you don’t cause any trouble.”

“Okay okay.” Han told the bouncer.

He entered the cantina. Definitely busy, Han thought.


Kyle took both his and Jan’s glasses away. He returned them to the counter and when he turned around, he noticed Han entering the cantina. He walked up to Han.

“Hey Han, you alright?” Kyle asked.

“Couldn’t be better Kyle,” Han told him, “What are you doing here anyway?”

“I was looking for… information.” Kyle told Han.

“Information on what?” Han asked.

“Come to my table,” Kyle told him, “We can talk more there.”

Kyle led Han to his and Jan’s table. Kyle sat down.

“Well hello Jan,” Han said, “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” Jan told him.

“Listen Han, we need your help,” Kyle told Han, “Sit down and we’ll explain everything.”


Malus started to train his new apprentice. Caos was strong with his two Lightsabers, but lacked in power and speed. How could he be of any use to Malus? It was no matter. Many Sith in the past were always weak in some part of their training. Malus sent out a group of formidable Droids to attack his apprentice. Caos ignited his two red Lightsabers and waited for the Droids to attack. Soon, they all started to attack. Caos got into a rage and started to attack the Droids.

“Good, good, let the hate flow through you.” Malus told his new Apprentice.

One of the Droids shot at Caos’ shoulder. He yelled out loud and started to destroy the Droid. His anger raised and he ran to destroy the other Droids. The Droids had no chance against him. The Droids were killed in a minute. The Droids fell to the ground. Caos smiled and he put his Lightsabers away.

“Excellent my young apprentice,” Malus told Caos, “Training is over for now.”

Malus and Caos left the training room.


Kyle, Jan and Han left the cantina. Han had told them in the cantina, that he decided not to go with Kyle and Jan, but promised them that if he heard anything of or about Jaden, then he would tell them straight away. Kyle and Jan returned to the Raven’s Claw. They got in and left Cornet. As soon as they left, Jan asked Kyle a question.

“If Jaden has fallen to the dark side, how come he isn’t looking for you?”

“He believes me to be dead.” Kyle told Jan.

“Oh.” Jan said.

“This may prove to be an advantage to us.” Kyle added.

“So where do we go now?” Jan asked.

“Coruscant,” Kyle told Jan, “We must find Jaden’s parents and tell them the bad news.”


Malus entered the bridge of the Echo. His apprentice was by his side. Officer Starkiller greeted them.

“Lord Malus, a group of Stormtroopers have called us asking for your help.” Officer Starkiller told them.

“Leave the fools to their fate,” Malus told him, “Where are these Stormtroopers?”

“Tatooine my lord,” Officer Starkiller told him, “A small squadron of New Republic troopers are attacking them. I suggest you should help them.”

“I grow tired of you Officer,” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “If it will make you feel any happier I’ll go.”

“They will appreciate that my lord.” Officer Starkiller told him.

“Master, can I come?” Caos asked eagerly.

“No, you stay here and complete your training.” Malus told him.

“Yes my lord.” Caos said.

Caos left for the training room and Malus prepared to take his shuttle to Tatooine.


The Raven’s Claw landed on Coruscant. Kyle and Jan got out. Coruscant was as peaceful as ever. A Droid walked up to them.

“Welcome to Coruscant, can I help you both?”

“Yes, can you tell me where the Korr family live?” Kyle asked.

“One moment please,” The Droid told Kyle, “Scanning. Scanning. I’m sorry sir, but the Korr family left a short while ago.”

Kyle sighed.

“Do you know where they are now?” He asked.

“I believe they decided to live on Naboo in the city of Theed.” The Droid told Kyle.

“Thank you.” Kyle told the Droid.

Kyle and Jan returned to the Raven’s Claw.

“Let’s go.” Kyle told Jan.

The Raven’s Claw left Coruscant and was on its way to Naboo.


Stay tuned for Chapter V Stormtrooper’s Revolt

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Chapter IV

Stormtrooper’s Revolt



The shuttle landed on Tatooine. Malus got out of his shuttle and got a message on his comlink. It was from the leader of the Stormtroopers.

“Lord Malus, the New Republic are coming in too fast. You must help us. We are near the Sarlacc in the Dune Sea.”

“Just don’t die on me.” Malus told the leader angrily.

“We won’t my lord.” The leader told Malus.

Malus turned his comlink off and returned to his shuttle. Inside was a speeder bike. He got on the speeder bike and sped off to the Dune Sea.


A mysterious man watched the Stormtroopers planning to wait for their leader, Malus. What were they doing? The man thought, Stormtroopers weren’t the type of Troops who would wait for their leader. However the man knew this was strange. He decided to wait for Malus to arrive and see what would happen next.


Malus’ Speeder Bike started to slow down. It had run out of fuel. Blast! Malus thought angrily, This has been a dangerous waste of time. He also had to stop in the worst part of Tatooine. Tusken Raider territory. He heard a Tusken Raider call behind him. Malus ignited his orange Lightsaber and attacked the Tusken Raider. There were more Tusken Raiders. They all got out their Gaffi Sticks and tried to attack Malus. Malus gripped one of the Tusken Raiders and threw him onto the others. They all fell over. Malus threw his Lightsaber at two of the other Tusken Raiders. There were five more Tusken Raiders remaining. The five remaining Tusken Raiders tried to surround Malus, however Malus leapt out and killed a Tusken Raider. Four more left. The remaining four Tusken Raiders got out their Rifles and tried to shoot at Malus. Malus blocked all the shots and stabbed one of the Tusken Raiders. Three more left. Two of the Tusken Raiders tried to run away, but Malus threw his Lightsaber and the Tusken Raiders. One more left. Malus gripped the remaining Tusken Raider and waited until he died. Malus had no time to lose. He sped off into the distance, hoping he could still save the Stormtroopers.


The mysterious man could overhear the Stormtrooper’s plan. It didn’t sound good. The man thought it would be best to assassinate the leader of the group. The man got out his Sniper Rifle and he prepared to fire. He was about to fire, when he heard a Tusken Raider. The man quickly threw his Sniper Rifle away and grabbed his Lightsaber. A red blade ignited from the Lightsaber. The man quickly blocked the Gaffi Stick and stabbed the Tusken Raider. Several more Tusken Raiders closed in on the man. He knew that Tusken Raider territory was dangerous.


“Sir, Lord Malus is approaching.” A Stormtrooper shouted.

“Excellent,” The leader of the Stormtroopers said, “Reload your weapons. This assassination shall be short and quick.”


Malus approached the small group of Stormtroopers. There were two groups aboard two Desert Skiffs right above the Sarlacc. The leader of the Stormtroopers noticed Malus approaching.

“Ah Lord Malus, please come aboard.”

“Where are the New Republic Troops?” Malus asked.

“You fool!” The leader shouted, “There are no New Republic Troops.”

“What?” Malus asked, his anger rising.

“We have business we need to discuss.” The leader told Malus.

“What business?” Malus asked angrily.

As Malus and the leader spoke, a Stormtrooper slowly approached Malus. Malus could feel the Stormtrooper’s presence behind him and Malus immediately ignited his Lightsaber. As he did, it killed the Stormtrooper.

“Attack!” The leader shouted.

The Stormtroopers shot at Malus. Malus nearly fell off the edge, but he leapt backwards onto the other Desert Skiff. The Stormtroopers there weren’t expecting it and Malus killed them all. Malus leapt back to the other Desert Skiff and killed all the Stormtroopers there, except the leader.

“Send more reinforcements!” The leader shouted into his comlink.

As soon as the leader had shouted that, a large army of Stormtroopers approached Malus. Malus felt really angry now.

“Why have you done this to me?” He asked angrily.

“We don’t like your leadership Malus.” The leader told Malus.

Before Malus decided to kill the leader, he asked him one final question.

“Is all the Imperial Remnant against me?”

“No, just us.” The leader told Malus.

Malus gripped the leader and threw him into the Sarlacc. Just as Malus watched him being digested into the Sarlacc, a Stormtrooper fired a rocket from his Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System at the Desert Skiff. Malus leapt onto the other Desert Skiff. Another Stormtrooper from behind fired a rocket from his Merr-Sonn PLX-2M Portable Missile System. Malus leapt backwards onto the ground. The Stormtroopers closed in onto Malus. Malus raised his Lightsaber high, preparing to attack. The Stormtroopers fired at Malus. Malus shot a large bolt of lightning at the Stormtroopers, killing a fifth of their entire army. The Stormtroopers continued to fire at Malus.


