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[FIN] Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Heroes

Jason Skywalker

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Chapter I

New Beginnings, New Enemies.

Jaden woke up in his room. He put his tan Jedi clothes on, and picked up his lightsaber. He got out of his room and found Rosh. He then greeted him. Rosh replied with a friendly smile. Jaden wandered a little while in the halls of the Massassi Temple, until he found Kyle, Jan ,Han and Chewbacca working on the Millenium Falcon.


“Hi Kyle. Were are we going?” asked Jaden.


“We’re going to the old planet of Geonosis. There seems to be many activity there.” answered Kyle.


“Just five more minutes, and it will be ready to go.” said Jan.


Jaden then went to Master Skywalker’s chambers. There he found Luke.


“Hello Jaden. You have sensed it too haven’t you?” asked Luke.


“Yes. There is a new Dark Side energy.” answered Jaden.


“I have sensed that energy on Geonosis, and that’s why I’m sending you, Kyle, Jan and Rosh there. You shall go in the

Millenium Falcon. And Jaden, be careful with the darkside.” said Luke.


Jaden nodded, and got out. He went back the garage, and the Falcon was ready. Han told him to get in.C-3PO and R2 were also there.When they were all inside, Han fired up the engines, and they left Yavin. He set a course for Geonosis, and they jumped into Hyperspace.




Meanwhile ,in Geonosis, a armoured person was walking. His face was covered by a hood, and he had a cape. It was Kayn. Suddenly, a Kel Dor with a lightsaber appears.


“Master, the Jedi is coming to Geonosis.” said the Kel Dor.


“Good Cyrus. You are dismissed” said Kayn.




Meanwhile in the Falcon, Jaden was talking to Rosh.


“Hi Rosh, how are you feeling?” asked Jaden.


“I’m okay Jaden, you worry too much. I got my arm cut off, but now i have a new one. No biggie.” Answered Rosh.


“Alright, but be careful.” Said Jaden.


Suddenly, Kyle came in and told them they had arrived in Geonosis.


Kyle, Han, Rosh and Jaden got out. The planet was practically deserted. Some ship wreck there and some droid wreck here, but nothing else.


“I have a bad feeling about this.” Said Kyle and Han simultaneously.


They walked a little until they found two Reborns with a squadron of five Storm Troopers. Han shot two in the head, and Kyle fried the remaining with a bolt of Force Lightning. Rosh threw one of his lightsabers at one of the Reborns, and it cut his hand off. Rosh then ,with his lightsabers, slew the Reborn with a Medium Kata Attack. Meanwhile, the other Reborn and Jaden were duelling, until he started Force Gripping Jaden. Jaden then countered by throwing his lightsaber at the Reborn’s throat, cutting his head off. They then found a base, hidden in the rocky mountains. After entering it, they saw the welcoming party. 5 Reborns, ready to battle with double-bladed sabers.

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Chapter II

The New Trade Federation


Jaden, Rosh and Kyle all turned on their lightsabers .Han quickly got his DL-44 Blaster Pistol, and started shooting, but the Reborns blocked with their staffsabers.


“Okay, you’re alone now guys.” Said Han, realizing he would only slow them down.


Rosh was the first to strike. He quickly speeded himself with the force, and swung both of his yellow lightsabers, but the Reborn parried, Force Pushed Rosh. Kyle engaged duel with another one, most of the time in saberlocks. He then found a weakness in the Reborn’s defense. He engaged in another saberlock, and swung at the Reborn’s leg. The Reborn screamed in pain, and then Kyle plunged his blue lightsaber in the Reborn, killing him. Jaden then fought against the Reborn that knocked out Rosh, because he was about to kill him. Jaden threw his lightsaber at the Reborn, cutting his hand, and then almost frying him with Force Lightning. There were three more left, and Rosh was knocked out. Suddenly, a grenade was thrown, and the Reborns died. It was Han.


“Thanks a lot Han.” Said Kyle.


They then healed Rosh with the Force, and woke up. Then, they continued their path. Walking through many hallways, they noticed every Reborn they found didn’t attack them. It seemed almost as if they were ordered to do it.




Meanwhile, Kayn and Cyrus were talking to some Geonosians. They were part of the New Trade Federation.


“So, if you join us, we will supply you with an army of Droids!” said one of the Geonosians.

“Hmm, interesting indeed. But what’s in it for you, Uriel?” asked Kayn.


Uriel started to feel nervous. He planned on using the Droids to kill the remaining Sith, and then dominate the Galaxy.


“I was thinking of a partnership, you kill the Jedi and I kill the important figures of planets like Corusant and Corellia.” Said Uriel, sweating of fear.

“You are scared.” pointed Cyrus. Uriel started to be more scared.

“It does not matter apprentice. I accept.” Said Kayn.


Kayn and Uriel shook hands as the other Geonosians and some Reborns clapped hands. But Cyrus still knew Uriel was up to something.




