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Rise of the Sith Dominion

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This is based on Welmin's Cantina and Darth Tepe's rise to power of his, probably successful, own faction called the Sith Dominion. The jedi wil try to stop him, of course, and probably so will the New Republic and the Empire. The time frame of this RP is forwards from 20 ABY and if it goes of 25 ABY,

there will be no Yuuzhan Vong invasion. There is also no need for profiles, but you should give some info of your chracter and his/her alignment in the first post. If you want to, you can also post a link at the bottom for a description of your character.




After endless studies over Sith Holocrons, Darth Tepe was ready. The fleets given to him by Lord Rythe were spread across a few systems in both the Outer and Mid rims, occupying and controlling these, but with the conscent of the rulers of these rims. Before the rise to power, the fleets were called by the people as "SoCS, Security of Chosen Systems" or just "SCS". But the rulers had no choise but to invite these fleets to their systems and space ports, as the man behind this sudden Security force was indeed a powerful Sith who had used the old tricks of Palpatine, unleashing the needs of the rulers and then leashing them again, this time he being the one holding those leashes. Without him the rulers would no longer know what to do, as they had given the sith their own free wills.


Now the Dark Lord is ready and major changes have been made in the fleets. Admirals hae been released from their duties and shipped back to Lord Rythe to give some details on what is happening. So Tepe took control of these ships that once belonged to his master, but it was the sith way to decieve anyone they pleased. He managed to make one of the rulers look like a dictator, even if he controlled the men doing horrible things to the inhabitants of the world called Tibrin. He became the Count, using the alias of Dantes until he would be ready to encounter outside hostilities, of this world, like a fellow Sith had before the Clone Wars. Using this power as the Count to gather more recruits to his increasing army and using the wealth he had gained before this from taking over all those underground businesses to arm them. He also got the fleet some new ships, including modern and slightly older models from CEC and KDY but also newly built old ships of the Sith Empire with latest technology engines, systems and weaponry and even some were larger than they had used to be back in the day. After all this, he started the invasions, taking easily over the other systems he had had his eyes at. There his dominion started, and would soon unleash wars with nearby systems and the pirates. It was not only this, but he also cut a few important trade routes nearby, denyig the New Republic access to the products travelling via these routes, and claiming them for himself. He would also after a week of expansion start a project called the "Cat-eye", a Sith Meditation Sphere with a narrow engine that resembled a cat's iris on it

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Count Dantes stood on the bridge of a heavily modified Consular-class space cruiser, the jewel of his fleet and his flagship. It had been heavily armed, the engines had been enhanced, the painting was turned into a mirror-like surface and some of the cargo hold had been sacrificed for a small hangar able to launch 10 tightly packed A-wings, including the modifed A-wing of the Count himself, even if he rarely uses it. He looked out, watching the progress made on his Sith Meditation Sphere. He grinned quietly to himself as the crew worked on the ship's systems.


"My lord, there is a message coming from the Sharky. It has started the approach on Coruscant to deliver your message to their senate, sir" the comm officer said and the Sith smiled.

"Good... Tell the Grand Admiral to make a good show out there. I would do it myself, but I am quite busy here" the sith lord said to the comm officer before exiting the bridge and walking to his quarters in the ship.


Meanwhile, a large Sith Battleship with the escort of several other types of ships from Sith Escort Gunships to Nebulon-B Escort Frigates jumped out of hyperspace and stayed to linger above Coruscant while the flagship(Sith Battleship/Sharky) approached the planet to launch a Lambda-class shuttle down to the planet with the Grand Admiral and several dark jedi onboard with the message to the senate. The jedi had already probably been alerted of this fleet's presence and some who have read Jedi holocrons far enought might even know what the odd ships are called

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((Strider's gonna come in on this one, as we all knew he would. I'll bet Wildjedi'll pop in here too somewhere))


Strider Flamehart, in his out of place black tunic with blood-red tabbards, sat in the Jedi archives, pouring over some books, when his comlink went off. He reached down and picked it up and responded, "Master Flamehart here,"


A voice replied, informing Strider to head to the Council chambers to be informed of an emergency situation. This message was also forwarded out to any other capable Jedi currently resident in the temple. ((I left this line here for anyone else who jumps in with a Jedi character.))

