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[FIN] Star Wars: Defiance


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Part 1: Wake Up

Rokar woke up. The heater humming, the communications relay was beeping, but something didn’t feel right. He slowly lifted his arm, searching for his blaster. He kept his eyes straight for the door, as his hand kept searching around his pillow. Then, all of a sudden, the door opened, and a blinding light blinded his eyes. He couldn’t see anything for a couple of seconds, and his hand still hadn’t found his blaster.


“What the….”

As Rokar’s eyes got used to the light, he saw a small droid standing in the door.


Rokar yawned, as he stepped out of bed. He quickly pulled on a brown leather jacket, and slowly turned around to find his blaster behind the bed.

“Beep! Beep! Boo-woo!”

“Yeah, yeah…coming…”

He hung the blaster in his belt, which also contained a small communicator, keys and a little golden tube. He turned around again, facing the droid now.

“What time is it?”



“Bwoop, Bweeeee”

“Yeah, yeah…I’ll follow…”

As the droid leads him through the hallway, he pulls his right hand through his little beard.

“So much for the famous shaving machines of the Rebellion…”

A door opened before them. The room was darker, and crammed full of monitors. A huge glass-like panel filled the centre, and a young women and man sat around it talking about the things shown on the panel. When they saw him, they lifted their hands, saying hello. Rokar just winked, and walked on, following the droid. Another door opened. The walls were made out of snow now. As the snow crunched under his feet, the droid started to beep again.

“Yes, what is it?”


“Yeah, yeah…the Eagle is ready for departure, why?”


“Right…I’ll just pretend I understood that.”

As they turned around a corner, another door appeared in front of them, guarded by two men this time. As the droid approaches them, they step aside, and open the door. As Rokar walkes through, he is blinded again. Not by light this time, but by the white-ness of the room. It’s completely white, and circle-like. A holo-emitter fills the empty space in the middle of the room. On the other side of the room, on one of the benches, sits a young man. His was blonde and is wearing a pilot-uniform. He looked up as Rokar entered the room. The droid rolled towards the man, who responded with a short “Thank you, R-2.”

Rokar went to sit right next to him, as the droid rolled away, for a new little mission.

“Rokar…how are you?”

“You wanted to see me?”

“That’s not what I asked.”

“Quit it, Luke. You need me to do another mission, aye?”

Luke Skywalker looked up, and sighed.

“Rokar, I’ve got a feeling this whole operation will end in a catastrophe. We shouldn’t have picked Hoth…

“Luke, it’s far away from any Imperial planet, what could possibly go wrong?”

“I don’t know…it’s just a feeling.”

“What do you want me to do then?”

Skywalker’s reputation as Jedi spread quickly amongst the people. With his ‘miracle’ shot at the Death Star, and his unbelievable piloting skills at the Nebula attack, no-one doubted Luke’s precognitions and feelings. It rescued the Rogue Squadron many times, and the Rebellion even more. The people gave Luke respect, since a Jedi’s senses are nvner wrong..

“I want you to investigate something for me, personally.”

Rokar scratched his head. Never had Luke asked him for a private mission. All the missions Rokar had accepted were about Bothan spies, special data, or a mixture of both.

“What do you have in mind, Skywalker?”


Rokar grinned.

“My name is Skyalker. But I can’t seem to find anything regarding my father and mother.”

“Well…if your father was a moisture farmer, it could take a long-“

“He was a Jedi.”

Rokar sighed, and pulled his hand through his beard again.

“Those guys aren’t that hard to find. They are all wanted by the Empire nowadays.”

“Again, you are right. Why can’t I find anything then?”

Rokar looked at Luke. It really seemed to bother him.

“Okay. What do you know about the people that raised you then?”

Luke looked a bit happier now. Rokar seemed willing to investigate the matter.

“They were simple moisture farmers. However, the father of the man who raised me was married to a Skywalker once, though.”

“Hmmm. So your father and mother were known to the people that raised you.”

“True. They never talked about it, though.”

“Why didn’t you ask?”

“They got killed before I could…”

Rokar stood up.

“I’m sorry for opening old wounds, Luke. I’ll start searching right away. I think that I should go to Tatooine first. Maybe they have some kind of birth-register there.”

Luke stood up too.

“After this, I;m going to see a friend…on Dagobah, to finish my training.”

“Good luck with that…”

“Thank you, Rokar.”

“I understand. You need something to fight for. I will do my best.”

They shook hands, and each left through a different door.

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Part 2: Sandstorm

As Rokar landed in Mos Eisley, he looked around.

“As desolate as ever…”

He grinned, and pressed the button for the landing gear to come out. As he landed, he saw some Stormtroopers guarding the exit out of the landing pad. “Strange. I’m not even flying a rebel vessel, but they are still suspecting, so it seems. He walked to the cargo compartment, opened up a small cage, and grabbed a little creature out of it. He then walked out through the cargo ramp, with the little creature in his hands.

“Hold it right there, citizen.”

“Oh! Hello! I was just-“

“Silence. Show some ID.”

Rokar gave the officer his pilot ID, and stood back.

The officer looked up.

“That’s okay. Now…let us search your cargo compartment please.”