Meanwhile, the mysterious man killed all the Tusken Raiders above. He turned off his Lightsaber and turned around. He noticed Malus being attacked down below. It was time to help him. The man was about to go down, when a large group of Stormtroopers stopped him.


Malus blocked all the Stormtrooper’s shots, killing them in the process. The only way he could stay alive was by forcing himself into a rage, causing him to be invincible to incoming shots. He was near the Sarlacc. Suddenly, one of the Stormtroopers shot at Malus’ hand. Malus dropped his Lightsaber and it fell into the Sarlacc. That was the second Lightsaber he had lost. He had no more weapons left. The only weapon he could use now was his scepter. Malus shot his scepter at a large group of Stormtroopers, killing another fifth of the army. Malus was losing power fast and his scepter was running out of power. A Stormtrooper shot at Malus and he dropped his scepter, which disappeared like that time in the Sith Tomb. This was Malus’ moment of weakness. He should have killed the Stormtroopers by now. They were too strong for Malus though. Everyone in the Stormtrooper’s army raised their Blaster Rifles. They were about to shoot, when a mysterious man leapt into the middle and pushed his Lightsaber into the ground. It caused a mild earthquake, killing all the Stormtrooper’s. The man wore crimson robes. He had a weird shaped head, for a Human and he had dark black eyebrows and dark brown eyes.

“Who are you?” Malus asked.

“I’m RedHawke,” The man told Malus, “I was once a spy for Desann and his apprentice, Tavion.”

“If I had a Lightsaber right now, I would kill you!” Malus shouted at RedHawke.

RedHawke handed him a red Lightsaber.

“Go ahead,” RedHawke told Malus, “If it would help you.”

Malus decided not to.

“You may be of some use to me,” Malus told RedHawke.

“That is why I’m here Lord Malus.” RedHawke told Malus.

“How do you know my name?” Malus asked RedHawke.

“I know many things Malus,” RedHawke told Malus, “As a spy and Shadow Lord of the Sith, I do know many things. I want to become your humble servant.”

Malus thought for a moment. There was something strange about this RedHawke. He seemed just as powerful as Malus. It was no matter. Malus thought that he could be useful.

“Come with me,” Malus told RedHawke, “We must return to my shuttle.”

“I’ve a Speeder Bike to get us there,” RedHawke told Malus, “Follow me.”

RedHawke led Malus to his Speeder Bike on top of a cliff. Both Malus and RedHawke got on and sped off into the distance.


Stay tuned for Chapter V The Korr Family

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Chapter VI

The Korr Family



The Raven’s Claw landed in a spaceport near the busy city of Theed on Naboo. It was still a beautiful city, considering it’s rule under the Galactic Empire several years before. Kyle and Jan got out of the Raven’s Claw.

“Where do you think the Korrs live?” Jan asked.

Kyle looked around. Where would you find a small family in Theed?

“I don’t know,” He told Jan, “Perhaps we could go to the palace and talk to the local King and Queen. They may know.”

Lucky for Kyle and Jan, they had landed in a spaceport near the palace. Kyle and Jan left the spaceport and entered the main city of Theed. The palace was to the left of them. They noticed two New Republic guards guarding the door.

“Do you think they will let us in?” Jan asked.

“Hopefully they will Jan.” Kyle told her.

Kyle walked up the steps, with Jan following him. They arrived next to the guards.

“What do you want?” One of the guards asked.

“We need information,” Kyle told the guard, “On the Korr family. We was wondering if the King and Queen knew where they lived.”

“Is it urgent?” The other guard asked.

“Yes.” Kyle told the other guard.

“Well if it’s urgent, the Korr family live in the backstreets of Theed,” The first guard told Kyle, “It’s number twenty five.”

“Thank you.” Kyle told the guards.

Kyle and Jan left the palace and tried to locate the backstreets of Theed.


After several minutes of looking, Kyle and Jan found the backstreets of Theed. They were isolated from the rest of Theed, but people occasionally walked down there. The houses were smaller than the large ones near the palace. Soon, Kyle found number twenty five. He knocked on the door. An elderly woman opened the door.

“Hello, can I help you?” She asked nervously.

“My name is Kyle Katarn,” He told her, “This is my partner Jan Ors. I’m a Jedi and I was your son’s Master.”

“You know Jaden?” She asked, “Please come in. I’ll call my husband down.”

Kyle and Jan entered the house. It was a clean house and it had many pictures of Jaden. Many of them from when he was young and others before he left the Academy. A Protocol Droid and an Astromech Droid entered the room.

“Hello there.” The Protocol Droid told Kyle and Jan, “My name is JK-47 and this is my counterpart, RC-62.”

RC-62 beeped out loudly.

“Don’t be rude to our guests RC,” JK told him, “Please sit down. Our Masters will be here to see you shortly.”

RC asked Kyle and Jan if they wanted anything to drink.

“No thanks.” Kyle and Jan told RC at the same time.

The elderly woman and an elderly man entered the room.

“Droids leave us.” The man told the Droids.

“As you wish,” JK told them, “Come on RC.”

As soon as JK and RC left the room, the elderly man and woman sat down.

“My wife, Michaela has told me that you are Jaden’s Master,” He told Kyle, “I’m Lordo.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Jan told them.

“Who are you?” Lordo asked.

“I’m Jan Ors, Kyle’s partner,” Jan told him, “However I’m no Jedi.”

Before either Lordo or Michaela could say anything, Kyle started to speak.

“I’m here to tell you some very bad news,” Kyle started, “Your son has fallen to the dark side.”

Both Kyle and Jan noticed Michaela crying slightly. Lordo tried to comfort each his wife.

“That’s… not… true.” Michaela stammered.

“I’m afraid it is,” Kyle told her, feeling like crying as well, “I am trying to find him and bring him back to the light.”

“I hope you succeed.” Michaela told Kyle.

She left the room. Lordo stayed.

“We’re sorry about this.” Jan told Lordo.

“It’s okay,” He told Jan, “It’s just hard to believe Jaden has fallen to the dark side. He was a kind, helpful kid.”

Michaela returned to the room. Kyle decided to try and comfort them.

“Why did you decide to live on Naboo?” Kyle asked.

“When Jaden left for Yavin IV to join the Jedi, we decided to sell our apartment on Coruscant,” Michaela told Kyle, “After all those years of living in the heart of the Empire, we needed to a new life. So we decided to come here.”

“It’s a nice home.” Jan told her.

“Thanks.” Michaela said.

Lordo walked over to a small locker. It contained three datapads. He handed them to Kyle.

“These are datapads that he wrote about his life,” He told Kyle, “I thought you might like to look at them.”

Kyle nodded a thank you, to Lordo and started to take a look at a datapad. It was written when Jaden was nine.


The Galactic Empire has kept us inside our apartment. It is like we are being guarded all the time. I need to be out. Being kept inside is harsh to all the people on Coruscant. The Emperor has some harsh rules. I hope that the Empire disbands and the Republic returns to power.


Kyle took a look at the next journal.


For me, today is a great day in my life. The Empire has been defeated by the Rebel Alliance and rumours are that the Rebel Alliance shall become the New Republic and that the Jedi shall return. My new dream is to become a Jedi Knight like the Jedi before my time. For now, I’ve built a Protocol Droid and an Astromech Droid to help my parents out. They are JK-47 and RC-62.


Kyle took a look at the final journal.


I’m leaving for the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV to become a Jedi Knight. I hope to do some good to the Galaxy. I hope to get rid of the remnants of the Empire and bring peace to the Galaxy. I shall miss my parents and my Droids, but I know they shall be fine.


Kyle thought the last journal was the saddest. Jaden’s dream was to become a Jedi and get rid of the Imperial Remnant. Now Kyle knew that Jaden would never complete his dream.

“Keep them Master Jedi,” Lordo told Kyle, “We have no use for them.”

“Thanks.” Kyle told Lordo.

“I think it’s best we leave.” Jan told Kyle.

“If we bring your son back to the light, we’ll let you know.” Kyle told Lordo and Michaela.

“We’d appreciate that.” Michaela told Kyle.

Kyle and Jan got up and left the house.


They returned to the Raven’s Claw and prepared to leave Naboo. As the Raven’s Claw entered space, Jan asked Kyle a question.

“Where are we going now?”

“Wherever the Force decides to take us.” Kyle told her.


Stay tuned for Chapter VII Reunion

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Chapter VII




Malus and RedHawke returned to the Echo. It had been upgraded to a Super Star Destroyer. Now the Echo was the leading Star Destroyer, leading a legion of over one hundred Star Destroyers. Caos greeted Malus, but gave RedHawke a weird look.

“My lord who is your friend?” Caos asked.

