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Who Are You?


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1. I am not Indian, but I saw a drunk one at McDonalds yesterday.


2. I get straight As in school. Except I'm not in school...


3. I am not a Tennis player.


4. I am a former weightlifter.


5. I am not a snowboarder.


6. I am not a computer geek.


7. I am not a video geek.


8. I am not a super Star Wars geek (I have not read over 108 Star Wars books). I cannot name just about any weapon and tell you all of its details.


9. I am not the Key Club Treasurer. Matter of fact, I couldn't tell you thing one about this club.


10. I am the Model U.N. Treasurer. Because I have no experience or money skills. I'll just rely on the US to pay for it all, and then whine because my crapulent fforeign opinion goes unheard. I'll pray to the French and Germans though. They RAWK!


11. I play the guitar.


12. I don't play Tabla (Indian hand drums), because you can just go get regular-ass drums and not be labled a terrorist.


13. I am not trilingual (English, Hindi, and learning Spanish in school have zero value to me).


14. I am not taking four AP-level classes as a senior in high school (after the summer of course), because piss on courses and summer.


15. I am not a Rock music fan (Incubus).


16. I am not a SWBF II mapper. I played it once or twice though. Decent game I guess, if you've never played Battlefield anything.


17. I used to be fat...and still am. Why lie? If you're at you're computer reading this, you're overweight, and need to take a walk and eat a salad for gawds sake.


18. I am not a liberal, because one day I grew up and decided that however noble it is to let everyone do what they want, it's neither practicle or realistic.


19. I want to major in Psychology, but only so I can watch Frasier reruns and laugh at all the really lame/gay jokes. "Oh Niles, you are SUCH a card!!!"


20. I am not royalty (my heritage and ancestors), and niether are you. Stop kidding yourself, your majesty.

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1. I am Australian.


2. I honestly think CapNColostomy might just be the single funniest guy in the world.


3. I am an Australian Army Cadet.


4. I rarely ever know what anyone is talking about.


5. I ABSOLUTELY HATE camping. there is nothing you could do that would intensify my hate for camping even more than everything else already has.


6. I have flown in a plane a few times before.


7. I've never broken a bone. Yet.


8. I'm stuck in a town I don't want to be in. (I'm pretty sure it's steadily lowering my sanity level)


9. I am obsessed with music.


10. I am simply wonderfull at games.


11. I like team sports (especially NFL but we don't get that over here in Australia. We have to make do with one game a year and that's the Superbowl.)


12. I'm over six foot.


13. I have a bloody weird sense of humor.


14. I'm an asshole.


15. I really don't know 'what I am' eg: emo, geek, whatever if any thing I think I'd be punk. But I'm not hardcore or anything.


16. I am a Christian.


17. I love excessive amounts of coffee.


18. I do like extreme sports.


19. I am not obsessed with Star Wars however I do like it.


20. I play the piano (badly)


21. I wuld like to play the guitar and drums.


22. If I could live anywhere I would probably choose Queensland (which is also in Australia.) or Italy.


23. I used to ride my bike frequently but not any more.


24. I want to win a Darwin Award when I die.


Stargate just started so I'll stop boring you now...

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-I am a male

-I am 21

-I am 5'11"

-I am an American

-I am of English, Irish, Sweedish and French descent

-I am not proud of being an American, but I don't hate America or Americans

-I am a Musician. I play Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, French horn etc. I also play some piano and other percussion instruments.

-I am a college student

-I am a Senior

-I am a Music Education Major

-I am a Star Wars fan

-I am a Scifi fan


-I like to make music

-I like to listen to music

-I like to read

-I like to write music (sometimes)

-I like to hang about with friends

-I like to watch movies

-I like to play games (video, board games)

-I like to eat food

-I'd like to not be in debt

-I like Jazz music

-I like Classical music

-I like Romantic music

-I like Impressionistic music

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I am a Tuscarora Native American

I am 5 ft 11in

I have jet black hair and really dark brown eyes

I loves teh Kyla Cole

I love teh Dane Cook also

I play way to much Oblivion and CounterStrike

I am a Union Roofer

I am the awesomest Tuscarora Native here!