It was time for Rokar to pull up an old trick. There was nothing in his cargo compartment, but his ID said something different. The load of food he picked up at Coruscant went straight to the Rebellion, while it should have went to Tatooine. He forgot.

“You don’t want to check it, yesm.”

He pulled up some old red-neck dialect, and started his show.

“We’ll make that decision our self, fool.”

“Have fun walking through Gizka poo then.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Your ID says it should be full of food!”

“Gizka’s are considered as luxurious food amongst the Jawas, sir.”

The officer sighed, unwilling to get his suit dirty.

Rokar quickly pulled the little Gizka out of his pocket, and held it in front of the man.

“You want a free sample? I can get you the reci-“

The officer backed out.

“No, thank you. You are free to go.”

He gave Rokar his ID back, and then marched out of the hangar.

After they left, Rokar laughed. The original cargo was full of bananas. He then walked out of the room, ready to search for clues.




Luke Skywalker ran through the main hangar of the base. His thoughts went towards Rokar, who had just left before the invasion. There was no way the Imperials didn’t see such a big vessel like Rokar’s. As he stepped into his Snowspeeder, he slowly mumbled “may the force be with you, Rokar” as he closed the cockpit. Rokar would need it, while being chased by the complete Imperial fleet. All the Snowspeeders launched. They raged across the desolate wasteland of Hoth, towards the frontline. What they saw wasn’t promising. Several dozens of huge walkers, destroying everything in their path. As Luke charged the first one, he slowly realised the awful truth:

They had to evacuate.

There was no way he could help Rokar now. Setteling on a new planet would take months. Months that Rokar didn’t have.

Luke called his team over the com. Maybe those tow cables could damage these monstrous machines…




Rokar entered the local cantina on Mos Eisley and went straight for the bar. He ordered a drink, gave the bartender a tip, and went to sit in a corner of the room. His long years of spying had taught him one thing: Never show them your back.

As he was checking the room, a young Twilek girl entered the room, and went straight for Rokar. She went to sit next to him.

“I don’t need you ‘company’ girl.”

“If you see what people are standing outside here, you will be.”

“What the hell are you talking ab-“

“There is no time. We have to leave. Now.”

As they slowly left the cantina, pretending to have reached an ‘agreement’ Rokar pulled the black hood of his shirt over his head. The girl looked at him.

“I was just about to ask. They might recognise you.”

“I know. I already suspected they’d follow me. A rebel arrest in the crowd is better for the morale then a sneaky capture.”

“Why are you telling me this? You can’t trust-“

“O, I can.”


“Because you are Contact Delta, aye?”

The girl was shocked by the discovery, as the walked on through the long hall of the cantina.

The door opened and a complete unit of Elite troopers was preparing to invade the cantina. Right when the two passed the group, they heard the commander speak.

“We are looking for a man with a beard. A brown-greyish beard.”

One of the Troopers turned around, scratched his head, turned around again.

“Ehrm. Sir, the man that just passed, he-“

“No jokes, TK104. Start the operation, men!”


After they were out of sight, Rokar whispered a short “Thanks” and walked towards the main registration building. The young Twilek looked at him, shocked as she started whispering.

“What the HELL are you doing! We have to leave…NOW!”

Rokar turned around.

“I’m on a mission, and I’d like to complete it.”

He walked into the building, leaving a shocked Twilek behind.

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Part 3: Believe Me

Luke head a huge headache. He looked at his left, and realised he was on the ground. He crashed his speeder! He quickly turned around, to his partner.

He was dead.

Luke looked up. One of the huge machines was approaching him. Luke quickly grabbed his lightsaber, gear, and rolled away, right before the huge feet hit the Snowspeeder.

Luke pulled himself together, stood up, and started running towards the machine that had just passed him. He launches his grappling hook, lifted himself up, and pulled his lightsaber out. He quickly slices a hole in the machine, and threw a grenade through. He then released the grappling hook. As he fell down in the snow, he saw the colossal machine collapsing.

He quickly thought of Rokar, who would be dead by now.

Luke felt miserable. He had sent a man into death.




Meanwhile, Rokar entered the data processing office. He walked to the desk, and rang the bell. An old little Toydarian flew towards him.

“What do you want, of worlder?”

“I’d like some data regarding one of my friends.”



“Hmmm. I recall that name. My uncle once told me about a kid named Skywalker.”

Rokar looked at the creature. He seemed to know more.

“Is there any data on that family?”

“Meh. Some slave contracts, some pod racing. Nothing special, really.”

“Can I have the data, then?”

The Toydarian looked at him. His eyes twinkled, as Rokar slowly pulled a bag out of his leather jacket. He opened it, pulled some credits out, and laid them down on the table.

“Yes…this will do…here you go.”

The Toydarian gave Rokar a little disc, and flew away quickly.

As Rokar walked away, he noticed a sign:


Information Retrieval!


Free use of the archive

No time pressure

Nice employees

Costs: 0 Credits


Rokar sighed. At least the last bit of the sign was right. He had to restrain himself to walk back and reclaim his credits. He opened the doors, and he could swear he heard a laugh from behind the desk.

He walked towards the Twilek, and started speeking.

“Now it’s time for your story. Why do you want me to leave this place?”

“Because the Empire is after you.”