“This is RedHawke,” Malus told Caos, “He was a spy for Desann and Tavion.”

“I have pledged my service to Lord Malus,” RedHawke told Caos, “Now if you don’t mind, I shall get settled into my new home.”

RedHawke left, while Malus made his way to the throne room of the Echo. Caos followed him.

“My lord, I can’t trust him.” Caos told Malus.

“Nor can I,” Malus told Caos, “But anyone who swears their allegiance to me may prove useful. Like you. If I had no use for you, I would have killed you the first time I met you. Now I want to hear no more about RedHawke.”

“Yes my lord.” Caos said.


“I need to return to Yavin IV and tell Luke about what has happened so far.” Kyle told Jan.

“Okay.” Jan said.

Kyle pressed a button to enter hyperspace.


Immediately after exiting hyperspace, Kyle and Jan noticed a legion of over one hundred Star Destroyers, led by a Super Star Destroyer ahead.

“Oh my god.” Kyle muttered.

“Shall we turn back?” Jan asked.

“No,” Kyle told her, “We can make it past this legion.”

Jan didn’t share Kyle’s enthusiasm.

“Trust me.” Kyle added.

As Kyle prepared to drive the Raven’s Claw, he was surprised that the Star Destroyers hadn’t tried to destroy them.


Officer Starkiller entered Malus’ throne room. He held a small datapad.

“My lord, a small ship is trying to pass our legion,” He told Malus, “Would you like us to shoot it down.”

Malus snatched the datapad off Officer Starkiller. He took a look at the datapad. It showed a ship, he hadn’t seen for a while. He threw it back to Officer Starkiller.

“No,” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “Put a tractor beam on it and tell the Stormtroopers to set their guns on stun.”

“Yes my lord.” Officer Starkiller said.

He was about to leave, when Malus stopped him.

“Oh and tell Caos to greet our guests, if they don’t prove hostile.” Malus added.

“Yes my lord.” Officer Starkiller said.


Kyle felt the dark side on the Star Destroyers, as he drove the Raven’s Claw, trying to avoid them. Suddenly, both Kyle and Jan heard the noise of a tractor beam, locking onto the Raven’s Claw. Both Kyle and Jan knew they couldn’t break free from the tractor beam.


Officer Starkiller returned to see Malus. Malus was eagerly waiting for his new visitors to arrive.

“How soon will the Raven’s Claw be here?” Malus asked.

“Soon enough my lord.” Officer Starkiller told Malus.

“Good,” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “I think our guests will be people I once knew.”


As the Raven’s Claw docked inside the Super Star Destroyer, Kyle and Jan waited in the Raven’s Claw. They heard a voice from the outside.

“You can come out of your ship!” A voice shouted, “For the moment you are guests, not our enemies.”

Kyle prepared to get out of the Raven’s Claw.

“What are you doing?” Jan asked, “How can you even trust them?”

“Trust my judgement Jan,” Kyle told her, “If Jaden is here, I must know.”

Maybe that is why we haven’t been killed yet, Kyle thought. Kyle got out of the Raven’s Claw first, then Jan got out. An army of Stormtroopers greeted them, along with a Sith. The Sith spoke.

“My name is Darth Caos, apprentice of Darth Malus, who you know as Jaden Korr, wants to keep you alive, for the moment.”

“Isn’t that nice of him.” Kyle told Caos.

“A little too nice I think.” Jan added.

“My Master has his ways,” Caos told them, “Now please follow me.”

Kyle and Jan decided it was the best action. They followed Caos, up several flights of staircases and Caos had led them to a cellblock.

“More hospitality?” Kyle asked sarcastically.

“Be grateful we didn’t shoot you out of the sky,” Caos told Kyle angrily, “Now go into your cell!”

"Touchy." Jan added.

Kyle and Jan went in. Considering it was a cell, it was quite large. It had two beds, a computer terminal and several lockers.

“My Master shall see you, when he feels like it.” Caos told Kyle and Jan.

The door shut behind them. Kyle collapsed onto one of the beds. Jan felt like doing the same.

“What do we do now?” Jan asked.

“I don’t know,” Kyle told her, “I would like to meet with Jaden again, then we can find the hangar controls and then we can escape.”

“Wouldn’t that be suicide?” Jan asked.

“Exactly.” Kyle told her.


Officer Starkiller was showing Malus the security footage of Kyle and Jan talking. How did Kyle survive? It seemed strange that he had survived the Malus’ attack several months ago. Why didn’t he also get another apprentice? That would've been the wisest thing to do.

“Tell Caos, that I request the meeting now.” Malus told Officer Starkiller, “I’m anxious to meet my Master again.”

Officer Starkiller wanted to ask why, but he followed his orders.

“As you wish my lord.” Officer Starkiller told Malus.


Kyle and Jan heard the door open. Caos was here.

“My Master wants to meet with you.” Caos told them.

“Finally.” Kyle muttered.

“Oh and my Master would appreciate it, if he you could call him Darth Malus,” Caos added, “He hates hearing his former name.”

Caos led Kyle and Jan to a large throne room. Like the hangar bay, it had an army of Stormtroopers. At the far end of the throne room, was a large black chair. That must be where Jaden sat, Kyle thought. Kyle and Jan noticed Jaden enter. He sure had changed since Kyle had fought him on Korriban. His old Jedi Robes were now replaced with dark black Robes. Jaden sat down. It was quiet for several minutes, until Kyle broke the silence.

“Hello Jaden.”

“Don’t ever call me that. I’m Darth Malus, Lord of the Sith!” Malus shouted.

“Please come back to the light,” Kyle told Malus, “Face up to what you’ve done. Luke and I can help you.”

“Don’t tell me Master Skywalker is still alive,” Malus sighed, “Couldn’t you and him die on Korriban.”

Kyle was shocked at what he was hearing. Jaden had fallen so far to speak of both him and Luke like this.

“I’m surprised you haven’t asked me how I survived.” Kyle told Malus.

“I have wondered how you survived,” Malus told Kyle, “But you surviving made sense. You always were strong in the Force. Kyle, join me and together we can destroy the Jedi and the Republic, then we can rule the Galaxy.”

“I’ll never join the dark side,” Kyle told Malus confidently, “The Sith killed my father, they manipulate…”

“More Jedi lies,” Malus sighed, “I knew you wouldn’t join me. Now because of this outrage, I shall kill both you and Jan.”

Malus ignited his red Lightsaber and leapt towards Kyle. Kyle immediately blocked the attack with his blue Lightsaber.

“Run Jan!” Kyle shouted, “Find the hangar controls! I’ll catch up with you!”

Jan did what he said and shot several Stormtroopers. She ran past the Stormtroopers and ran off. Kyle meanwhile fought with his former apprentice. Their Lightsabers clashed.

“You’ve become weaker Kyle,” Malus told him, “Perhaps the scepter did some damage to you.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Kyle told Malus, breaking out of the Lightsaber lock.

Kyle ran away from Malus and ran off to find Jan. As soon as the door closed behind Kyle, Officer Starkiller came up next to Malus.

“What shall we do my lord?” He asked.

“Leave the Stormtroopers to kill them,” Malus told him, “If Kyle survives, then I shall fight him, once again.”


Jan was avoiding every Stormtrooper, to find the hangar controls. The Super Star Destroyer was large and there were many rooms. There were Stormtroopers everywhere. Jan opened a door and found the control room. She turned off the tractor beams and waited for Kyle.


Kyle ran down every corridor, killing many Stormtroopers on his way. He knew Malus would be behind, trying to find him. Kyle ran through a door to see Jan.

“Disabled the tractor beams?” He asked.

“Yes.” Jan told him.

“Then let’s go.” Kyle told her.

Jan ran in front, with Kyle behind, guarding her from any incoming shots from Stormtroopers. Occasionally, she fired at the Stormtroopers. After several minutes of running, they were approaching the hangar bay. The Stormtroopers were all dead. Kyle and Jan were about to leave, when Kyle sensed Malus behind him. Kyle blocked Malus’ Lightsaber.

“Jan! Prep the ship for takeoff!” Kyle told her, “I might a while.”

“You’re not going anywhere Kyle!” Malus shouted, “I shall turn you to the dark side!”

“Never!” Kyle shouted back.

Malus raised his Lightsaber and let it crash down onto Kyle. Malus’ Lightsaber cut Kyle’s right arm off. Kyle yelled in pain. He used the Force to pull his Lightsaber towards him. He ran back to the Raven’s Claw.

“Quick Jan, takeoff.” Kyle told her.