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((I shall take that offer))


Rustic just finished taking out skywalker level saber droids and walked over to his robe and comm. He put on the robe and the comm chirped.

"Master Royal here...I'm on my way." Rustic said then stepped out of the sparring rooms and headed towards the Council Chambers.

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((With two characters; one to vanish into hiding with her former apprentices (Riebe) and one to die by Tepe's hand (new char) ))



A young Knight named Danielle Bayers was also in the Archives when the call came in. At twenty-five years old, she had just been knighted. Running a hand through her chin-length brown hair, she stood, carefully placing the books back where she'd got them and headed out. As she reached the door, she stopped, noticing Strider Flamehart also preparing to leave. Smiling, Danni decided to wait for him at the door.


"You got the call too," she said as he approached. It wasn't a question; she knew that, if she had been called, surely Masters had been also. "Do you think Riebe is near enough that she'll come too?"


Riebe had befriended Danni during training, but had not trained her at all. Though she respected and loved her Master, Danni sometimes thought it would have been more beneficial to have been trained by Riebe.

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((I find it odd how many friends with the Jedi Riebe has and Strider's always just a master that's "hanging around," I don't think I've ever planned training or claiming an apprentice, haha.))


Strider turned and briefly smiled in return to Danielle. "Yes, I did. As for Riebe, I don't know with her. It's always a possibility. She kind of has her own agenda," he said. With that, he waved his hand towards the door and opened it, held it open for Danielle, then walked towards the Council chambers.

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((She has more apprentices than friends... and this one's gonna die anyway :p ))



Smiling, Danni followed Strider out of the Archives and said, "You just watch. She'll show up late... like she did last time." Chuckling, she shrugged and joked, "Like you say, she sings her own tune, marches to the beat of her own drum... others matter only so long as she can help them in some way."

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Rustic walked down the temple halls and passed the archives. As he passed he noticed Strider and Danielle with both he'd previously had interesting missions with. He backed up and waited for them in the hallway.

"Hello to you both." Rustic greeted friendlyly (is that a word?).

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((I think "friendily" is but it probably would have been easier to say "greeted in a friendly (manner/tone/attitude)"))


Strider greeted him with a two-fingered wave (If you've ever played MGS3 and seen how Ocelot quite frequently uses that gesture, you know what I'm talking about) and a smirk. "I'm getting too much attention. I feel like a friggin' celebrity around here," he said with a laugh.

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The Lambda-class shuttle approached a landing pad swiftly and landed, folding it's wings up. The ramp lowered and five swoop bikes were driven out of it, four by Dark Jedi and one by the grand Admiral, as tehy did not trust the Republic's crafts or their guards. The group left off as the shuttle closed it's ramp and the men inside relaxed for the time being as the red strip going around the ship meant that it was on a diplomatic mission. The group, instead of heading for the senate immediately, changed course and headed for the Jedi Temple. The senators were anyways going to dicuss with themselves for now, so they had some time.


As the bikes got to the temple they were confronted by the guards of the temple, ready to draw their lightsaers because of the Dark Jedi presence.

"We are not here to fight. I have a message to your council and these are my security. Trust me, they are merely grunts and even I could strike them down easily and I have no training with blade weapons" the Grand Admiral said and pushed throught with the Dark Jedi. The guards seemed to harras them all the way to the council chamber, where they finally burst throught the door without being called, interrupting a meeting between the council before the coming of the other jedi for their briefings.

"Excuse me, jedi, but I have an urgent message from my Lord, Count of Tibrin, Leader of the Sith Dominion and Sith Lord, Darth Tepe" the Grand Admiral said, his black suit glimmering with golden and silver embroideries on both it's sides and sleeve and the Sith Dominion symbol on his chest. The symbol of the SD was a red ball with a yellow cat iris going vertically on it and it being surrounded on four sides by fires similiar to the one used by the old Sith Empire. The Grand Admiral placed a small disk at the center of the room, a holographic image of Darth Tepe appeared.