“Okay, but I can just fly back to Hoth…”

“Echo base has been attacked. They are evacuating it right now.”


Rokar was shocked. Now that the Imperials were searching for both him and the Rebellion, there was no way he could return. Unless…

“Did they say were they would make their next base?”

“No. I lost contact right before I entered the cantina.”


They entered the hangar, using Rokar’s pilot ID. Rokar suddenly turned around.

“That means you need to find them too, aye?”

“Indeed. If they find Echo base, all our codes and contacts will be in hands of the Empire.”

“Wouldn’t the technicians simply delete them?”

“Yes. But since they have to leave the computers behind, it’s only a matter of time before the Imperial slicers get to it.”

He looked at the Double bollocks girl, or ‘codename Delta.’

“Well..my mission is to retrieve data about Skywalker’s past.”

“I’ll help you, then…my skills might come in handy.”

“I guess…welcome aboard the Utopian Eagle then!”




Luke was plotting a course in his targeting computer. R2 started beeping, since it were strange coordinates. He quickly thought of the strange vision he had had. If it even was a vision…

He had seen Ben standing in the snow, claiming he should go to some kind of planet.

Now that he was plotting it, it seemed even stranger then it sounded back then. He sat back for a minute. He suddenly sensed something. He thought he had sensed a glimpse of a familiar face, but he wasn’t alone.

“Rokar…thank the Force..”

He smiled as he entered the rest of the code.

“Dogabah, here I come…”




Rokar fired up the engines while the Twilek girl sat next to him. He looked at her.

“What’s your ‘real’ name, by the way? I know your Codename Delta…”

The girl laughed.

“It’s Nykee. I’ve been here for several months now, monitoring Imperial activity.”

“I know. I’ve read your dossier before I came here. It didn’t mention a name though.”

“Of course…then you must be Rokar Numden, the ‘famous’ agent?”

“Aye…that would be me.”

“I’ve heared a lot about you. You also had something to do with the Death Star run, didn’t you?”

“Yep. I was one of the Y-Wing pilots that day. To bad I didn’t get to fly my trench run. Skywalker had destroyed it already…”

They smiled, as they slowly soared through the Tatooine air. The suns were slowly setting, as the flew over the Dune seas, flying towards space.





They didn’t know that someone below them had noticed their flight too. A figure in black costume stood atop of a dune, looking at the Corellian ship that flew by. He was boiling with rage. Not only did a rebel ship escape, he sensed there were important people aboard. One of them, however, seemed to be strong in the Force. A mechanical breath flew across the Dune Sea, as the man thought about his mission. He had to find the pilot that blew up the Death Star. The man in the Corellian ship could be him. He turned around, and walked up the cargo ramp. As he turned on the com, a message came in:

“Milord, what are your orders?”

“Follow that ship.”

“Roger, Lord Vader.”

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Part 4: Don’t Panic

Han Solo was plotting a course for Bespin. He had just escaped the Imperial fleet hiding himself in a garbage dump. He was thinking of Luke. The boy was very dear to him, ever since that day in Mos Eisley. And he had no idea that Luke was doing now.

“He could even be dead..” He silently thought.

“No…he’s always lucky. He’s still alive.” He said.

A women in the back seat turned around.

“Did you say something, Han?”

“No…it’s nothing…”

“You are worried about Luke, aren’t you?”

Han sighed. Since Chewbacca and the droids had left for the main hold, he and Leia hadn’t spoken. And now she expected him to talk…about his worries, fears, and more.

“What’s bothering you, Han?”

“That we still haven’t heard from Luke, and the fact that we are flying towards Bespin.”

“Ehrm. You said Lando was a friend of yours.”

“Hehe. You shouldn’t take everything is say literally, princess.”

“I know…”

She remembered the day that he left, with some big crates of money. He had saved her, together with an Ben and Luke. She expected him to stay and fight. But he left.

But when they were about to lose at the Death Star, he was there. He destroyed several ships, and gave Luke the space to shoot.

And Lucky Luke wasn’t Lucky Luke if it had missed.

She sighed. There was so much about this ‘smuggler’ she didn’t know. He came from Corellia alright. And had some contacts with the Wookies. That was about it.

“How far is it?”

“Bespin is only a few days away.”




Rokar was trying to plot a course. He suddenly realised he didn’t have a destination to put in.

He sighed, and walked to the main room, where Nykee was studying some datapads.

He walked up to her, and looked at the datapads. There were some codes on it.



“I have no clues whatsoever. Is there anyplace you want to go?”

“What planets does your data mention?”

“Naboo and Coruscant.”

“Corsucant is out of the question. To well guarded”

“Naboo it is, then.”

He was amazed by the logics in her answer. It was obvious that she had done things like this before, making decisions under pressure.

He walked back to the cockpit, and started plotting a course for Naboo.

He suddenly felt sorry for the Rebels. He always loved to fight by their side in battle. His story was the same as Solo’s, realy. When he was first contacted by Wedge, back when he was a mercenary, he thought it was a joke. Rebellion? Against the Empire? He laughed at Wedge, as he walked out of the cantina were they’d met.

