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Species in SW you would LEAST want to be.

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Again, this isn't a direct answer (it has to do with the wording of your question), but opinion about the most loserish races in Star Wars:

1. Gungan.

2. Yevethan.

3. Hutt.

4. Aqualish.

5. Nemoidian.

6. Almost all other near-humans except for the Chiss (seems too Star Trekkie having 'aliens' who look practically human).

7. Wookiees (they also have been in contact with the main galactic civilization for some time and have remained generally un-advanced).

8. Twi'lek (they've been integrated into galactic civilization for so long and yet they are still a bunch of slaves and sycophants?) Not trying to be antagonistic--since a lot of people here seem to admire Twi'leks--but this is opinion about them.


The above from most loserish to least.

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what are the ones in kotor that have liek a large head on their body/backside then like another smaller person on the other side? i know one is a merchant on taris and there is another on tatooine




I'm not sure. If I were a species in Star Wars I would be that species, and would probably be used to it.

I have to say, Human.

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