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I am the first one to complain, before i complain, i like to tell about me and my server, Its simple.


I am a System Administrator, jedi academy fan and a dedicated administrator. My server is a dedicated Duel server and rules are simple everything is allowed even poke and wiggle, but being STUPID is not tolerated.


My complain is that the big companies has money for everything, but not a single dollar to fix there own game called Jedi Academy.

The support is worst, never really got a good solution to my problems.

They only thing they know on support is like this.

Did you update your drives

Yes or no



Did you install directx ? Yes

Yes or no



bla bla bla ? Yes

Yes or no



bla bla bla ? Yes

Yes or no



Then try to reinstall the game AGAIN it might work

My Answer was:

I have done that too many times, i need professionel solution, i dont have time to chat.


Finally and last answer was that i never received any mail

I keep finding holes, here is an example



Seta bot_minplayers "2" <--- Works ? yes and no.

yes, it does kick the bot or bots out if 1 or 2 players join, the game, BUT try /rcon map mp/duelx or wait for the duel_fraglimit to be reached, then the bots joins the game and real human players are getting kicked.


that example was many of those bug holes that i know of.


Thank you all for reading and lets try to teamwork about getting lucasarts to fix the Jedi Academy game.

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Well yeah.

It also fells like Lucasarts cant effort to fix there own games or more like, they reached there buisness goal.

Only 1 patch for Jedi Academy game, thats cheap.

What embarrising is that lucasarts is leaving the fans or players to fix there own game.

Even worse is that we do fixing for the Jedi Academy game that was created by a multi billion company.

Well i can go on, but i better stop. :)

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A game developer in it to make money? Say it ain't so! :rolleyes:


LucasArts are not unique among devs when it comes to drawing a line somewhere in terms of ongoing development of a title (patches etc). What you are referring to isn't support.


They are also not unique with respect to putting a solid title out there that does not (in addition to vanilla gameplay) slice, dice or do your taxes. Like every other game I can think of, they leave it to the community to tweak/improve gameplay and/or indulge the whims of players and server admins. How much money does LucasArts make from the multiplayer facet of a 4 year old game? Ummmm right.


If you made video games for a living would you dedicate costly manpower to patching four year old games that stop generating revenue long ago or would you allocate those resources to the development of new, commercially viable titles?


Unless you are prepared to explore the dedicated, quality work and efforts put forth by the modding community, you are stuck. You are entitled to complain but you aren't entitled to a patch. ;-)

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You are right that lucasarts doesnt make money on multiplayer games, but they dont host the servers, we do, I do and am having problems with my server, players keep crashing my server so they can call them selfs for hackers (idiots).

We pay for the power that the server is using, we pay for new hardware that stops

working ( sometime they work forever ).

We pay Windows licens too.

In 2004 i had bufferover flow problem, players keept crashing. Wanted help from Lucasarts, well i got same answer "Updated drivers ?, virus scan ? bla bla bla"

I have a Virus scanner ( also costs me, not Lucasarts )

I have a firewall too ( I have to pay for that too, not lucasarts )

Yes directx is also installed and newest drivers and so on, same messages from 2004 to 2007.

I would say its about money and bad decisions from higher employs.


2006/7 new bug found, i can understand that they wont fix that, the game is old.

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You don't like mods? Well I can understand that, they're not all of equal quality. But OJP Basic doesn't mess with the core gameplay or "look" and "feel" of the game. It just offers bug fixes and has a few options that make things run smoother. Unlike a great number of mods out there, it doesn't contain any "abusive admin commands" (that are often used by hosts of games to cheat or bully people out of the game and other immature behavior).


It's a small mod that's easy to use and the guy who created it is a reasonable person who listens to feedback. You've got nothing to lose by trying it.


The reason companies don't do more is because of profit and diminishing returns. Most game companies figure that 4 months to a year after a PC game comes out, everyone who wants to buy it is going to do so, so they drop support in favor of newer games. So unless it's a major, major game that has sold millions and continues to be played by as many, don't expect much after that from the developers.


The other complication with the JK series (after Mysteries of the Sith, the last "in-house" created installment in the series), is that it's a licensed property. So Raven can't release any "official" fixes without first going through LucasArts. So if LucasArts doesn't let them (and pay them, probably) to keep working on it, they have no incentive, and even some legal disincentive to keep working on it.


If they did anything it would be in the form of unofficial mods, like you and me, which they would release in their capacity as individual "fans" and players, rather than as LucasArts reps or Raven employees. But even then, professional people have limited free time to work on stuff like this, so you can understand if they don't anymore.


That said, most of the main bugs people complain about HAVE been fixed by various mods out there. Others can be worked around, but some are just inherent in the engine and could only be fixed by a major rewrite, which nobody is prepared to do, especially for free.

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