“This is strange. No Reborn is attacking us.” Pointed Rosh. It was very strange indeed.

“I have a bad feeling about this.” Said Kyle.


They continued walking, until they found a door. It was all dark.


“Sounds like a maze.” Said Jaden.


And unfortunately, it was. They spent some pretty long 20 minutes to locate the exit. After the left the maze, surprisingly, they were at the starting point. They went to the Millennium Falcon.


“So, what you got?” asked Jan.

“Unfortunately, nothing.” Answered Kyle.


Then, they all heard some noises. Blaster shots. And it were lots of them. They all went outside, and saw MILLIONS of Droids.


“Droids?” said Han, surprised “These type of droids don’t exist like 50 years ago!”

“Apparently they do now.” said Kyle.


R2 started beeping, and 3PO translated.


“We have already seen this type of droids. They were part of the Trade Federation.”

“Well, now they’re back.” Said Jan.




Meanwhile in the academy, someone knocked into Luke’s room.


“Come in.” he said. He looked at the person. “So it’s you. Welcome to the Jedi Academy. You will be assigned to Master Katarn when he comes back. And your name is?” asked Luke.

“Kyra. Kyra Zerp.” Said Kyra.

“Very well Kyra. While Kyle is gone, I’ll begin your training with the Force Powers.” Said Luke.




“I don’t trust him Master.” Said Cyrus.

“I don’t trust him either. But we’ll play along for now.” Said Kayn. ”Anyways, have the droids started to attack?” asked Kayn.

“Yes my Master.” answered Cyrus.





Jaden, Rosh, Kyle, Chewie and Han got outside. They started destroying droids, one by one, with all resources. Lightsabers, the Force, blasters, grenades, all. But It was just too much, there were many droids. So they re-grouped in the Falcon, and started shooting. Then, Uriel appeared on the monitor.


“Listen, it doesn’t matter how many droids you destroy, they will continue to be thousands.” Said Uriel.


Kyle then saw outside two Sith. It was Kayn and Cyrus.


“Let us out Han.” Said Kyle.


Han landed the ship, and Kyle, Jaden and Rosh got out.


“Droids, stop shooting.” Said Kayn. “I don’t think I’ve introduced myself, so let me. Darth Kayn, Sith Lord and future Ruler of the Galaxy and Destroyer of the Jedi.”


Kayn then ignited his lightsaber. It was redder than a laigrek’s eye, and his apprentice Cyrus ignited his saber. It was a double-bladed, similar to some advanced Reborns. Kyle ignited his Blue Lightsaber, Jaden his Orange and Rosh one of his Yellow’s.

Then, they started duelling. Jaden and Rosh took care of Cyrus while Kayn fighted Kyle.


“I underestimated you Katarn. Join the Dark Side, and get eternal power!” said Kayn.

“I will never join the Dark Side Kayn!”

“So be it.”


Kayn then plunged his lightsaber in Kyle’s shoulder. Kyle screamed in pain as Kayn shot a bolt of Lightning, making him unconscious. Jaden Force Pushed Cyrus, and grabbed Kyle. Jaden and Rosh fled to the Millenium Falcon. They fled Geonosis, and flew to the Academy on Yavin IV. Unfortunately, some Star Fighters appeared.


“Get to the turrets! You should be able to take care of them while I get this damn Falcon to fly onto Hyperspace!” said Han to Jaden and Rosh.


They rushed to two ladders, standing beside the other, and they climbed them. Jaden quickly got a target, and shot, destroying one of the 8 Star Fighters. Rosh charged and shot to a group of 3 Star Fighters, making them 4. Jaden then shot a missile, destroying the remaining. They climbed down the ladders and went to Han.


“Lady and Gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts, next stop: Yavin IV.” Said Han.


They jumped into Hyperspace, and Han routed to Yavin IV.




After they landed, Jaden and Rosh quickly put Kyle in the Medical Room. A medical droid took care of him, and Jan was beside him, holding his hand. She then gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.


Meanwhile, Jaden and Rosh were hanging out with some other students, when 3PO and R2 came to the Living Halls.


“Beep Beep Woooo!” said R2. 3PO translated.

“He says Master Katarn is better.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” Said Jaden.

“And Master Skywalker wants to talk to you.” Said 3PO.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” said Rosh.


They walked a bit until they reached Luke’s chambers, so they decided to talk a little bit.


“What do you think Master Skywalker wants?” said Rosh.

“Probably just a report of the situation since Jan is with Kyle and Han is with Chewie giving the ship a little fixing.” Answered Jaden.


When they arrived, Luke turned around.

“Welcome. How was it?” asked Luke.

“Apparently the Trade Federation has returned with a battalion of Droids.” Said Jaden.

“There’s a new Sith Lord. He’s the reason Kyle’s in the Medical Room.” Said Rosh.

“Hmm, troubling. Anyways, I’d like to present to you our newest student, Kyra Zerp.” Said Luke.