Tepe wore a dark cape with the hood pulled up to cover his face. The cape was open enought to show two lightsabers fashioned in an archaic way. This guy knew his art, that's for sure. Inside his cape, there was a black Jedi tunic with broad belt holding his pants up and the buckle showing the Sith Dominion symbol.

"Good evening, dear Council. I am Darth Tepe, as you might already know, killer of many of your fine jedi. I am here today represented by Grand Admiral Jangda in the matter of the Sith Dominion. First of all, I came here myself as a hologram because I am tied down with a project that you will soon see for yourselves. But, now for the real reason I mysef wanted to talk to you. I believe you have a Jedi temple on Ossus. I am as my first act going to return the former Sith Space to it's rightful owners, the Sith. However, if you co-operate, I shall keep Ossus out of my Dominion and will not even blockade it and grant your jedi passage to and from the planet as long as they do not attack any of my planets. As the second, I hereby would like to end this rivalry between our two orders. If you do not act nice to me, like I have done to you, I must take any action towards you that I need to, including orbital bombardments on Ossus, even if it would be such a waste of great architectrue and information. You can deliver your decision to the Grand Admiral. Good bye, jedi" the sith said, vanishing. The Grand admiral picked up the disk and looked at the council. Some jedi had already arrived while the message were running to hear their briefings, but the dark jedi had stopped them from coming too far inside by unleashing a force barrier between the jedi and the rest of the room. The jedi could of course still hear everything spoken by the hologram

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Strider grunted in discontent at being halted from entering. He knew who the man was speaking and he also knew his Force capability was higher than any of the Dark Jedi preventing his entrance within the room, however he would not strike conflict here. He replayed the message in his head, and although the deal sounded good enough, there had to be a catch.


"I wonder what the conditions are for such..cooperation between our orders," he thought out loud, eyeing the Dark Jedi. He looked upon them, half curious if any of them knew of his standing as a former Sith Hunter.

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((Hallelujah, this is the first interesting RP that I got to fast enough to join :D))


Kin Solar had just arrived in the Council chambers after a long trip from the Black Viper Bar, when the entourage of Dark Jedi barged in on the Council chambers. Kin stood against a far wall and regarded the hologram with interest.

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"You mean that, if he raises hell, we just run and hide?" Danni asked, visibly upset with the thought.


"That's exactly what he means," a familiar voice cut in. Riebe Sothe stepped up to join the group. "It's been a long time since we've encountered a Sith with such power." To Strider, she smiled and said, "Hello."


Danni grinned and embraced her friend. Riebe laughed and separated. "Alright, girl, alright. I'm here..."


She turned to look at one of the Dark Jedi and shook her head. "Tepe certainly arouses some loyalty." She smiled and turned to Strider. "The last Sith Lord I remember to gather so many loyal followers was Tanith Vessa. Remember her?"


((I'd link to what I've written of Vessa's story, but I'm lazy, so here's a brief version:


300 years after the Sith Hunters were created, she came on the scene. Killed two Sith Hunters and countless Jedi before being killed... twice. The first time, she died at the hand of a young Jedi named Jast Kevannis. The second time, Jast was joined by the Sith Hunters to defeat her once and for all.


Vessa turned a large portion of the Outer Rim against the Republic. Those who followed her were intensely loyal and, when she died the final time, many of them comitted suicide in order to remain with their master.))

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The Grand Admiral looked back at the jedi and grunted.

"Silence!" he barked and turned to the jedi council.

"I shall return after we have addressed the senate for your decision. My Lord also wants me to say that he truly means peace. The only gag in this is that he will take over most of the Sith Space would you happen to like it or not. Good day" the Grand Admiral said and turned around as the dark jedi cleared a path for him to go throught. The emissary left the jedi and walked back towards where they had left their bikes at the main entrance.

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"Yes Danielle, I don't like it either, but it's kind of hard to stand ground under that kind of arsenal pointing at us," he said. He turned to the other Knight, and said, "That's exactly what it is. He wants us out of the way, he'll let us exist in his secluded little corner, but if we move out of that corner, we're toast."