Two days later, an imperial convoy was destroyed. In an attempt to save their faces, the Imperials blamed it on some ‘rogues’ and ‘pirates.’ But Rokar knew better. He searched out Wedge again, and became a rebel. He even received pay checks for his mercenary work.

He sighed. He had never expected the Rebellion to be this well-organised. They had everything: Space Fighters, Bombers, Speeders, weapons, agents.

He sighed another time. And they had Skywalker. A Jedi! Now the odds were even. The Imperials had Lord Vader, the Rebellion had Luke Skywalker.

He programmed the auto-pilot, and went to sleep in his chair, unaware of the dangers ahead.




Naboo had lost all of it’s former glory. Instead of forests and waterfalls, huge factory’s and smog filled the landscape. It rained. The planet was damaged by the years of pollution and destruction. As the Utopian Eagle soared across the muddy plains, Rokar saw a city at the horizon. “Theed…” he thought, and he called Nykee.

She entered the cockpit, and sat down at the co-pilot’s chair. She looked outside the window, with glazing eyes.

“Is something wrong, Nykee?”

“No…it’s just…this planet has been mutilated so heavily. I can feel it’s scars….”

“Yeah…it used to be real pretty before the Clone Wars, they say.”


They flew on, and asked permission to land. When the Imperial commander asked for their signature, Rokar lied. Nykee was shocked:

“But…if they find out…”

“They won’t. Trust me on this one.”

After a few minutes, the com suddenly beeped. A young man with dark hair appeared on the screen.

“Hey! Rokar! Long time no see, aye?”

“Exactly, Bif. It’s nice to see you’re still doing well!”

“Yeah. The Imperials seem to keep out of this place, after what they have done to the landscape.”

“We just saw it…it’s terrible.”

“Not half as terrible as what they did to the graves and churches here in Theed.”

“What did they do?”

“They…they replaced them with statues of the Emperor, like they wanted to erase the old Republic completely. It’s a scar upon Naboo’s face, I tell you.”

“Must be one hell of a creepy place, with all those statues of that freak-show around.”


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Part 5: Private Investigation

Luke was plotting a course for Bespin. The sweat was dripping from his forehead. What he had seen in that vision…his friends….

He was a Jedi now, he told himself. He was trained by Yoda the past couple of weeks, and he became a whole lot stronger. But strong enough to beet his most feared opponent?

“You can do it Luke…you must” He told himself. R2 was beeping loud behind him.

“I know, I know…”

He checked his gear. Lightsaber, blaster, everything was there. He pushed the Hyperspace button, as he started seating even more.




Rokar and Nykee walked out the cargo ramp. In front of them stood the man from the com channel, Lieutenant Bif Maerslander. He walked straight towards them, and shook Rokar’s hand, with a smile upon his face.

“Rokar…it’s so nice to have you back!”

“Hehe..it’s nice to see you too, Bif…”

“Ahh…and you might be?”


They walked out of the landing pad, heading towards the main palace. Suddenly, Rokar remembered his mission.

“Can I ask you something, Bif?”

“Go ahead…”

“I need to know something about a family called ‘Skywalker.’ They seem to have ties to Naboo.”

“Hmpf…I’ll get you access to the Royal Data Archives.”


“Yeah. When you said that name, I remembered something: A jedi with that name accompanied a Nabooian queen once. You might find something in her logs.”

“Logs? For how long have they been closed then?”

“Ever since the Empire was created….”

Rokar sighed: “By the way, could you lend me some Dylithium dioxide?”

“You hyperdrive still needs that crap??”


“Okay…let’s see…will ten barrels do?”

“Thanks Bif!”

“Everything for an old friend….”

They walked on, up to the palace. They walked across the stairs and entered Bif’s private quarters. Bif sat down behind a communications relay, and asked permission to enter the archive. After much codes, identity checks and more, they finally got permission.

Bif turned around.

“Why do you need this information, actually?”

“A friend on mine asked me to find out…”

He didn’t forget the fact that Bif was an imperial officer. Telling the truth about Luke would get him into huge problems.

“What friend?”

“An old guy from Tatooine…this was his dying wish…”

“Okay. Just checking…”

Rokar and Nykee followed Bif, as he brought them to a lift.

“The archives are in the basement. We will bring you up in…3 hours. Good luck.”

“They entered the lift, as Bif entered a code on the other side.

The lift started moving, faster and faster. After a few seconds, it suddenly stopped. The doors pulled open and Rokar stepped out. He was surrounded by huge shelves crammed full of datapads.

He turned around. Nykee was standing there, amazed by the scale of the complex.

“Where should we start searching, Rokar…this place is huge…”

“Let’s go for the ‘S’ of Skywalker…”

As they walked to the appropriate section, Rokar’s eye fell on a little shrine, with a big concrete block in it. Atop of it was a datapad.. He picked it up, and wondered why people would lay it down in such a strange place. As his eyes read the lines, his skin turned pale:


Here lies Padme Skywalker-Naberrie





Nykee quickly ran towards Rokar. She saw him turn pale.

“Rokar! What’s wrong!”

“Th..this is the grave of Luke’s mother…”

“What the…no way…”

“She…was a queen…”

“What are you saying?!”

“One of the Rebellion’s leaders, the one that blew up the Death Star, is of Royal blood!”