And there she was. She had blonde hair, and some Jedi Clothes. Jaden and Rosh blushed a little while, and a bit later Jaden said:


“Hello. I’m Jaden and this is Rosh. We welcome you to the Academy.” Said he.


“Thanks. And I’ve heard you are quite popular.” Said Kyra.


“Well, I fell to the Dark Side but got back and he killed Tavion and imprisoned Ragnos forever. Now you do the maths.” Said Rosh.


“Haham.” Said Luke. - “Meanwhile, you don’t you get some rest. And May the Force be With You.”


Kyra, Jaden and Rosh got out and into their rooms to rest a little.

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Chapter III

Games of Mistrust-Part I

Jaden was in a temple, maybe a Sith Tomb. He had a red lightsaber, and he had a black robe. He was seeing Tavion dead, and retrieved the sceptre she had. Kyle then appeared.


“Jaden, so you defeated Tavion. But now I must stop you.” He said. Kyle ignited his lightsaber and so did Jaden. They had an intense fight until Jaden made many rocks fall onto Kyle. Dead at last, thought he.




Jaden then woke up. It was all a dream. But would that happen if I had killed Rosh? He thought. Jaden got out of his bed, and put his clothes on. He grabbed his lightsaber and got out. It was a beautiful day outside the temple. He then spotted Rosh.


“Hi Rosh, what are you doing?” he asked.

“Hi Jaden. I’m looking for Kyra.” Rosh replied.

“Why is that?”

“She asked me to follow her, but i lost track of her.”




Meanwhile deeper in the Jungle, Kyra was looking at some trees until she heard something. It were mercenaries. She hid behind a tree and heard.


“So, what does the Boss want us to do?” asked a mercenary.

“He wants us to capture one or two Jedis. Probably Luke Skywalker.” Answered the other. At this time, Kyra knew she had to tell Master Skywalker about this.


Jaden and Rosh screamed for Kyra. Unfortunately, the mercenaries heard them and started running towards them, but Kyra was following them. The mercenaries quickly pointed their blaster rifles onto Jaden and Rosh.


“Hands up Jedi Scum!” said one mercenary. Jaden and Rosh put their hands up.

“Now come over and none of your Jedi Tricks or you will be dead in a second!” said the other with a rage. They started walking, but then Kyra threw her staffsaber to a tree.


“What the hell was that?!” asked one mercenary , surprised.

“Jaden, Rosh, now!” screamed Kyra. Jaden and Rosh got their lightsabers out and leapt towards the mercenaries. Jaden cut their blasters and Rosh their hands. The mercenaries screamed in pain and Kyra asked:


“What were you talking about earlier?” asked Kyra.

“What the hell are you talking about!?” asked one of the mercenaries.

“Your conversation about capturing a Jedi. I overheard it, so what was the destination!?” asked Kyra once again.

“Nar Shadda!” yelled one of them.


Then he fainted. They knew they had to tell Luke about this. They also took the other mercenary for explanation.




After they arrived, Kyle was better, but wasn’t ready to get out.


“Master Skywalker, we found two mercenaries on the jungle.” Said Rosh.

“What about the other?” asked Luke.

“He collapsed in the jungle.” Said Jaden.

“Apparently they were were to capture some Jedi and then bring them to Nar Shadda.” Said Kyra.

“Hmm, Nar Shadda. Students, it seems we have a bounty on our heads. You should go to Nar Shadda to settle this bounty. Take the Raven’s Claw and land in the Refugee Sector. Then, wait for Han and Chewie, they shall be helpful on this mission.”

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Chapter IV

Games of Mistrust-Part II

Jaden and Rosh prepared the ship, giving it a extra seat for them to fit in while Kyra talked a bit about the Dark Side with Luke: how to evade it, how to get away from it and how to fight it. Rosh then interrupted.


“Kyra, the ship’s ready, we should go.” Said Rosh.

“Alright, thanks Rosh. Bye Master Skywalker.” Said Kyra.


She waved her hand at Luke and ran with Rosh to the ship. They saw Jaden finishing something on the engine.


“Well, the Raven’s ready to go.” Said Jaden. “Also, there is one seat at the front, the other two are behind and can turn around for the turrets.”

“We should get going.” Remarked Kyra.


A droid set up some stairs and they climbed them. Jaden sat in the front seat and Kyra and Rosh in the backseats. He set the coordinates to Nar Shadda and blasted off.




Meanwhile on a space ship, Kayn watched onto Nar Shadda.


“My Lord, the Jedi’s are on their way to Nar Shadda.” Said one of Kayn’s officers.

“Send starfighters Officer Skyrider. Also, tell Darth Tenebrae to go to our base on Nar Shadda. He should straighten those kids up.” Said Kayn.


Officer Skyrider got on some sort of mic and ordered many star fighters to look for the Raven’s Claw while Tenebrae went to Nar Shadda.




“What the? Rosh, Kyra, turrets, hurry!” said Jaden.


