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[FIN]Mace Windu: Jedi Master Reborn


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Obi Wan ducked another swipe and slashed blindly backwards. Vader jumped back a step away from the point of Obi Wan’s lightsaber and slashed again. Obi wan dropped and rolled away. As he got to his feet, the door blew open and Yoda came shooting in. Vader pushed a button in the wall and a squad of troops came firing madly out of the place Vader and Obi Wan had come from. Yoda lifted the detached door and sent it rocketing towards the troops. He then called Obi Wan and the door to himself as he exited the room. Obi Wan flew out and the door slammed back into place, jamming with a screech. Yoda and Obi Wan raced into the Emperor’s personal ship. As Obi Wan rushed to the Cockpit, Yoda turned and floated Mace’s limp form on board. The ramp closed and they blasted out of the Hangar and into the thin atmosphere outside. As they entered space, however, the ship began piloting itself and taking them to a skyhook about three miles away. Auto-pilot security systems. Curse them! Obi wan quickly composed himself and drew out his remote pad. He punched a few codes and his Chyyra rose out of its parking spot and raced its way to them. Five minutes later, it carried out the transfer sequence and the two ships were successfully attached to each other. Obi Wan and Yoda ran to their ship, followed by Mace’s floating body. Obi wan slapped the airlock shut and disengaged the sequence. The ships broke apart and the Jedi blasted away into Hyperspace, victorious. Well, not quite.


The two of them watched quietly as Mace’s body burnt on the pyre in traditional way to send a Jedi into the other world. Yoda turned to Obi Wan sadly.

“Now, wait, we must, for the Skywalker children to grow up.”

“By then the Galaxy will be too much in the Emperor’s power.” Obi Wan said. “They won’t stand a chance.”

“Then give it to them, we must. No choice we have.”

Obi Wan nodded and looked back at the blazing fire in front of them. Goodness knows what the fate of the Galaxy was.


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