Jan took off and left the hangar. Kyle noticed the Star Destroyers all trying to shoot them down.


Luckily for Malus, he noticed a Tie Fighter. Malus got in it and prepared to find the Raven’s Claw.


The Star Destroyers stopped trying to shoot the Raven’s Claw.

“Well that was lucky.” Kyle said.

Both Kyle and Jan then felt a blaster shot on the ship.

“Or not.” Kyle added.

Kyle could sense Malus’ presence behind the ship. Malus kept shooting at the Raven’s Claw. Jan did some “fancy stuff” in the air, by dodging the shots from the Tie Fighter.

“Jump to hyperspace Jan!” Kyle shouted.

Jan pressed the button and they entered hyperspace. As the Raven’s Claw disappeared, Malus felt annoyed and returned to the Echo.


Stay tuned for Chapter VIII An Old Friend

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Chapter VIII

An Old Friend



The Raven’s Claw landed inside the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. Kyle hadn’t been here for over a month. As he and Jan got out of the Raven’s Claw, Luke greeted them.

“Kyle, Jan, it’s good to see you again.”

“Same here?” Jan told him.

“What’s the story?” Kyle asked.

“Not much to tell I’m afraid,” Luke told Kyle, “Luckily I’ve recruited many Jedi to replace the ones who died on Korriban.”

“Okay,” Kyle told Luke, “Well I guess Jan and I should get settled in.”

“Wait Kyle, I need to talk to you,” Luke told Kyle, “In my chamber. We won’t be disturbed there.”


Luke led Kyle up to his chamber on the top floor. The last time Kyle was in Luke’s chamber was before he went to Taspir III with Jaden to find Rosh. Luke sat down on his mat.

“Kyle, I have an apprentice for you to train.” Luke told Kyle.

“Yeah, who?” Kyle asked.

“She is a young woman who has a lot of potential to become a Jedi Knight.” Luke told Kyle.

The large door behind them opened. A young Human female entered. She had long, silky, blonde hair and deep brown eyes. Her skin was tanned. She wore a black, ribbed jacket and brown trousers with black boots.

“This is Kiara Tann.” Luke told Kyle.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Kiara told Kyle.

“Same here.” Kyle told her.

“Well it’s time for Kiara to be trained,” Luke told Kyle and Kiara, “Good luck and may the Force be with you.”

“Let’s begin with your first lessons,” Kyle told Kiara, “Follow me.”

Kyle led Kiara to the training ground, where Kyle once took his trial.


As soon as Kyle and Kiara arrived near the trial, Kyle opened a small hole.

“Get in.” Kyle told her.

“What?” She asked, wondering why Kyle had asked her to go through.

“Just go through,” Kyle told her, “Trust me.”

Kiara decided to listen to Kyle and went through the hole. Kiara was sliding down a small slope into a training room. Kiara knew what she was supposed to do. Here she would learn her basic Force powers.


It was late at night and Kiara was still in her trials. Luke would greet her as soon as she finished. Kyle felt tired and decided to rest. Jan had already gone to bed. As soon as Kyle got into bed, he drifted off into a deep sleep.


“Rosh.” Jaden said.

“Jaden.” Rosh said back.

“You don’t look like much of a captive Rosh,” Jaden said angrily, igniting his orange Lightsaber, “Did you dream this up? Or was it Tavion’s idea?”

”No Jaden wait, I was wrong,” Rosh told Jaden, “Please, take me back to the Academy, I need help.”

Jaden’s anger was rising and he was coming closer to Rosh. He felt like he could kill him.

“Jaden stay back,” Rosh warned, using the Force to push several boxes together, “Please don’t hurt me.”

“You tried to kill me and now you’ve lured me into a trap!” Jaden shouted at Rosh, using the Force to push the boxes.

“Jaden I was scared,” Rosh told Jaden, feeling scared himself, “You have to believe me, we’re friends remember? Let’s get out of here before Alora comes back.”

Jaden was having none of it. He leapt towards Rosh and raised his Lightsaber at him.

“How do I know you won’t betray you again?” Jaden asked, “You’re always trying to beat me. How do I know this isn’t another trick?”

Down below in the Taspir III facility, Kyle tried to contact with Jaden.

“Jaden don’t do it.”

Up above, Tavion’s apprentice, Alora tried to turn him to the dark side.

“Finish him Jedi!” She shouted.

Jaden listened to her and raised his Lightsaber at Rosh’s abdomen.

“Wait! Listen to what you’re saying!” Rosh shouted, “You’re angry. Don’t give into it. That leads to the dark side right?”

Jaden grabbed Rosh and pushed him onto a box. Jaden could hear Kyle’s words again.

“He only fell to the dark side because he was scared, afraid of dying, put away your saber.”

Jaden threw Rosh onto the floor.

“Strike him down! Give in to your anger!” Alora shouted.

“Jaden you’re better than that,” Kyle told Jaden, “Don’t give in to your anger, Rosh is telling the truth.”

Jaden felt really angry. So angry, he could kill Rosh, Alora, Tavion and Kyle all at the same time. This must be what the dark side felt like. Jaden loved it. Having power that he had never had before and scaring people. He decided to kill Rosh. He raised his Lightsaber and brought it down onto Rosh’s shoulder. Rosh yelled out in pain and staggered to the door. Jaden picked him up again.

“Jaden no, let go of your anger.” Rosh pleaded.

“Why should I?” Jaden asked angrily, “You yourself said how powerful the dark side was.”

“I was wrong.” Rosh told Jaden.

“No you were weak.” Jaden told Rosh angrily.

“Jaden no!” Rosh pleaded.

Jaden pushed his Lightsaber into Rosh’s abdomen. Rosh yelled in pain. Jaden let Rosh collapse onto the floor.

“Well done Jedi,” Alora told Jaden, “Join us and together with Marka Ragnos as our Master, we can destroy the Jedi and serve him.”

“Join you!” Jaden shouted angrily, “Why should I trade one Master for another? The scepter is too powerful to be in the hands of someone as weak as Tavion. If anything it should belong to me!”

“Oh you think so?” Alora asked laughing.

“You on the other hand are useless,” Jaden told her, “I should have killed you on Hoth.”

“You won’t get a second chance,” Alora told Jaden, “Tavion has taught me much since then.”

Alora shot a small bolt of Lightning at Jaden. Jaden and Alora fought for several minutes. By the time Kyle got there, Alora had been killed and Jaden had left for Korriban to kill Tavion.

“Rosh!” Kyle shouted.

He ran over to Rosh, who was near death. Rosh looked up to see his Master.

“I’m sorry,” Rosh told Kyle, “Jaden has turned. You’ve lost both your students.”

“No,” Kyle told Rosh firmly, “You are a Jedi.”

“Thank you.” Rosh whispered.

And with that he died.


Kyle woke up. It was just a dream. It wasn’t any ordinary dream. It was a dream of how Jaden fell to the dark side. Maybe it wasn’t even a dream. Maybe it was a vision. Kyle decided to get up. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and put on his clothes.

“What are you doing Kyle?” A voice asked.

Kyle looked behind him. It was Rosh. As a Force ghost.

“Rosh how did you?” Kyle asked.

“Your father, Morgan Katarn, has taught me the path to immortality.” Rosh told Kyle.

“That was lucky,” Kyle said finally, “What are you doing here anyway?”

“There is something you must know,” Rosh told Kyle, “In several hours time, Jaden will attack the Academy. You must leave while you can, before it’s too late.”

“I must tell Luke.” Kyle told Rosh.

“He already knows,” Rosh told Kyle, “He’s sensed it as well as I.”

“So what do we do now?” Kyle asked.

“As I’ve said before, leave before it is too late.” Rosh told Kyle.

Rosh disappeared and Kiara entered. She sat at the end of Kyle’s bed.

“Are you alright?” She asked.

“Don’t worry Kiara,” Kyle told her, “I just met an old friend.”

“So what do we do tomorrow Master Katarn?” Kiara asked.

“I don’t know,” Kyle told her, “And please, just call me Kyle.”


Stay tuned for Chapter IX The Assault on Yavin IV

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Chapter IX

The Assault on Yavin IV



There was a disturbance in the Force. Malus could feel it. Kyle had a new apprentice. Malus decided to be extra cautious of Kyle and anyone he was with. Officer Starkiller approached Malus. RedHawke and Caos were also there.

“You summoned me my lord.” Officer Starkiller told Malus.

“Yes, I want you to prepare an army to invade Yavin IV.” Malus told Officer Starkiller.

“When for?” Officer Starkiller asked.