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I am a Christian.

I am a hardcore lover.

I am a big brother and a son.

I am a good friend to my friends :).

I am an Indian.

I am an artist.

I am a c and java programmer.

I am a computer engineering major at georgia tech.

I am a slight conservative leaning toward being a libertarian.

and soon I am going to be a citizen of the United States of America :).

I am a fan of Stargate (the movie), the original sw trilogy, good games like Red faction, Max Payne, and Chronotrigger and other things that triggers both the mind to analyze such art and your emotion.



oh also


I am a fan of lucasarts's new engine that combines Euphoria and DMM ;)

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I'm Yugoslavian, Greek, German, Turkish, and Polish.


I'm 17.


I'm 5' 9"...average height for my age, I think.


I have longish hair...sorta kinda.


I'm smarter than I look.


I've been playing guitar for 5 years.


I have the opportunity to be with a lot of girls, and I took advantage of that before, but I dont want that anymore, and theres only one gal I want.


I have two phones that I can use. A motorola and a blackberry.


I have beliefs that of Muslims, but I have no set religion, though I was raised Catholic.


I have eyes that apparently 90% of the girls I know like.


I wash dishes for a living, but I make pretty good money for it. I cant complain.


I am very skinny.


I really like to eat though.


I probably eat more than you.


I have recently become obsessed with Final Fantasy IX again.


I have a nice car.


I wish I could buy a skateboard for less than $100, cuz I wanna start skateboarding again.


This is all I can think off.

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I am taller than most people


I am thinner than most people


I am more diabetic than most people


I have been to Ireland more times than most people


I am more irish than most people


I have more patience than most people


I am more egotistical than most people :p


I play the drums


I play guitar


I play piano


I can do 1337 things on a computer, like spell leet in numbers


My attention for this post is already winding down.


Indiana Jones and Han Solo are my heroes.


I hate snakes, Jock, I hate 'em.

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I'm 17

I go to catholic school in Nebrska

I play alot of sports (lettered in all)

I drive a 1998 ford mustang cobra

I love to work on cars

I work out way to much

I'm 6'3

I'm 190Ib's

Obviously i like star wars alot

I have a g/f..pretty hot i might add, haha

I love watching football.. Nebraska Cornhuskers dominate all

I was born in Tuscon Arizona

I'm a senior

I make pretty good movies with my friends just for the fun of it

I get along with everyone mostly

I love watching superman, or smallville

I get good grades

I like goin to car shows

I didn't go to comiccon 06...darn

I always watch G4TV

Sorry to admit i watch laguna beach with friends...haha

I live in a college town

Favorite shirt company is hollister

I work at Red Lobster

I play golf

I play basketball

I play football

I throw shot put a discus in track

I live in Nebraska people so obviously i own a farm like 40 miles away from where i live

I have never smoked or drank

I'm eatting chicken wings right now

Favorite non starwars website is ebaymotors.com

Love sports center

Beaten all star wars games that matter(not any of the episode 1 games,fighting games,clone wars,obi wan,etc

I'm funny

Love Halo( who doesn't)

Have two cats

Have one dog

Just got into modding games

I confess i watch the disney channel

Am good at JA on xbox live, thanks to Open Arms 2's advice, thanks

Have a sweet myspace account

Still eatting chicken wings

I can dance

Can't sing..good

Like rap, and rock..even sounds better on subs

Born on new years

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I'm a Christian.


I have conservative republican political views.


I am a dachshund owner.


I wish I could get half as much praise by doing something productive as CapN gets just for being a jackass.


I like to mod games.


I got fairly famous for awhile by making a couple of models for JA.


I once helped make a 37:20 long amateur film by doing the visual effects and a bit of acting.


I've only been on one true family vacation out of my home state.


My friend's dad met George Lucas.


Love Halo( who doesn't)

I don't, but ironically I'm working on a halo mod for half-life 2.

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