The two sat down on the stone floor, thinking. Rokar was amazed. It was unbelievable Skywalker had royal blood in his veins. The farm boy that joined the Rebellion a while back certainly didn’t look like a king. He looked at the tomb. Again, he was shocked.

There was something written on the side of the tomb, in a strange language. His finger rubbed the dust of, as he tried to find out what kind of language it was. Nykee stood up:

“That’s Gungan, you know…

“Are you serious? They haven’t been seen for a long time around these parts…wait…that must mean this message is really old…”

“How can that be?!”

“I think we need to find out…fast…”

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Part 6: Mother

Nykee shuddered.

“This doesn’t comfort me at all…this text is from before the cleansing.”

Rokar shuddered. The cleansing was a secret operation from the Empire to slowly dispose of all resistance. It included a bounty on Jedi, Rebels and many more. It also included an extermination program for the Gungan population. On a Monday morning, five years after the battle of Coruscant, the Imperials marched into Otto Gungah, and killed everything. Women, children, everything. The horrible event was one of reasons people asking questions. Questions that were rewarded with immediate execution. Nykee had translated the text, and started reading it up load:

“For all that read this. The women in here was the best friend I ever had, until she was murdered by a Jedi. Please, take revenge for me! Jar-Jar Binks….Mustafar”



“This text was carved out with….nails….”

“What…that do you mean?”


Rokar rubbed even more dust of, and the tomb started to show clear marks of nails on it.

“This guy…he died for writing this…”

“Why would he do such a thing, Rokar?”

“I don’t know…but that word at the end is a hint…”

“What’s a ‘mustafar?’

“It’s a desolate star system…what would a queen be doing out there?”

“I don’t know. But I have another idea. Let’s go to the ‘N’ section and search for Naberrie.”

“Good idea…”

The two walked onto the ‘N’ section. A little panel on the side of the shelf provided a search program. As Nykee typed in Naberrie, several datapads started glowing. Rokar collected them, and putted them down on a table close to the shelf. He sat down, and Nykee went to sit next to him too.

“Nykee, we need somekind of information regarding a jedi, and a star system called ‘Mustafar.’ That’s what we’re looking for.”

The searched through the pile of datapads. After 10 minutes they still hadn’t find nothing. But suddenly, Rokar pulled a little datapad out of the pile.

“Hey, Nykee! This one even includes camera footage!”

What they saw darkened their hart though. A beautiful was being buried. Surrounding the grave were hundreds, if not thousands, of people. The sky was black, as sad music was played. Rokar saw something.

“Stop the footage!”

He looked closely of the picture of the women. And he saw he was right.

“She is holding a special kind of necklace!”

“Yeah? So?”

“From a material that only exists on Tatooine!”

“Wait a minute…that would mean…”

“Supposing the necklace belonged to her husband..”

“That her husband was a Jedi from Tatooine!”

“But she was killed by a Jedi too….strange…”

“Let’s search for ‘Jedi’ in her personal log then. I believe you found that a while ago?”

Nykee typed in ‘Jedi’ and to her surprise, there were multiple entries including the word.

Rokar pulled up his shoulders.

“Let’s see the first entry, then.”

Nykee selected it, and they started reading the text:


June, 23

The two Republic representatives have saved us from the Trade Federation. What a luck they were trained Jedi! We have claimed a ship from the Royal Hangar, and are now on our way to Coruscant. I hope nothing goes wrong though…


Rokar sighed.

“That didn’t give much info….”

“Let’s select another entry then…”


May 11

Anakin came by…he told me the Jedi had attacked the Supreme Chancellor in their quest for power. But I thought the Jedi swore to protect the Republic? He said all of our problems would be gone forever, but I didn’t feel that way. He said he needed to do one more thing…something at Mustafar.


Rokar looked up.

“This seems to be the right entry. The name Mustafar….”

They continued reading.


This afternoon, Obi-Wan came by too. He told me Anakin has turned to the Dark side. I couldn’t believe him. He also told me he needed to find Anakin. But if it’s true what Anakin told me, I shouldn’t trust Obi-Wan….i’m going for a shuttle. I will talk with Ani.


Rokar sighed again.

“At least we have two names now: Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker.”

“And we know Obi-Wan is after Anakin. Could Obi-Wan be Padme’s killer?”

“No. Obi-Wan is a kind old man. He trained Luke, you know.”

“Did he teach Luke how to make such a nice lasersword?”

“It’s called a light - wait a minute…no way.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Luke once told me the saber belonged to his father. He got it from Obi-Wan. So that must mean Obi-Wan took it from Luke’s father.”

“Why would he do that?”

“If Luke’s father had died…I can imagine…”

“But this entry doesn’t say anything about Anakin dying. Nor does this extra entry.”

“Extra entry?”

“Yeah…read it…”


Hello there…


This is Obi-Wan Kenobi. Senator Padme Naberrie has died at the hands of a Sith Lord. A Sith Lord I nearly killed. I couldn’t do it though. I was to weak…

This beautiful women died for love. Love for her husband. I swear, even if it’s the last thing I’ll do, her son WILL be a Jedi. He WILL complete what his father has started.


Lord Vader, your days…are numbered.