“When I tell you,” Malus told him, “Now RedHawke, I want you to go to Yavin IV and scout the area. If any Jedi notice you, kill them.”

“Yes my lord.” RedHawke said.

RedHawke left to go to Yavin IV. Malus knew that RedHawke was up to something.


The rise of dawn appeared on Yavin IV. Kiara had woken up earlier to train herself while Kyle, Luke and the other Jedi were asleep. Kiara decided to go out and take a walk around Yavin IV. She hadn’t been away from the Academy, since she’d been there.


RedHawke landed on Yavin IV. He got out of his Tie Fighter and explored Yavin IV. He had landed a mile away from the Academy. In the distance, he saw a young woman walking. RedHawke noticed a Lightsaber in her belt. He got out his Lightsaber and ran towards the woman. The woman immediately got out her purple Lightsaber and blocked RedHawke’s attack. RedHawke passed the woman. The woman became suspicious.

“Whoever that was, come on out!” She shouted, “Nobody messes with Kiara Tann.”

“Really?” RedHawke asked, igniting his Lightsaber.

Both Kiara and RedHawke ran towards each other, fighting with their lives. Their Lightsabers clashed together. RedHawke pushed Kiara backwards, causing her to fall over. RedHawke prepared to stab her, but she leapt back avoiding the Lightsaber. She ran off. RedHawke knew she would tell the Academy that a Sith had tried to attack her. Perhaps Kiara thought it was Malus. If she did, RedHawke had an advantage. RedHawke decided to return to the Echo, to tell Malus of his failure.


Kiara saw Kyle and Luke, who were already up, training against each other. She ran up towards them.

“Kyle, Master Skywalker, a Sith Lord has just attacked me and…”

“Slow down Kiara,” Kyle told her, “Tell me exactly what happened.”

“Well, I was out for a walk and I was attacked by a Sith Lord?” Kiara told him.

“Was it Jaden?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t think so, “Kiara told him, “He looked nothing like him.”

“Perhaps it is an apprentice of his.” Kyle told her.

“I sense Jaden will attack the Academy,” Luke told them, “Rosh was right, we must prepare to leave the Academy, before it’s too late.”

“Listen Luke, I’m not leaving without a fight.” Kyle told Luke.

“Okay Kyle, but we must leave soon.” Luke told Kyle.


RedHawke landed on the Echo. Caos greeted him. He didn’t look too pleased with RedHawke.

“What are you doing here?” Caos asked bitterly.

“I must see Lord Malus.” RedHawke answered back.

Malus came to greet RedHawke.

“I sense your failure RedHawke.” Malus told RedHawke.

“I know my lord,” RedHawke told Malus, trying to look like he weren’t lying, “I submit any punishment you give.”

“There is no time for punishment,” Malus told RedHawke, “And besides, it was Kyle’s new apprentice. That is the reason why she survived. For now, I shall lead an army to the Academy. Meanwhile I want both you and Caos to steal Luke’s journals.”

“What for my lord?” Caos asked.

“What do you think?” Malus asked, his voice rising, “In Luke’s journals are several Old Republic bases on Planets unknown to the Republic. If I can find them, then I can take them over and make the Imperial Remnant stronger.”

“Right my lord.” Caos said.

“Caos and I shall do as you ask.” RedHawke added.

“Excellent.” Malus said.


Kyle, Jan, Luke and Kiara prepared to fight, along with the other Jedi and the New Republic army. They had set up a small defence around the base and were waiting for the Imperial Remnant to attack. Thanks to the New Republic, they had set up a shield that covered the whole Academy. The Imperial Remnant was sure taking their time in attacking the Academy. All everyone had to do now was to wait for the Imperial Remnant to attack.


The Imperial Remnant landed on Yavin IV. RedHawke and Caos had landed behind the Academy. Malus and his army landed near the Academy, but not to near just so they weren’t seen. His army was a large legion of Stormtroopers, eight AT-STs and four AT-ATs. Malus slowly walked towards the Academy, with his army following him.


Meanwhile, RedHawke and Caos had entered in the back way of the Academy. Luckily for them, the Jedi and the New Republic hadn’t guarded the back way. They had only guarded the front.

“Get the journals,” RedHawke whispered, “I’ll disable the security.”

Caos decided not to argue and he crept through the Academy, being careful in case any security systems hadn’t been turned off or if anyone else were protecting the Academy. Malus had told them that Luke’s journals were in his chamber at the top of the Academy. Soon Caos entered the chamber. The journals were on Luke’s table. Caos grabbed it and he left to meet up with RedHawke. As soon as he returned to RedHawke, they left the Academy and returned to the Echo to wait for Malus to return.


“Fire!” Malus shouted at the AT-ATs.

The AT-ATs started shooting, however the shots disappeared. There must be a shield, Malus thought angrily, The Jedi were very resourceful indeed. Malus stopped the AT-ATs from firing and Malus decided to go inside the shield along with the Stormtroopers. They immediately flanked the Jedi and the New Republic. Many Troops on each side died. Malus ran towards Kyle’s new apprentice and attacked her. Malus noticed Kyle immediately saw his apprentice being attacked and ran towards Malus and stopped him. They talked as they fought.

“Your new apprentice is strong my Master,” Malus told Kyle, “Maybe I can turn her to the dark side.”

“You’ve truly fallen far.” Kyle added.

“You say that all the time, but you know I’ve become much stronger than you, much stronger than Master Skywalker.” Malus told Kyle.

Malus knew that RedHawke and Caos had completed their task. Malus used the Force to push Kyle and Malus ran off.

“Destroy them all!” Malus shouted to his army as he left.

Malus returned to his shuttle and left Yavin IV. There were other places Malus must go to, to increase their power in the Galaxy.


Stay tuned for Chapter X Zaloriis

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Chapter X




Malus returned to the Echo. He went to his throne room. Officer Starkiller entered the throne room. He held Luke’s journals in his hand. He handed them over to Malus.

“My lord, Caos and RedHawke found the journals you wanted.” He told Malus.

“Thank you Officer,” Malus told him, “Now get out of my sight.”

As Officer Starkiller left, Malus opened the datapad containing the journals. It had information on many Planets, including Hoth, Endor, Coruscant and many more. Malus flicked through the journals, until he found a Planet he didn’t recognise. Zaloriis. Malus decided to see what information Luke had on the Planet. The journal on Zaloriis opened up.






Zaloris is a desert world. The first AT-AT walker was invented there. It formally declared it's independence during the Rebellion Era, but Lord Vader denied the request and proceeded to liberate the AT-AT facilities as well as crush the militia and Rebels there.


The desolate Planet of Zaloriis is notable only for its role in the production of the Imperial All-Terrain Armoured-Transports. General Veers worked extensively to improve and update the Walker design, but his research was interrupted by a Rebel uprising.


Zaloriis City is considered the main settlement, but even that is not a popilar destination on the barren sandy rock. The high winds of Zaloriis keep life to a minimum, but the sheltering boulders of the Fantain Mountais harbour smaller creatures and rock lions. Legends speak of dune ghosts that wander the wastes at night and of travellers who never return from their journies. The natives respect the open deserts and keep well away from them, clustering in small outposts connected by well-travelled roads.


The Imperials recognized the value of the Zaloriians fear-it allowed them to establish a research base out in the desert, with little concern for prying eyes. In fact, their test vehicles often bolstered the legends and tell-tales, as wanderers spotted the strange technologies being tested and reported back-exaggerated accounts at the local tavern. One tale that amused the Imperial counter-spy network involved a man being confronted by a wheezing so-foot dune-low, with giant tusks and a grey reptilian hide. Back at the research base, the prototype Walker was quickly rechristened “Dune Cow”.



End of Data



Malus closed the datapad. He put it in his pocket. Once Luke gets these journals back, he will have to update Zaloriis with my adventures there, Malus thought. He went to his shuttle, along with a small legion of Stormtroopers. The New Republic wouldn’t have a big defence on a harsh desert Planet, such as Zaloriis. As the shuttle prepared to land on Zaloriis, Malus noticed the old abandoned research base, where Darth Vader was once inspecting the AT-ATs.

“Pilot, land in that old research base!” Malus shouted across the shuttle.

“Yes my lord.” The pilot said, changing his course.

The journal did say that the research base was away from prying eyes. Malus hoped it still was. The shuttle landed inside the research base and Malus and his army got out.

“I need two scouts to check out the area,” Malus told them, “As soon as you find out something, return here immediately.”

Two of the Stormtroopers got on a Speeder Bike and sped off into the unknown.


Several hours later, the two Stormtroopers returned. They walked up to Malus.