They both got their fingers on the triggers and started shooting. Many star fighters appeared and they were skilled shooters. Jaden evaded many shots but they weren’t enough for them. They needed a trap. Rosh prepared some sort of missile and shot it. It destroyed 5 star fighters. They went all at the Raven’s Claw but Jaden simply went up and they all crashed and burned, destroying each other.


“Well, we got out alive, that’s good to know. Now we should continue our trip to Nar Shadda.” Said Rosh.




When they got there, the welcoming party was Han and Chewie.


“Finally, you made it. I was starting to think you wouldn’t do it.” Said Han.


They walked off a little to the docks. They saw a TIE Fighter landing.


“Quick, hide!” said Jaden. They hided behind some boxes and saw a Sith coming out. His face was red and black, he had a cape and looked very shady. He asked the Dock Master if a ship known as the Raven’s Claw had landed but he didn’t knew. The Sith then walked off to the Jekk Jekk Tarr, a cantina which toxic fumes could kill a human.

They continued their “trip” to settle the Bounty and found that a Hutt named Gordon was near there.


“So all we need to do is get in there and talk to him?” asked Kyra.

“Unfortunately not. We need to seek a servant of his.” Said Han.


They walked off to the cantina where they found a Twi’lek. Fortunately he worked for Gordon.

“Hey you there!” shouted Han.

“Well well, if it isn’t Han Solo. What do you want?” asked the Twi’lek.

“We want to settle a Bounty with Gordon.”

“Oh, that. Well, you see, Master has certain “tastes”.”

“What do you mean?” asked Kyra.

“Oh, a girl. She’ll do nicely.”

“What does he mean?” asked Rosh.

“Well, kid, to settle the bounty you’ll have to…dance for Gordon. And to make matters worse, you have to wear a certain suit.” Said Han.


The Twi’lek showed them the suit. Kyra didn’t like it but she knew it was the only way to settle the bounty.


“Alright, I’ll do it.” Said Kyra as she put the dress on.




The Twi’lek then brought them to Gordon’s place. Kyra started dancing but eventually Gordon fell asleep as the Twi’lek ran off. Kyra put her normal clothes on and ignited her lightsaber.


“Wake up!” she shouted. Gordon immediately woke up.

“Ha, wah, oh, wait, what do you want?” said Gordon noticing she had her lightsaber ignited.

“I want you to stop the bounty we have on our heads!” she shouted once again.

Gordon looked right and left and then pressed a button. The Sith they saw came out.


“Tenebrae, deal with them!” said Gordon.


Tenebrae ignited his dual red lightsabers while Jaden and Rosh ignited theirs. The battle lasted about ten minutes with red, violet, orange and yellow sparks flying. Eventually Tenebrae knocked down both Jaden and Rosh and Kyra into Gordon. He was about to stab her when she flipped and rolled on his shoulders and he stabbed Gordon, killing him. Tenebrae then turned around only to be decapitated by Kyra’s spinning lightsaber throw. Finally it was done, there was no longer a bounty on their heads and Darth Tenebrae was dead.


“That’s for making me wear that dress!” said Kyra with a angry look. Jaden and Rosh calmed her down and to relax a little, they went to the Cantina and played a little Pazaak and then finally went to the Raven’s Claw to go back to Yavin IV.




“Master, Darth Tenebrae is dead.” Said Cyrus.

“It does not matter Cyrus, he was weak anyway. Let’s see how this meddling kids get out of my next idea.” Said Kayn as he laughed a evil laugh.

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Chapter V

Getting Comfortable


As the Raven’s Claw landed on Dantooine, the students found themselves on the receiving end of familiar faces: their Master Kyle Katarn and his life-companion Jan Ors.


“ Master Kyle, you’re alright!” shouted Kyra in happiness.


Kyle smiled and said:


“Thanks Kyra. Also, just call me Kyle, titles make my…” said Kyle as he was interrupted by Jan.


“Titles make your skin crawl, everybody knows about that Kyle.” Joked Jan.


“But this is no time for jokes.” Said a voice. Everybody looked behind to see the most powerful Jedi there ever was, Master Luke Skywalker. “ There is something serious happening.”


“Well, what is it Master?” asked Rosh.


“There seems to be a war that involves the rebuilt planet of Taris. Unfortunately I don’t know much so you’ll just have to go there and discover. But I do know something: the New Trade Federation is involved.” Said Luke to everyone’s shock. “Kyle, you and Jan take Rosh to Taris and find out more.”


“Alright Luke.” Said Kyle.


“Jaden, you accompany Kyra to the Space Colony and do the same.” Said Luke as Jaden nodded. “Also, there is a New Republic Cruiser waiting to pick you up and drop you on Taris.


They walked to the Hangar and all got inside the New Republic Cruiser and took off as Luke looked at them with a worried look.



Meanwhile on a place unknown, Uriel Tim'Sep, leader of the Trade Federation discussed something with his partners.