“You are right Nykee…this doesn’t say anything. For what I can conclude, Padme got killed by a Sith Lord, but died out of love. Maybe she wanted to protect her husband.”

“Why isn’t Anakin’s name in this entry then?”

“That’s strange, yes…”


Rokars suddenly yelled.




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Part 7: Predictable

“When…when I was fighting with the Rebellion on Nebula 7, a guy once told me about Darth Vader….”

Rokar was breathing heavily. Nykee replied:

“What…did they say about him?”

“He…hasn’t been this mechanical monster since his birth. A guy said Vader was a Jedi once, but betrayed their completer order.”

“That means…”

“Anakin claimed the Jedi were trying to kill the Emperor…”

“But what…if the Emperor was trying to kill the Jedi?”

“That means…that….Anakin Skywalker…is the betrayer. The Sith Lord that got mortally wounded a Mustafar. The man we know as Darth Vader.”

Nykee turned pale. The leader of the Rebellion…the one that had done so much heroic deeds…was the son of a Sith lord. A Sith lord that had killed his own wife…”

“Rokar…we…can’t tell him.”

“We must…we have no choice.”

“It will break his heart!”


From their position, they could hear the Library doors open. Shortly followed by a mechanical breathing. A very familiar breathing. Rokar started sweating, and turned even more pale.

“Nykee…that’s Vader…he’s after us.” He whispered.

“What’s your plan?”

“Ehrm…seen the circumstances…I suggest we have to get the hell out of hear, make for a ship, trace the Rebellion and last but not least: Avoid being followed.”


“Just follow me.”




Darth Vader could smell the fear of the two rebels. He walked straight for the ‘N’ section, where he felt them. As he walked towards the table next to the ‘n’ shelf, he saw the datapads littering the table. There wasn’t a sign of the two rebels though.

“Hey, iron pants! Over here!”

Vader instantly activated his lightsaber. He rushed towards the sound. When he turned around the corner of the ‘O’ section, he saw a Twilek girl staring at him, with a blaster aimed for his chest. Darh Vader started laughing.

“Did you really think you could trust Bif? You are even more foolish then you look like.”

“One move, and I’ll shoot.”

“Do you realy think a pathetic person like you can be a match for the powers of the Force?”

“I can always try, metalhead!”

“How rude…”

The girl fired, as Darth Vader deflected it with his lightsaber. He pulled the gun out of her hand using the Force, and started choking her with another Force technique.

“It’s nice how you sacrificed yourself for your little friend, but he won’t get past the troopers guarding the lift, you scum.”

“We’ll see about that, Anakin….”




Rokar heard Nykee saying that. He couldn’t believe she was trying to save him. There was no way he could make it out of hear alive. A little voice within him told him otherwise, though. As he was sneaking towards the exit, he slowly looked around the corner. Three Red cloaked guys were guarding the lift. Rokar hadn’t seen them before, but he didn’t doubt about their intensions. He slowly grabbed a Thermal Detonator of his belt. He wrapped it in a little bag he grabbed out of his pocket. He sighed. This was it. He slowly rolled the detonator around the corner. He heard the soldiers giving each other commands. He slowly turned around the corner. He saw two soldiers looking at him from above the little bag. With his utmost concentration, he aimed his blaster at the bag. He fired, and jumped around the corner again. A huge explosion followed, as the three red bodies were blasted through the room. He turned around the corner, and rushed for the lift. A tear rolled across his face, as he enter it.

“Thank you, Nykee…”


When Rokar ran through the city, he was thinking of Luke.

“How the hell am I supposed to tell him?”

He entered the hangar. It wasn’t guarded at all. He hadn’t seen a single Stormtrooper in the complete city since he had left the lift.

“Probably a trap, but I have to try…”

He opened the cargo ramp, and rushed inside. He fired up the engine, and scanned his ship for spy devices and errors. When he was done, he saw a tall figure entering the hangar. It was Lord Darth Vader.

Rokar turned pale again. Although the engines were ready, he was frozen. As the tall figure rushed towards the ship, rokar woke up. He quickly pulled the after thrusters button, and the Utopian Eagle started flying.

“Phew…thank god…”

He made his way for space, while avoiding the laser cannons of the Naboo defence line.

“How can I possibly yell Luke…how can I possibly…”

Another tear rolled across his face. He had just found out the terrible truth about Luke. He still couldn’t believe it. But when Darth Vader showed up, he was sure of it. His stance, his pain. The tall man was Luke’s father.

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Part 8: Imagine

Rokar was speeding through Hyperspace, when he suddenly heard the Hyperdrive stop humming. In front of him appeared his worse nightmare: The Executor, flanked by several Disruptor Cruisers. Behind it, several ‘normal’ Star Destroyers of the Victory class were slowly turning towards Rokar.

“Oh bugger….”

“This is Corporal M’iss of the Scorpion. Prepare to be pulled aboard.”

“Big bugger…”

As the Utopian Eagle was slowly pulled aboard, Rokar was thinking in top drive.

“How could they possibly know I’m here! This is impossible!”

The Utopian Eagle was dragged into a hangar, where several troopers started surrounding the vessel. To make matters worse, an all to familiar man followed them. It was Bif Maerslander.