“Lord Malus, we have all the information you requested.” One of the Stormtroopers told Malus.

“A Twi’lek Jedi Knight known as Farra Koo is protecting Zaloriis City under Luke Skywalker’s command.” The other Stormtrooper continued.

“Excellent work,” Malus told them, “Now we shall invade Zaloriias City.”

Several more shuttles landed, with eight AT-ATs and sixteen AT-STs. Malus led the way to Zaloriias City. As he led the army, he thought about Farra. When Malus was a Jedi, they were close friends. But ever since Malus fell to the dark side, he hadn’t seen her since. Perhaps he could turn her to the dark side.


Farra Koo was mediating inside the large Command Center in Zaloriias City. She had been on Zaloriias, since the Battle on Korriban. She was a surviour from that Battle. She was meditating, thinking on the past. Zaloriias was quite a boring place to be for a Jedi. Especially for a Jedi who liked going out, making a difference in the Galaxy. Here she had to protect the military and the citizens of Zaloriias City. To her, that wasn’t making a difference. Suddenly, she stopped mediating. She heard noises from outside. It sounded like screams of civilians and blaster shots from the military. Farra looked out to see the Imperial Remnant attacking Zaloriias City. They were being led by Malus. Farra immediately ran towards the communications array and spoke.

“Attention citizens of Zaloriias City! Please remain inside your homes!”

Farra could see all the citizens running into their homes, dodging Stormtrooper fire or anything else that tried to kill them.


Down below, Malus ran through the City. The Zaloriias Military tried to stop Malus, but he killed them all. They fell to the floor like paper. As Malus killed the last Trooper, he sensed Farra Koo inside the Command Center. Malus leapt up to the Command Center and entered. Farra Koo was about to ignite her Lightsaber, but Malus gripped her.

“If you want to live Farra, join me.” Malus told her.

“I’ll never join you,” She told Malus confidently, “After what you’ve become.”

Malus tightened his grip on her. She choked even more.

“I think you should reconsider.” Malus warned her.

Farra noticed a red glow in Malus’ left eye. The dark side had consumed him. Farra tried to struggle out of the grip, but Malus held her too strong.

“I’ll give you one last chance.” Malus warned Farra, getting impatient.

Farra knew she shouldn’t join the dark side, but she didn’t want to die and she had always wanted power. She had kept it secret from Luke. Besides Jaden was once her friend. She didn’t want to lose that friendship.

“I… I shall join you.” She choked.

Malus loosened his grip on her and let her go.

“Good,” Malus told her, “From now on, you shall be known as Darth Gevallen.”

“Thank you my lord.” She said finally.

She got up and Malus gave her a large bomb that would destroy the entire City.

“Set this and then we shall leave.” Malus told her.

“Yes my lord.” She told Malus.

Gevallen set the bomb in the middle of the room and set it. Gevallen knew it would take five minutes to leave the City. She set the bomb to explode after five minutes.

“Excellent,” Malus said, “Now we must leave.”

“Wait my lord,” Gevallen told Malus, “I can tell the Military that I’m taking you away into custody out of the city, then they won’t suspect a thing.”

Malus liked the plan. Gevallen led Malus out of the Command Center and through the City. The Military saw Gevallen leading Malus out.

“Lady Koo, where are you taking our Sith friend?” The leader asked.

“I’m taking him away into custody.” Gevallen told him.

The Military left Malus and Gevallen alone. Malus and Gevallen left the City and waited for the detonation of Zaloriias City. Malus and Gevallen left Zaloriias and returned to the Echo. From there, Malus, Caos, Gevallen and RedHawke watched the detonation of Zaloriias City. Malus felt excitement burning in his heart as he felt the City be destroyed, along with the Military and the citizens who also perished. It felt great.


On Yavin IV, as the Jedi and the New Republic were clearing up the mess from the attack on the Academy, Luke felt the deaths of so many people. It was from Zaloriias. Luke also felt the loss of a Jedi. A Jedi who had fell to the dark side. A Jedi that Luke had trained. Farra Koo. Kiara came over to see him.

“Is something wrong Master?” She asked.

“The deaths of so many people,” Luke told her, “And a loss from our Order.”

Kyle heard Kiara and Luke talking. He walked over to them.

“What loss?” He asked.

“The loss of a great Jedi,” Luke told him, “Farra Koo has been converted to the dark side.”

Kyle knew Luke felt despair. Luke knew dark times were ahead.


Stay tuned for Chapter XI Memories

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Chapter XI




Caos and Gevallen prepared to train against each other, with RedHawke watching them. Malus decided to relax. He went to his chamber and meditated. He started to think on his past in the Academy.


“We’ll be arriving at the Academy in just a few minutes!” The Rebel driver announced over the Academy shuttle.

A few minutes. For Jaden Korr, that was alright, however he had a secret, which he didn’t want to tell. It had started a while ago on Coruscant where he was a Promising Student. He was never a Jedi, however he had built a Lightsaber without any specific training. Another eager student interrupted his thoughts.

“That would be so great…” He shouted down the corridor of the Jedi Academy’s shuttles. Everyone ignored him. Including Jaden.

“Aren’t you excited?” He shouted at Jaden, “We’re going to be Jedi, using the Force , building a Lightsaber…” He stopped in his tracks as he saw Jaden’s Lightsaber. “Of course you already have one, I’m going to get one of those stupid training Sabers and…”

“I wouldn’t worry about that.” Jaden interrupted.

“Aren’t you I mean why would you be? You already have a Lightsaber and you’re probably way ahead of me, I’m Rosh Penin by the way.” The student said, “Ahem what’s you’re name.”

“Jaden Korr.” Jaden said.

“So where did you get that Lightsaber?” Rosh asked.

“Well it is kind of a long story, I found myself on…” Jaden said, but a loud bang attacked the shuttle.

The shuttle started to land down on Yavin IV’s surface.


That was the day Jaden and Rosh became Jedi. It was also the day they met Luke and Kyle. Malus thought on his life more.


On Hoth, Jaden had just encountered Alora, Tavion’s Twi’lek apprentice. Jaden entered the abandoned hangar of Echo Base to see Alora talking to her Master on her Comlink.

“Yes Master, Dagobah,” She said, “Skywalker didn’t mention it in his journals. He must have been trying to protect something.”

She turned her Comlink off, feeling Jaden’s prescence behind her.

“You must be that wielding trouble maker that killed our perimeter guard,” Alora told Jaden, “Is the Jedi so stretched they send children to defeat the Disciples of Ragnos?”

Jaden ignited his yellow Lightsaber and ran towards Alora. Alora immediately ignited her red Lightsaber, blocking Jaden’s attack. They fought for several minutes, attacking and blocking each other’s attacks. Alora pushed Jaden backwards and tried to stab him, however he rolled over to the side, avoiding Alora’s attack. Jaden leapt up and ran towards Alora. They fought again until Alora leapt onto a rock and then on a pipe. Jaden had followed her from behind and had stayed on the rock.

“We’ll meet again welp!” Alora told Jaden.

She left the hangar.

“I can’t wait.” Jaden commented.


That was Malus’ first encounter with Alora.


In Bast Castle on Vjun, Jaden ran in a room to see Rosh. He had the scepter in his hand. He turned around to see Jaden.

“I sense your prescence Jaden.” Rosh told Jaden.

“Rosh? What are you doing here?” Jaden asked.

“The Disciples of Ragnos brought me,” Rosh told Jaden, “At first I thought they were going to kill me. But I was wrong about them.”

Jaden couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Do you realise how much power there is in the dark side?” Rosh continued, “Kyle was holding us back Jaden, you should feel the power. It’s beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.”

“Rosh what are you saying?” Jaden asked, “You’re a Jedi.”

Rosh fell to the floor thinking. His two servants came up to him.

“No…” Rosh started, “I’m a…”

“Enough talk!” The servant shouted.

“Rosh destroy this puny Jedi so we can complete our task!” The other servant shouted at Rosh.

“Yes,” Rosh said finally, “If you’re too weak to join us Jaden. Then we can’t let you stand in our way.”

He ignited his new red Lightsaber and Jaden ignited his yellow Lightsaber. They ran towards each other attacking each other. Occasionally, Rosh’s servants tried to heal him, but Jaden threw his Lightsaber at them. They were killed and Rosh was alone. Jaden and Rosh fought for several more minutes, until Jaden caught Rosh off guard and Rosh tripped up. This was Jaden’s first touch with the dark side. He was about to kill Rosh until Kyle stopped Jaden. Kyle ran towards them.

“Kyle… I…” Rosh started, but was interrupted.

A burst of Lightning tripped Kyle up.