“You are crazy Uriel. Do you know what this will cause!?” shouted a Neimoidian. Uriel, a Neimodian himself answered.


“Do not worry, I have thought of the repercussions. I just hope it goes all smoothly. In the meanwhile, let’s just focus on the building of “The Torturer” ”said Uriel as he pressed a button and the screen behind showed a incomplete, planet-size like spaceship.




As the New Republic Cruiser approached the Taris Spaceport, Kyra’s preoccupation started to become bigger and bigger. Jaden noticed it and started a little talk.


“What’s the matter Kyra?” asked Jaden.


“Ah, it’s nothing.” Lied Kyra.


“Come on, you can tell me.” Said Jaden with a smile on his face.


“Well…it’s just that I only became a Jedi now and I’m already in a battle against a Great Sith Lord.” She said.


“Well, it gets off. When you notice you’re important, it will come off. I also had that feeling when I first joined the Jedi Academy. In the end, I killed a Sith Lord.” He said.


“Thanks for the relief Jaden.” Said Kyra. She got up from her chair and so did Jaden. Their faces got close as their lips locked in a passionate kiss until Kyle came in and broke it up.


“Uh, did I interrupt something?” he asked.


“No, nothing.” Said Kyra as she cleaned her lips with her finger.


“Well, I just wanted to say that we arrived. Luke instructed me to say to you to grab a fighter from the Cruiser and fly to the Space Colony.” Said Kyle


Jaden and Kyra nodded and got out of the Cruiser with Kyle, Jan and Rosh. As they went to grab the fighter, Rosh noticed they were too friendly.


Jaden and Kyra got inside a two-pilot X-Wing and and flew off. As they were almost getting there, they had another little conversation.


“Jaden?” she asked.


“What is it?” he said


“I’m sorry for kissing you.” she said with an embarrassed look on her face.


“I’m not.” He said without looking at her. She got a little confused but then she just co-piloted.


They could see the Space Colony, it was truly big, and they hoped to find out why. As they landed, some of the habitants surrounded the ship. Looks like we’ve got trouble, thought Kyra.


Some of the habitants that looked like guards took out blaster rifles and the captain shouted:


“Come on out with your hands up!”


Jaden got out first while Kyra hid and got out by behind, where no one could see her.

He put his hands up and a guard spoke to him.


“What are you doing here, low-life scum? You don’t belong here!!” he said.


Jaden simply smiled and immediately kicked the guard’s gun, making him shoot himself on the chin, laying dead. He then ignited his lightsaber and so did Kyra that just appeared but then someone hit from behind with a stungun. They then blacked out.


Kyra was the first to wake up. She looked around but what got her the most was a Neiomoidian. Jaden then woke up.


“Who are you?!” she shouted. The Neimoidian smiled.


“I am Uriel Tim’Sep, but you can call me either Milord or Emperor.” He said with a big grin in his face.” I am the leader of the New Trade Federation, and I have a partnership with the Sith…but not for long.” He then laughed.


“But why did you call yourselve Emperor?” Jaden asked. “ I mean, if you actually win this war, he would be the Emperor.”


“That’s where your mistaken young lad. You will see soon. Throw them into the dungeons!” he then shouted as the Super Battle Droids roughly threw Jaden and Kyra into the dungeons.


“Well, might as well get comfortable.”


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Chapter VII

A Torturing War


Shots, flying everywhere, as so where ships and fighters. That was the scenery on the space above Taris. Many fighters flew with Jaden, Kyra, Kyle, Jan, Rosh and Rose, probably for covering. Meanwhile in the Republic Cruiser, Admiral Onasi looked at the space until his Second-in-command, Marise Dodonna, talked to him.


“Admiral, do you think we can beat the Sith and their Droid Army?” she asked with a desperate tone.


“Don’t worry Dodonna, their Jedi and they have the Force with them. Although, let’s always hope for the best.” He said, changing his voice tone to a one more darker.




The blue and white Jedi Starfighter, piloted by Jaden and Kyle was doing very good. With R2 on their side, they destroyed many droid starfighters. Although, the red and white Jedi fighter containing Rosh and Rose didn’t have much luck as the R4 unit it was carrying was destroyed by a sneak blaster shot, and they lost control by some time. The yellow and white carrying Kyra and Jan quickly shot that droid starfighter with some quick shots.


“Thanks Kyra and Jan.” Rosh thanked by the comm.


“What are friends for anyways?” said Jan by the comm.


They started speeding up, in hopes to get to The Torturer soon. They soon saw something that would be a problem. One of the starfighters crashed to save their skins by trying to pass the shields. With those shields, they couldn’t enter the Hangar. Your death will be avenged, thought Jaden.


“Everyone, disperse and shoot the shield generators!” Kyle shouted in the comm.


They all nodded and went after the shields. Many soldiers gave their lives to protect them. Kyra burst a tear or two but then focused on the shields. They all shot into the shield generators, but passed quickly so the auto-turrets didn’t get them. Suddenly, with a surprise shot, Rosh and Rose shot two torpedo’s, destroying the shield generators. They then flew in to the Hangar.




