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How much music do you have on your computer?


How much music do you have your computer?  

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  1. 1. How much music do you have your computer?

    • None
    • Less than 1GB
    • 1GB to 2.99GB
    • 3GB to 4.99GB
    • 5GB to 7.99GB
    • 8GB to 9.99GB
    • 10GB to 14.99GB
    • 15GB to 19.99GB
    • 20GB and above
    • YODA!

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I'm just over 20gb. But i have ripped pretty much ALL my CDs... even the sucky old ones i never listen to anymore.


Has anyone else found that cheap->free digital downloads means you don't appreciate music as much anymore? I used to be that i'd go to a shop and buy 3 cds every couple of months... then listen to them to death.

Now i just download stuff and it gets added to the shuffle. And lost in the mix.


I actually went to the shop today and bought 3 cds just because (as long as they don't have copy protection) cds seem more solid somehow.. (and a lot of the time cheaper and better quality than the downloads).


Of course, i'll just rip them and add them to my collection, never actually play the cds themselves.. but somehow the boxes makes them seem worth more.. and now i do at least try to listen to whole albums, not just random play.

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49.2 gigs of mostly music. There's a few google videos from the G3 thing with Steve vai and Satch, and a couple of hendrix videos(woodstock, baby!). Other than that, the main reason why there's so much room taken up is because I have most of my music encoded in Flac, which is lossless quality but it takes up more room.


I loaded up my entire music collection into Foobar, and it calculated that I had about four days straight of music. Pretty sweet.

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