“Did you think I’d give up my new apprentice so easily?” A woman asked, pulling the scepter towards her.

“Tavion.” Kyle commented.

“You should have killed me when you had the chance Katarn,” Tavion told him, “Your pathetic mercy is a weakness that shall cost you your life. And the life of your Academy’s students.”

She looked at Rosh.

“But not you my dear Rosh. Come.” She told Rosh.

“Yes Tavion.” Rosh said.

“Rosh no!” Jaden shouted.

“Fool, your petty friendship can not compete with the power of the dark side.” Tavion told Jaden.

“So is this what it’s come too Tavion?” Kyle asked, “Stealing scraps of the Force like some intergalactic parasite.”

“Spare me your self-righteous pity Katarn!” Tavion shouted, “You may have shamed me when you spared my life. But that was before I found this. Now I have a new Master. One who has promised me the power to destroy you and all the Jedi.”

“Ragnos?” Kyle asked, “What can a dead Sith Lord give you?”

“Everything I have ever wanted, “Tavion told Kyle, “Not that you’ll be around to see.”

Jaden threw his Lightsaber and Tavion noticed it. She used the scepter to destroy the Lightsaber and the ceiling. Tavion and Rosh escaped, while Kyle tried to hold the rocks up. Jaden used Kyle’s Lightsaber to break through the floor.

“I can’t keep this up for long.” Kyle commented.

“Hold on.” Jaden told him.

Jaden finished cutting the hole and him and Kyle dropped through the hole.


Malus stopped thinking about his past. His memories as a Jedi were useful. Thanks to the Jedi, he had fallen to the dark side and now he wielded the power that Tavion and Marka Ragnos would never have. Malus decided to attack the heart of the Republic. Coruscant. His homeworld.


Stay tuned for Chapter XII The Taking of Coruscant

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Chapter XII

The Taking of Coruscant



Malus entered the bridge on the Echo. Officer Starkiller was there, along with RedHawke, Caos and Gevallen. Malus noticed that they were already above Coruscant.

“Officer, how did you know that I wanted to go to Coruscant?” Malus asked.

“I didn’t my lord,” Officer Starkiller told Malus, “We were just passing.”

“Stay in orbit of Coruscant,” Malus told him, “We shall retake Coruscant in the name of the Imperial Remnant and the Sith.”

Before Malus and the others could take Coruscant over, a blaster shot hit the Echo. Malus looked out to see a large New Republic fleet attacking them. He went over to the Echo’s large communications array.

“All hands to battle stations,” He shouted, “Repeat. All hands to battle stations.”


Six TIE Fighters approached the large New Republic fleet. The group of TIEs split up into two groups of three. Both groups had targeted a single X-Wing in their sights. Like a hawk on a Womp Rat, both groups fired on their prey, tearing the X-Wings apart. Malus smiled. The Imperial Pilots were well trained in their jobs. Just when he thought that everything was going fine, reinforcements attacked the group of TIEs, tearing them apart. Malus noticed Officer Starkiller ordering reinforcements. Malus noticed several more TIEs going to attack the fleet. Luckily, the TIEs managed to pass the X-Wings and landed inside the New Republic capital ship. Malus went to his shuttle, along with his apprentices and prepared to land on Coruscant. Soon the heart of the Republic shall soon be the heart of the Imperial Remnant and the Sith.


The shuttle landed on Coruscant. Luckily nobody on Coruscant suspected them arriving. Malus, Caos and Gevallen ignited their Lightsabers and prepared to take Coruscant. Soon the Imperial Remnant army landed on Coruscant. The New Republic army prepared to defend Coruscant.


Luke was leading the New Republic army. Kyle, Kiara and all the other Jedi were with him. Both the New Republic army and the Imperial Remnant army ran towards each, firing at each other. Many people died on each side. Kyle saw Malus charging towards the abandoned Jedi Temple. Kyle ran towards his ex-apprentice hoping to stop him, but Caos blocked him.

“If you want to get past me, then you’ll have to kill me.” He warned Kyle.

“That doesn’t stop me.” Kyle told him, trying to attack him.

Caos blocked the attack, with his two Lightsabers and pushed Kyle. Caos was about to stab Kyle, when Kiara blocked the attack. Caos growled and attacked her. Kyle noticed Lightsabers and Blaster Rifles blazing everywhere. War had begun on Coruscant. Kyle got up and tried to catch up with Malus, before it was too late.


Gevallen leapt in front of Luke. She ignited her red Saberstaff.

“Hello Master Skywalker.” She said.

“Farra Koo,” Luke said, “I’m glad to see you’re alive.”

“Well I’m not!” Gevallen shouted, “I had hoped to see you dead, but no you’re still alive.”

Luke was shocked at what he was hearing. This was not the apprentice he had trained.

“Jaden will lead you to death and destruction.” Luke told her.

“Jedi lies!” Gevallen yelled.

Luke and Gevallen ran towards each other. They fought for several minutes, looking for a weakness in each other. Luke had trained her too well.


Kyle climbed up the Jedi Temple, following Malus. Malus was trying to climb to the top and announce victory of the Imperial Remnant and the Sith.

“Jaden come back to the Light!” Kyle shouted, “Face up to what you’ve done! I can help you!”

Malus turned to see his ex-Master following him.

“You’re too late Kyle!” Malus shouted, “I’m the most powerful Sith in the Galaxy!”

He dropped onto Kyle and kicked him through the window. They were in the old Council meeting room where Masters Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi had once met.

“This time Kyle, it’s a fight to the death!” Malus shouted.


Stay tuned for Chapter XIII Return of the Jedi

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Chapter XIII

Return of the Jedi



Malus slowly walked towards his wounded Master and circled around him. Malus ignited his Lightsaber and prepared to deliever the final attack. Without expecting it, Kyle pushed Malus away from him. Malus fell backwards onto several chairs. Kyle weakly got up and grabbed his Lightsaber.

“The Sith won’t win today Jaden!” He shouted confidently.

Malus got up.

“You’ve always been arrogant Kyle!” Malus shouted.

“It doesn’t matter, until I’ve killed you.” Malus told him.

Before either Malus or Kyle could attack again, Luke entered the room, killing several Imperial Guards behind him. RedHawke had followed him.

“Well isn’t this nice?” Kyle asked, “A reunion.”

“Be quiet Kyle!” Malus shouted, “Prepare to die!”

Malus ran towards Kyle attacking him. Luke joined with Kyle to help him. RedHawke stayed and watched them fight. This was entertainment. Lights of blue, green and red Lightsabers blurred about all over the room. The heat of the Lightsabers bounced back onto their faces, causing them to sweat. Malus pushed Kyle backwards and fought Luke. Luke was much stronger than Kyle. He seemed more relaxed. Malus eventually stabbed at Luke’s leg, causing him to fall over.

“RedHawke!” Malus shouted, “Do your worst!”

RedHawke prepared to shoot large bolts of Lightning at them.


Up above Coruscant, the New Republic fleet managed to overun the Imperial Remnant fleet. Officer Starkiller was panicking, trying to find an TIE Fighter. Luckily for him, there was one and he managed to escape the Echo’s destruction.


The now reedemed Farra and Kiara cleared up the messes on Coruscant. The Imperial Remnant had been chased off Coruscant and were retreating. The New Republic managed to destroy some of their ships from escaping. Luckily, none of the civilians had been killed or injured. They were all just in shock from the recent events.


Meanwhile in the Jedi Temple, Luke and Kyle were screaming out in pain. RedHawke’s power was strong, strong enough to kill anybody in five minutes.

“Jaden! Help!” Kyle shouted.

Malus looked at both Kyle, Luke and RedHawke. He didn’t know what to do. Could he return to the Light Side? Could he destroy the Sith forever? Malus once again looked at Kyle, Luke and RedHawke. Malus ran towards RedHawke, but his Lightsaber was blasted out of his hand. Malus raised his hands and shot his own bolts of Lightning at RedHawke. Malus would use the rest of his power to save both Kyle and Luke. Kyle and Luke watched in shock as Malus tried to resist the Lightning. Malus pushed himself harder to try to kill RedHawke. Malus’ power increased, but it wasn’t enough to kill RedHawke. Kyle got up and threw his Lightsaber at RedHawke. It was stuck in RedHawke’s chest. He yelled in pain and Malus used the last of his power to kill RedHawke. RedHawke collapsed onto the floor. Dead. Malus also collapsed. Kyle and Luke ran to see him.

“I’m sorry Kyle…” Malus said weakly, “I tried.”

“Didn’t I tell you, that you would return to the Light?” Kyle asked, several tears dropping from his eyes.