Jaden and Kyle got there first and as they landed in spins, Kyle got the cockpit window open and jumped, flipping to the ground and stabbing a droid. He then Force Pushed other 3 to their dooms as they fell to Taris. Jaden got out and was followed by Kyra and Jan and soon Rosh and Rose arrived, but of the astromech droids, only R2 got out alive.


“R2, check the elevators.” Jaden said.


“Ok Jaden.” He beeped. R2 slided to the elevator controls and tried to unlock the elevator, but they were stuck.


“Oh well, we need to do it the old way.” Jan said. They started running. As expected, they found many droids and destroyed them, until they found 6 doors.


“Well, I guess it’s time to split up. Be careful and be wary of the Dark Side.” Kyle warned.


“Come one now Kyle, you’re starting to sound like Luke.” Jan joked. They then entered those doors.




Kayn and Cyrus watched on the heated space battle in the bridge as Uriel entered with his lackeys, guarded by droids, and shook hands with Kayn. Cyrus however, still looked carefully at him.


“Welcome Uriel. You already know my apprentice Cyrus, and I’m sure you’re here to watch the Space Battle.” Kayn said. His face was covered, but they just knew he was grinning. Cyrus knew how his face was however.


“Thanks My Lord. Yes, I am here. Although, I’m afraid the meddling Jedi’s have entered.” Uriel said.


“Hmm, I see. I’m afraid I must go. The Jedi shall know where I will wind up.” Kayn said as he slowly left the bridge while Cyrus grinned.




It was all dark, but they could hear Kayn’s voice over and over always saying “You’re not going to get out of here alive!” and then laughing. They all knew it was a maze, so they used their Force senses to show them the way. Luckily, Jan winded up with Kyle not so long after they got into the doors, so she had orientation. Suddenly, the lights came back in and Kayn’s voice was nowhere to be heard. Rosh was walking when three droids appeared. He easily dispatched of one droid with the Force, bolting him with a stroke of stunning Lightning, short-circuiting their circuits. They all eventually got got out of there, destroying droid by droid. When they gathered, Rosh said to himself:


Strange, this seemed very easy. There’s something fishy here, he thought.


They got on the elevator, that suddenly started working. R2 was there.


“Thank you R2!” Jaden thanked.


“You’re welcome.” He whistled.




When the elevator reached the bridge, they all entered a room, it had some sort of stairs. They walked it up, when the door opened by itself. Inside was Cyrus and Uriel, guarded by several Battle Droids.


“Welcome. I see you have found us. But now, you must die!” said Uriel, pointing at them for his droids to attack, but some of them attacked Cyrus! He quickly ignited his double-bladed lightsaber, deflected the blasts and destroyed them with a bolt of Force Lightning. He then turned to Uriel, jumped to the air, flipping to his back, and stabbed him in the body, leaving him to die. Jaden, Kyra, Rosh, Kyle and Rose all ignited their lightsabers, but noticing the droids coming from behind, Kyle Force pulled the droids in the bridge to the room with the stairs and said for Jan and Rose to assist him, and they did. He then Force closed the door.


“May the Force be with you my apprentices.” He said before rushing to the droid with his saber, screaming.




Luke meditated on the Massassi Temple. He knew he had to intervene. He grabbed a X-Wing and flew all the way to Tarisian space to aid them.




Before engaging in battle, Cyrus took out another double-bladed lightsaber, also red, and maneuvered them in ways almost impossible, a dual double-bladed lightsaber wielder! They awed in amazement but snapped out of it. They started duelling, swing after swing, slash after slash, Force power after another. It was a very balanced duel with many amazing athletics. Rosh jointed his lightsabers and threw them using the Force, but Cyrus back flipped over them. Rosh then stopped them, and launched them back, but he amazingly flipped to the front over them, once again. Rosh caught his sabers and holstered one and they started duelling once again. Orange, yellow, purple and lots of red sparks flew over the place. Rosh swung but he jumped and flipped to his back, and cut Rosh’s cybernetic arm by luck. He screamed in pain as he fell to the ground. Kyra fought Cyrus in the amazing duel of double-bladed lightsabers while Jaden tried to make Rosh’s pain a little less agonizing. She rolled her lightsaber in different ways, trying to get an opening, hoping to slash him. She eventually did it, but he quickly got up, jumped and flipped once again, this time Force Choking her and slamming her to the ground, hard. Jaden got up and stared in Cyrus’s eyes. They were dark and he could see the hatred in him. Jaden ignited his lightsaber, even though he was disadvantaged. Cyrus however, holstered one of his double-bladed lightsaber and one half of the other. It was now a one-on-one epic battle. Jaden swung hard at Cyrus’ arm, but he blocked. Cyrus now jumped, and left a Force Explosion but Jaden stabbed the ground and grabbed his lightsaber tight, trying to not get hit by it. He succeeded, and quickly rolled, stabbing Cyrus’s thigh. He screamed but then choked Jaden and threw him. Jaden stopped it with his legs, and ran to him, slashing Cyrus, leaving a painful cut on Cyrus’s right arm. Suddenly, a lifeless Uriel grabbed a blaster and shot Cyrus in his back, leaving him defenceless. Rosh got out both of his lightsabers and cut his thighs off, followed by a double-saber throw by Kyra, cutting off his hands and then Jaden grabbed his lightsaber and delivered the final stroke, cutting off Cyrus’s head with Jaden’s orange and Cyrus’s red lightsabers. After a harsh battle, the apprentice of Kayn was no more. He could feel it for they had a bond, and now, that bond was broken. Jaden crawled to the lifeless Uriel and questioned him.