Bif started ordering commands, when all of a sudden, the hangar door opened. Surrounded by his black cape, Lord Darth Vader stepped into the hangar, filling it with a tremendous fear.

Vader walked slowly towards Bif, as Bif kneeled down.

“We have captured the Eagle, Lord Vader.”

“You have done well. You shall be rewarded.”

“Thank you, Lord Vader.”

Bif walked away, as Vader pulled his lightsaber from his belt.

“Rebel! Surrender, or suffer the consequences. Lower your cargo ramp, and step out. Now.”

Rokar sighed. This was it. He slowly pushed the button of the cargo ramp, and made his way for it. As he stepped out into the light, he heard the sound of several dozens of blasters being readied. As he walked towards Lord Vader, he smiled.

“You really do me to much honour.”

Darth Vader reached out his hand, and grabbed Rokar by the neck. Rokar felt as if he was dying. He was lifted high above the ground, as a tremendous force was pushing at his throat.

Darth Vader released him.

“Quit the jokes, Rebel scum.”

“Always a pleasure…*couch* damn this hurts….”

Darth Vader’s other hand still held his lightsaber in it. As he ignited it, Rokar’s face turned pale.

“Erhm…I get your point.”

Vader deactivated the saber again, somewhat pleased by the fear of the Rebel.

“Now tell me…what were you doing in the Royal Archives?”

“I…I was doing research for a friend…”

“What friend?”

Vader stepped closer towards Rokar, who was still on the ground.




“You can ask your ‘friend’ Nykee about that. She’s a good agent, you know.”


“No. From the moment the we got the Rebel codes, we sent the info to her. She then adopted the identity of codename Delta. You bypassing the Stormtroopers? Planned. You entering Naboo without harm? Planned. You here? Planned.”


Rokar fainted. There were too much emotions raging through his body. This whole mission, was a trap of the Empire. And it was working. Several hours later, he woke up in a holding cell. As he stood up, the door opened. It was Darth Vader.

“I sensed you were awake.”


“Good. The sedatives are working. Which brings me to my first question: Where is Luke Skywalker?”

“Don’t know…”

Darth Vader bashed him in the face, and Rokar fell back. He was lifted by some Stormtroopers again. The kept holding him now.

“You don’t know. Amusing.”

“I really don’t know. I haven’t seen him since Hoth!”

“What did he tell you then?”

Rokar woke up. Adrenaline was raging through his body. Luke had told him he was planning on leaving for Dagobah. Darth Vader laughed.

“Hahaha. Your feelings betray you, old one. I expected Yoda would do something like this.”

Darth Vader stood still. For a few seconds, the mechanical breathing was the only sound in the room. Darth Vader made a gesture.

“I know where he is going. The place where his friends are going, that is. To bad I will be there before them.”


Adrenaline was keeping Rokar going. Darth Vader turned around, walking away.

“You are his FATHER! Why do you want to kill him!”

Darth Vader turned around.

“Luke has no father. That man died on Mustafar.”

“Yeah, blame it on Mustafar! I don’t know what happened there, but it must have turned you insane! You ARE Anakin Skywalker.”

“That name has NO meaning to me anymore!”

Instead of punishing him, Darth Vader was arguing with Rokar now. Rokar felt like he had released something of his rage when Rokar started mentioning the name Anakin.

“I don’t know what kind of mental problems you have, but you ARE his father!”


“No I don’t. Nor would I lie about you killing your wife,Padme, several thousands of people, Jedi and more!”

Darth Vader ignited his lightsaber.

“There is no redemption for me. Not anymore.”

And all of a sudden, he slashed at Rokar, creating a huge gash at his chest. Rokar fell down, writhing in pain.

“That’s for defying me. This is for…”

He started choking Rokar using the Force.

“mentioning my wife’s name.”

Rokar started to see starts. All sound around him faded. And then, there was nothing.

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Part 9: Last Resort

Han sat down. Darth Vader had just pulled his blaster out of his hand, and ordered him, Leia and Chewbacca to sit down. They did, as the Dark Lord started talking.

“Well, well. If it isn’t General Solo and princess Leia. What brings you here?”

Han looked at the fearsome Jedi.

“Your cruisers blasted my ship into oblivion, so we needed some repairs.”

“Funny as always.”

Darth Vader stood up.

“The reason I am here doesn’t involve you. You are just pawns. Although I might actually find use of some of you….”

Chewbacca growled. He stood up, and ran towards Vader, who did nothing. Just before the Wookie was about him, he pulled out his hand. Chewbacca fell down to the floor instantly.

Darth Vader laughed, as Han was staring at him with open eyes.

“A little trick…to bad he sealed your doom this way, mister Solo.”

“Wha…what do you mean?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Leia, shuddering, asked:

“Who betrayed us? Just give us the pleasure of knowing. We know you prepared this trap, and Lando didn’t know about our arrival.”

Darth Vader laughed again.

“You are correct. I ‘persuaded’ a rebel agent into telling me some secrets.”


“Rokar Numden, princess. Think about that in your holding cell.”

Vader made a gesture, and the Stormtroopers walked into the room, taking Han, Leia and the unconscious Chewbacca away.




“He’s awake, captain.”