“I suppose you did,” Malus told Kyle, laughing in agony, “I’m sorry for everything. I was a failure.”

“No Jaden you aren’t a failure,” Luke told Malus confidently, “You are Jaden Korr, a true Jedi.”

“Thanks,” Jaden said weakly, “I don’t want to die.”

“You won’t die.” Kyle told him.

“The Force will allow you to live on,” Luke told him, “You are good.”

“Thank you.” Jaden said and with his final words, he died.

As Rogue Squadron flew over the Jedi Temple, Kyle and Luke felt the peace in Jaden that hadn’t been there for some time.


Several hours passed. On Yavin IV a private funeral was set for Jaden. The people to see him go were Jaden’s parents, Lordo, Michaela, his Droids JK-47, RC-62, and finally Kyle and Luke. They all stayed to watch Jaden until the fires burnt out. As it did so, Kyle and Luke saw Jaden, Rosh and Morgan Katarn watch them from behind. The Force had it’s ways, Kyle thought happily. Lordo, Michaela, JK-47 and RC-62 left, not noticing Jaden.

“May the Force be with you.” Luke called out to Jaden’s parents.

The Force was with them today. There was peace in the Galaxy. The Force truly did have it’s ways.



The End


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Alternate Ending (A New Reign of Terror)



Malus slowly walked towards his wounded Master and circled around him. Malus ignited his Lightsaber and prepared to deliever the final attack. Without expecting it, Kyle pushed Malus away from him. Malus fell backwards onto several chairs. Kyle weakly got up and grabbed his Lightsaber.

“The Sith won’t win today Jaden!” He shouted confidently.

Malus got up.

“You’ve always been arrogant Kyle!” Malus shouted.

“It doesn’t matter, until I’ve killed you.” Malus told him.

Before either Malus or Kyle could attack again, Luke entered the room, killing several Imperial Guards behind him. RedHawke had followed him.

“Well isn’t this nice?” Kyle asked, “A reunion.”

“Be quiet Kyle!” Malus shouted, “Prepare to die!”

Malus ran towards Kyle attacking him. Luke joined with Kyle to help him. RedHawke stayed and watched them fight. This was entertainment. Lights of blue, green and red Lightsabers blurred about all over the room. The heat of the Lightsabers bounced back onto their faces, causing them to sweat. Malus pushed Kyle backwards and fought Luke. Luke was much stronger than Kyle. He seemed more relaxed. Malus eventually stabbed at Luke’s leg, causing him to fall over.

“RedHawke!” Malus shouted, “Do your worst!”

RedHawke prepared to shoot large bolts of Lightning at them.


Kyle and Luke were screaming out in pain. RedHawke’s power was strong, strong enough to kill anybody in five minutes.

“Jaden! Help!” Kyle shouted.

Malus looked at both Kyle, Luke and RedHawke. He didn’t know what to do. Could he return to the Light Side? Could he destroy the Sith forever? Malus once again looked at Kyle, Luke and RedHawke. Malus ran towards RedHawke, but his Lightsaber was blasted out of his hand. Malus raised his hands and shot his own bolts of Lightning at RedHawke. Malus would use the rest of his power to save both Kyle and Luke. Kyle and Luke watched in shock as Malus tried to resist the Lightning. Malus pushed himself harder to try to kill RedHawke. Malus’ power increased, but it wasn’t enough to kill RedHawke. Malus immediately pulled his Lightsaber to him and threw it into RedHawke’s chest. He yelled in pain and Malus used the last of his power to kill RedHawke. RedHawke collapsed onto the floor. Dead. Malus looked at Kyle and Luke. Was Malus reedeemed? Malus grabbed his Lightsaber and slashed Kyle’s head off his body. His head rolled across the room, blood pouring onto the floor. Luke immediately got out his Lightsaber, but Malus destroyed it with one stroke. He then held his Lightsaber towards Luke. Two Royal Imperial Guards entered the room.

“Take Master Skywalker and my dead Master to the medical bay,” Malus told them, “I shall deal with them later.”

The Guards took Luke and the remains of Kyle and dragged them to the medical bay.


An hour later, Malus entered the medical bay. Luke looked up to see Malus.

“Please Jaden, return to the light.” Luke pleaded.

“Never!” Malus shouted, “After your death, no one shall stand against me and my new Empire.”

Malus knew this wasn’t true. All his armies had been destroyed, though they had destroyed the New Republic’s army and the Jedi. After Luke was dead, Malus would rebuild. It was time.

“Say goodbye, Master Skywalker.” Malus told Luke with anger in his voice.

Malus got out his Lightsaber and stabbed Luke. After two minutes of holding his Lightsaber in Luke’s body, Luke had died. Malus prepared to increase his power, by feeding on both Kyle and Luke. But before he could, the medical bay door opened. Officer Starkiller had somehow survived the battle.

“My lord, what are you doing?” He asked.

“We shall rebuild our new Empire,” Malus told him, “With us leading our new Empire, nothing shall stand in our way. Now go!”

Officer Starkiller left. Malus called upon the dark side of the Force to feed on Kyle and Luke. Malus was the most powerful Sith in the history of the entire Galaxy.



The End


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Alternate Ending (An Unchosen Path)



Malus slowly walked towards his wounded Master and circled around him. Malus ignited his Lightsaber and prepared to deliever the final attack. Without expecting it, Kyle pushed Malus away from him. Malus fell backwards onto several chairs. Kyle weakly got up and grabbed his Lightsaber.

“The Sith won’t win today Jaden!” He shouted confidently.

Malus got up.

“You’ve always been arrogant Kyle!” Malus shouted.

“It doesn’t matter, until I’ve killed you.” Malus told him.

Before either Malus or Kyle could attack again, Luke entered the room, killing several Imperial Guards behind him. RedHawke had followed him.

“Well isn’t this nice?” Kyle asked, “A reunion.”

“Be quiet Kyle!” Malus shouted, “Prepare to die!”

Malus ran towards Kyle attacking him. Luke joined with Kyle to help him. RedHawke stayed and watched them fight. This was entertainment. Lights of blue, green and red Lightsabers blurred about all over the room. The heat of the Lightsabers bounced back onto their faces, causing them to sweat. Malus pushed Kyle backwards and fought Luke. Luke was much stronger than Kyle. He seemed more relaxed. Malus eventually stabbed at Luke’s leg, causing him to fall over.

“RedHawke!” Malus shouted, “Do your worst!”

RedHawke prepared to shoot large bolts of Lightning at them.


Meanwhile in the Jedi Temple, Luke and Kyle were screaming out in pain. RedHawke’s power was strong, strong enough to kill anybody in five minutes.

“Jaden! Help!” Kyle shouted.

Malus looked at both Kyle, Luke and RedHawke. He didn’t know what to do. Could he return to the Light Side? Could he destroy the Sith forever? Malus once again looked at Kyle, Luke and RedHawke. Malus ran towards RedHawke, but his Lightsaber was blasted out of his hand. Malus raised his hands and shot his own bolts of Lightning at RedHawke. Malus would use the rest of his power to save both Kyle and Luke. Kyle and Luke watched in shock as Malus tried to resist the Lightning. Malus pushed himself harder to try to kill RedHawke. Malus’ power increased, but it wasn’t enough to kill RedHawke. Kyle got up and threw his Lightsaber at RedHawke. It was stuck in RedHawke’s chest. He yelled in pain and Malus used the last of his power to kill RedHawke. RedHawke collapsed onto the floor. Dead. Malus looked at Kyle and Luke. Was Malus reedeemed?

“I shall no longer walk the path of the dark side.” Jaden told them.

Kyle and Luke were pleased at the news, until Jaden added.

“However, I won’t walk the path of the light side either.”

“What?” Kyle asked.

“It is too much for me to bear,” Jaden told him, “Light side, dark side. Whatever path I walk will cause harm to those around me. I must be alone.”

Luke looked sad, but agreed with Jaden.

“If this is what you want Jaden, then we shall not stop you.” Luke said.

“Thank you Master Skywalker,” Jaden said, “And Kyle, you will see me again. I promise you.”

Jaden grabbed his Lightsaber and left the Jedi Temple.


Outside, he found an X-Wing and left Coruscant. Where would Jaden go now? He needed somewhere to think. To think for a long time. He finally decided to go to the Unknown Regions and think about all that had happened. He had no idea what he was doing at the moment. The time in the Unknown Regions should help. Jaden decided that he would spend at least two years there. The Force was with them today. There was peace in the Galaxy. The Force truly did have it’s ways.



The End


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