“Where is Kayn?” he asked.


Uriel spit some blood and then answered him.


“He…went to the planet…of Mustafar…although…he will be…in the dimension…of Oblivion…here, take this…get in the place where Darth Vader was born and say…Family…” said Uriel handing Jaden a lightdagger. Then, in his final breath he cursed Kayn, and died.


Suddenly, Cyrus’s voice started talking. They all noticed his head was talking.


“Here Jedi, come here.” He said. Jaden went there, and in an attempt to redeem himself, Cyrus revealed Kayn’s true appearance to Jaden, and died away saying Thank You.


The door opened and Kyle, Jan and Rose got in.


“Well, looks like we missed the whole party.” Kyle joked. “So my apprentices, where did Kayn go?”


“Kayn went to the planet of Mustafar. I must hold this lightdagger ignited in the place of Darth Vader’s birth, and then enter the dimension of Oblivion and kill Kayn. Although I don’t know where that may be.” He said.


“Although I know.” Said a voice. It was Luke.


He explained them, and they all set the Torturer do self-destruct mode, and got out, finally destroying the Trade Federation and winning the war. They came back to the Republic Cruiser where Admiral Onasi and Second-in-Command Marise Dodonna thanked them. There was still Mustafar and Kayn left. Luke then encouraged everyone with the following words.


“Now, May The Force Be With Us All.”

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Chapter VIII

The Beginning of the End


The Republic Cruiser got nearer to Mustafar. While Rosh rested after the medical bay droid made him a new arm: mechanical by the inside, human by the outside, Jaden and Kyra shared another conversation.


“Hi Kyra, how are you doing?” Jaden asked.


“Well, a little roughed up, but, no serious things.” She answered.


“That’s good to know. I see you now understand what I told you back then, haven’t you?”


“Yes Jaden, and for that, I thank you.” Said Kyra. She then grabbed his face and kissed him, and so did he. They kissed each other for a minute, but then Luke entered the room.


“No need to worry, the New Jedi Order doesn’t prohibit love.” He relieved them. “I just wanted to say that you should come to the bridge. I have something for you.”


They nodded and followed Luke to the bridge. They looked at Rosh and traded smiles.


“So Rosh, finally got a good replacement arm, eh?” Kyle joked.


“Yeah Kyle, now let’s hear Luke.” Rosh said.


They all turned their attention to Luke and his speech.


“We are near Mustafar. Before we get there I have to say some things. First: I will accompany the young Jedi and Kyle to Mustafar.”


Everyone awed in amazement. Luke would accompany them, and probably fight!


“Second: young Rose Vao has decided to join the Jedi Order and is now a Padawan.” Everyone clapped hands. “Also, for her great performance in the Tarisian War, I have promoted Kyra Zerp to Jedi Knight, congratulations.” Jaden and Rosh smiled and clapped hands. “That is all.”

And may the Force be with us all, he thought.




A few minutes later, they arrived at their destination, Mustafar. Shortly after, Jaden, Kyle, Rosh, Kyra, Rose and Luke got out. He leaded them for a while and shortly arrived at the place of Darth Vader’s birth.


“Are you sure this is it?” Kyle asked. “Looks pretty blank to me.”


“Don’t worry Kyle, the Force tells me it is.” Said Luke. He nodded to Jaden. He got the lightdagger out and ignited it. It had a white and silver blade. He then shouted the word “Family” and suddenly, a huge rock got out of the ground, followed by the opening of a fiery portal inside it. They all entered and Jaden was the last one in. They had entered the world of Oblivion. A fiery lava dimension. And the most of it all, a giant tower in the middle of the dimension.


“I guess that’s where Kayn is hiding.” Jaden said.


They saw a bridge, but Luke could sense there was a huge gap on it.


“Anybody up for a good jump?” Kyle joked, also knowing about the gap.


They all boosted their speed with the Force, ran, and jumped right on the end of the bridge from there. Unfortunately, Rose didn’t jump high enough and fell, but Rosh quickly grabbed her hand and Force Pushed her up. She thanked him and they continued. Soon, they arrived at the Tower. They got inside, and there where nasty creatures. Although they were strong, none of them resisted the Force and the lightsaber. They started “climbing” the tower, getting into rooms and such. On the first floor of the tower, they found three robed beast-like Dark Jedi with red lightsabers.