Strider smiled a greeting to Riebe. She could see two things in his expression, one of which was he really wasn't comfortable with the situation. The other, he passed from his mind into her thoughts. I've got a bad feeling about this. And c'mon, if I'm getting a bit of cold feet about the situation, it's gotta be bad. With that, he stepped into the council chambers when their group was addressed, stopped at the center of the room, and bowed.


"Council, those of us in the temple whom received your message have arrived. From what I understand, the situation is dangerous," as he spoke, he couldn't help but notice how formal he'd become since rejoining the Jedi. He was almost certain Riebe was smirking and having a good time watching her old time friend and fellow rebellious Sith Hunter turn into a formal Jedi.


"Dangerous is hardly how we would describe the situation," remarked one of the Council members.

"You are holding back, Master Flamehart. What is it you wish to say about the situation," asked another.


"My apologies...dangerous was an understatement. Masters, such a decision surely is difficult to make. On one hand, this would mean cooperation between Jedi and the Sith, but at what cost? Several hundred worlds could be subjected to the enslavement by the Sith, and those they would turn to, the Jedi, won't be able to do a thing to help. These are impossible odds to work against, Council, I..." he paused, he couldn't believe what he just said.


Impossible odds? What's the matter with me..? He thought to himself, a frown on his face. Then a new thought came to his head. Impossible for a Jedi, yes...but for the Sith Hunters...No. He shook his head. There were three Sith Hunters remaining, one of which hadn't been heard from in ages. Riebe and himself were the only ones left, and two was not enough for a whole fleet of Sith.


He let out a breath, and finally looked up at the Council members. "What does your wise judgement, Masters, suggest we do about the situation?"

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((You gotta play the council. If I play the council, it'll be to my advantage and that's not really fair to anyone but me))


The dark jedi escorted the Grand Admiral to the senate building quietly. The whole thing was very formal. As the five swoop bikes closened on the senate, the Grand Admiral grunted at the sight. He had been once an Imperial officer and had seenthe Imerial senate. How the building had changed over the New Republic years, especially from the insided. The man was angered by the sight of the destroyed Imperial buildings and the constructed New Republic ones. As they dismounted again to meet the senate, the Grand Admiral spat on the landing spot in disgust. The escort walked down the senate hallways and finally onto one of the seatings. Two dark jedi stood while two sat on both sides of the Grand Admiral, waiting for their turn quietly even if the Grand Admiral kept grunting and murmuring at the new design of the senate's insides. It was pathetic to his eyes

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Kin stood against the wall, inadvertedly chewing the inside of his cheek as he pondered the situtation. This is bad news, he thought. The New Jedi Order - even the esteemed Jedi Council - is composed of relatively inexperienced men and women under 50 years old. We wouldn't stand a chance against the Sith. The last time there was an all-out war between the Jedi and the Sith was more than 5,000 years ago...and back then the Jedi were plentiful and powerful. So, is our only choice to give up the galaxy to the Sith?


The talking in the council chamber was just a buzz in the back of his mind as he worried about the situation.


Our only hope would be to employ one or two assassins who specialize in hunting Sith...but have such people even existed since the fall of the Old Republic?

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((That may be, Tepe, but no Jedi is going to like the idea of the Sith holding the majority control of the galaxy. Still, we will enter into negotiations, as I will prove with this post.))


Riebe had indeed smirked to hear her fellow Sith Hunter addressing the Council so formally. She listened to them bickering about what should be done for a moment before clearing her throat and capturing the Council's attention.


"The Jedi have not changed so much as I thought they would have," she announced. "You hear 'Sith Lord' and you panic. Even you, Strider, and that surprises me, as you were once Sith yourself."


"Did you not hear the hologram?" one of the Masters asked her, astonished. "He threatens us with a Sith Dominion..."


"The Sith Dominion is already in place," Riebe interrupted, showing her trademark impatience with the Jedi Council. "As for what was said about planets being in the captivity of Tepe, I think we're forgetting something here."


"And that would be?" a Council member asked.


