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Forum Rules/Code of Conduct


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Welcome to the Padawan's Lounge, the best place to discuss Game Help for KotOR & TSL. During your stay, please follow these guidelines which should hopefully make the forum enjoyable for all :)



  • All threads containing major spoilers will have to de duly identified by typing [spoilerS] in the title of the thread in order to warn PC gamers or other xbox gamers who haven't completed the game. Do not post spoilers in thread titles, no matter where the thread is located on the boards.
  • Posts containing spoilers will have to use spoiler tags so that the text containing the spoiler is blanked out. For more info on using the tags, see: http://www.lucasforums.com/misc.php?s=&action=bbcode
    Now, you have no excuse not to use those tags ;)


In addition to the above all our our central Forum Rules/Codes of Conduct still apply.


Have fun! :)

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