“We are the Dremrao, followers of Master Kayn, and you shall not pass!” shouted one of them in their language. Surprisingly, Jaden was the only one that could hear them. Luke ignited his green lightsaber, and Force Pushed them to the spiky ledges. One of them was caught off-guard and fell to his doom, burned by the fire tower that “fed” Kayn and kept the Oblivion Dimension alive. The other was pushed against a wall, and broke his spine, falling dead. Only one remained, and he was barely scratched. He ran at Luke and swung, but he blocked with his emerald-green like blade. He swung at the Dremrao, but missed, The creature punched him and sent a bolt of lightning, but he flipped over them and stabbed his saber onto the Dremrao’s head, killing him. They then continued on with the Tower.




Eventually, they reached the top floor. The initial ground was made of flesh, and the initial stairs of bones. They climbed them, and then the flesh-made stairs again. They all saw something. A stone. Jaden touched it and grabbed it. Suddenly all went blank and they all were confronted by Darth Kayn on the top of the Tower.


“So, it appears you have found me. Well, we should begin the battle that will determine the fate of the Galaxy in the Battle for balance between Good and Evil!” said Kayn, uncloaking himself, and revealing his true form. He had a red and black spiky armor and his helmet resembled the head of a Kraith Dragon and ignited his blood red lightsaber. They also ignited their lightsabers and initiated the fight that would determine the fate of the Galaxy for years to come!

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Chapter IX

The Last Stand


Luke and Kyle stepped in. They warned them not to disturb, for Kayn was very powerful. The armoured and menacing Kayn saw Luke and Kyle both igniting their lightsabers.


“Two against one?” Now that’s unfair.” He said, taking out another lightsaber and igniting it. “Now it’s better.”




Kyle and Luke ran to Kayn. They both swung simultaneously, but he stepped back, evading the blow. Now it was Kayn’s turn. He rushed at them and jumped and flipped, using his two lightsabers to slash them, although they stepped back also. They duelled for a little bit, green, blue and red sparks flying all over and spreading into the lava. Kyle ran at Kayn but he Force choked Kyle and slammed him into the ground. Then he electrified Luke with such strength, he got knocked out. Jaden, Rosh, Kyra and Rose ignited their lightsabers. Rose was the first to run to him. He easily knocked her out into Rosh with a brutal Force Push. Kyra spun around with her lightsaber in many ways, trying to cut Kayn off but he always blocked, and then sneakily grabbed her and drained her Force power! Jaden quickly cut him off, and swung at his arm, cutting it off. Jaden saw flesh, human. He awed a second and then recovered while Kayn screamed in pain. He got up and ran. He swung at Jaden horizontally but Jaden jumped. Jaden swung once again but Kayn ducked and punched him with strength in his stomach and Force pushed him off. He then grabbed Luke’s and Kyle’s necks, choking them with the Force.


“I longed for this moment very time. I shall be the most powerful Sith in the whole universe!” he shouted, adding Force Lightning, a deadly combination. Luke and Kyle screamed for a while until Jaden got up. He then ran at an unexpected Kayn, and plunged his lightsaber onto his chest, piercing the armor and Kayn’s body. He fell to the ground.




Jaden was tired, but he was glad. The war was over, they had won. Then, in a human voice, Kayn asked Jaden to take his mask off. Jaden crawled there and took the mask off. Kayn was a human, brown hair with a beard and blue eyes. But suddenly, the face and body of a young man turned into of a old, corrupted man.


“Thank you Jaden. You released me of my curse…grandson.” Kayn said.


Jaden awed in amazement. It was his grandfather, and he thought he was dead long ago!


“I put this armour once when I was Lorgren Korr, The Gray Jedi…and it consumed me as a young man…but now my time has come. Goodbye my grandson…and May the Force be with you.” He said, dying. Jaden cried and hugged his dead grandfather.




Suddenly, the world of Oblivion started to fall. It all turned white like when they confronted Lorgren, but now, they were back on Mustafar, Jaden with his grandfather on his arms. He digged a tomb and gave him a funeral. They got back on the Republic Cruiser, victory was claimed! The next day on Coruscant, there was a huge party where everyone celebrated the victory over the Sith. Jaden, Luke and Kyle all looked behind and saw Morgan Katarn, Cyrus and Lorgren with their Jedi Robes all smiling. Jaden then got to Kyra and they kissed as fireworks came off. It was truly a day of commemoration.




These Jedi were not mere Jedi Knights. They were saviours, known galaxy-wide. They were Jedi Heroes. Evil is defeated when good men do something, and that was what happened. The Galaxy was safe again for many years, but there is always evil lurking and good men willing to put away. The Force is the flow of lives, but also of deaths. Above of all, they were Jedi Heroes, and had the Force with them.


And the Force is everything.



The End

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