"Tepe is not like the Sith of my time," Riebe answered. "Any of them would have assembled an army and marched on the Jedi Temple. Yet he is willing to negotiate."


"The galaxy for the safety of Ossus," Danni spat. "Doesn't sound much like negotiation to me. It sounds like he's stuffing the Jedi in a corner of the galaxy and leaving them alone so long as they don't interfere with him."


"You're missing the true nature of negotiation," Riebe pointed out. "Negotiation is simply bartering given a diplomatic title. At any rate..."


"You suggest we barter with Tepe for more control than simply Ossus?" a Council member cut in, astonished at the suggestion. Riebe laughed out loud.


"Not for control!" she exclaimed, giggling. "What are we, Sith? No, no. We bargain with him. He allows us to keep the peace throughout the galaxy as we see fit, lets us go where we please, lets us stay where we please. At any rate, he merely wants to restore the old Sith territory to Sith control. He isn't asking for the whole galaxy."


"A coexistance then?" Danni asked. "A sharing of information, technology, and everything else."


"I'm not saying you have to be friends with him," Riebe sighed. "Coexistence isn't so bad... especially considering the alternative."


"Then, we should at least speak with him," Danni murmured, still clearly unhappy with the idea.


"Give me your thoughts, people," Riebe said impatiently, glaring at the Council and then at Strider, Kin, and Rustic.

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((I would like to note that you should mantain a course here. I you decide to go to speak with Tepe face-to-face, you should maintain that line while if you just hop on the ship with intentions of killing Tepe, you should stick to that idea. This is pretty much where the jedi divide on what they should accomplish when they get to Tepe))


Tepe was quiet, meditating, when a robot walked into the room. The sith lord opened his eyes and grunted.

"Yes? Why do you disturb by meditation?"

"Sire, the Grand Admiral reports he has spoken with the jedi council. It will be as you have forseen unless one of the Sith Hunters intervenes"

"Riebe and Strider are there? I did not expect this..." the sith lord said and waved his hand for the immediate leaving of the robot. Darth Tepe stood up and looked out of the window and at the vast space and the structure he was almost ready with. He extended his and and the comlink came to him from the table next to the door. He contacted the captain of his ship.


"Captain, when will the Sphere be operational?"

"It will take a week more at least, sir"

"How about if we scrap the auto-turrets?"

"About two days, sir, but some of the turrets have already been installed"

"Nevermind then... Transmit army controls to my quarters and contact all of my Admirals"

"Yes, sir"


A green holographic map filled the room as the window was shut by a thick metal hatch and the lights dimmed. The Sith looked at the map, zooming in and out of systems in the Sith Space. The holograpchi images of his admirals were pictured on the table as sitting figures.

"Admirals, transmit your locations to me. I must strategise this again..." he said and the admirals gave orders to senior officers on their flagships. As small red holographs of the flagships, the locations appeared on the map.

"Thank you admirals... Start holographic order sequence" Tepe said and the admirals launched holographic starmaps of their surroundings outside of Tepe's view. Soon orders started to fly about in the vast space. They had already occupied third of the sith space, but most of the occupied areas still had to be defeated and bases had to be established there. The sith murmured quietly to himself as he zoomed in on several systems, moving the flagships to different planets and breaking pieces of the fleets into small invasion armies that would be just enought to squat any unwanted and unnecessary rebellions. The sith ten zoomed all the way out and then all the way in, one single planet filling the room... Coruscant. It was his ideal target, but he must not be hasty. The New Republic was strong and it would take him a while to corrupt the structure and starting the project to succumb pieces of the Republic into the Dominion. However, this might take tens of years to happen. The one thing he had learned of ancient holocrons and documents was that open war against jedi and the Republic would not be profitable to any parties except mercenaries and possbly the Imperial remnants, even if they would be easy to destroy because of the still deep rivalries of the commandes there

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((We need some Jedi conflict, people! The Lord of the Sith demands it :p So I guess this is the part where other Jedi, including Danni turn against what Riebe's just been suggesting... but I'll let someone else lead that charge ;) ))

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