Rokar slowly opened his eyes. But what he saw didn’t please him. Imperial doctors were leaning above him, observing his moves.


“You are in the medbay of the Star Destroyer named Scorpion, Rokar.”

“Bif….i swear, even if it’s the last thing I’ll do, I WILL kill you!”

“Not yet, ‘friend.’ Not yet….”

Rokar realised he couldn’t move his body.

“Sedatives…in case you became angry. Farewell, Rokar.”

He made a gesture and , while walking away, he said:

“Take him to Vjunn. He will learn what pain is there.”

Suddenly, Rokar rolled of the bed. One of the doctors tried to lift Rokar, but Rokar turned around, grabbed the man’s chin, and broke his neck. All the doctors quickly ran away. Only Bif was left in the room, frozen by fear, right in front of the door.

“R- Rokar, come to your senses!”

“Those senses tell me to kill you….”

Rokar walked towards Bif, very slowly.

“Th-The Empire can pay you! Even more then those damn Rebels!”

“This is about honour. Not about money.”

“But the credits, they-

All of a sudden, Rokar felled a streaming pain in his spine. One of the doctors had injected the sedative in his spine. Rokar quickly turned around, and knocked him out. Bif was laughing.

“There’s no way you can get away! The sedative will start working in a few minutes!”

“A few minutes is all I need….”

Rokar ran passes the frozen Bif, aiming for the hangars. “Ever since the Clone Wars, medbays are close to the hangars…” He instantly recalled a Bothan map viewing a Star Destroyer.

As the hangar doors opened, several dozens of Stormtroopers looked back at him, and started shooting. But Rokar was already halfway the hangar, near the Utopian Eagle. As he rushed aboard, he felt the sedative taking control. He launched his ship, and flew away. He then heard someone shouting from behind him. With a familiar voice.

“Stand up, Rokar.”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, Nykee.”

“Then I’ll force you.”

She shot at the control panel in front of Rokar.


She pushed the blaster at Rokar’s back, while pushing him forward.

“Any last wishes?”

Rokar suddenly got an idea.

“Yeah. Please go to the cargo hold….”

He didn’t know what was going on, but he felt that the ship was being pulled aboard the Scorpion again. He also felt he needed to do one more thing…




Captain Bif Maerlander arrived at the bridge of the Scorpion. At his right, a young recruit was pulling the Utopian Eagle in. Bif made a gesture, and an officer joined him.

“I want the pilot of that ship dead, major. Is that clear?”

“I’ll take the platoon, Sir. We’ll be ready when it lands.”

“Good…very good…”

“Should I contact the other destroyers too, Sir?”

“Yes, please. Tell them to fly in close formation. Don’t let the Utopian Eagle escape!”

With a smile on his face, he looked over the Imperial fleet. The best of the Imperial fleet were there. The Death’s Head, The Leviathan, everyone. All except the Executor, that went to Bespin for some reason.

“Stupid Jedi….”

Bif smiled as he thought of the suffering Rokar was about to encounter.




Rokar sat down on his knees. Nykee held the blaster aimed for his head.

“Well Rokar. This is the end.”


“I suppose you are afraid.”


“The sedatives make you even more annoying…any last words?”


He looked up, with a maniacal smile upon his face:

“See you in hell, Imperial!”

In one fluent move, he grabbed Nykee’s blaster out of her hand and knocked her down. He then shot at the cargo control panel. It short-circuited, and the safety doors opened. Ten barrels filled with the most instable material of the Universe were now floating between him and the Scorpion. He smiled, and pulled the trigger.


1 week later

Luke looked at his new mechanical hand. He was still amazed by the technology.

A droid rolled in his chamber, brining the latest news. The datapad entry started with:

“Imperial Fleet suffers bizarre accident”

Luke force pulled it out of the little droid’s hand, and started reading. As he was swapping through the pages, he suddenly saw something on one of included holo-images: The name plate of the Utopian Eagle. Luke dropped the datapad.

“Rokar…what have you done…why…”

But he suddenly started smiling. And levitated the datapad back to the droid.

“Thank you. For trying to turn my father. I can feel his conflict.”

He stood up and opened the door. He then made his way for Admiral Ackbar’s hut. He opened it, as the Mon Calimari was staring at him.

“I have a request Admiral.”

“That would be?”

“A hero’s funeral. For an old friend.”



The Imperial fleet never really recovered from the attack. Several ships were heavily damaged. But it didn’t compare to the damage on the Scorpion. It was completely destroyed, including it’s Elite-commando team. The team was about to be stationed at ‘some kind’ of shield generator on the forest moon of Endor. The ships damaged couldn’t participate at the battle of Endor either. The events that day had a huge impact later on. The Imperial fleet was weakened by it. Later, Imperials declared that the absence of the best Imperial Star Destoyers was the main reason of their loss at the aformentioned Endor. Also, the Emperor was forced to use another Elite team to station at the moon of Endor, which led to the demise of the shield generator caused by Han Solo and his strike team.

All the people aboard the Scorpion were killed, including an, according to the Empire, very talented young captain. No word was spoken about the Rebellion, Rokar or Bif’s incompetence. The destruction was blamed on a drifting asteroid.


Thanks for reading!

The End

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