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What do I have to do to play on SWGemu server?


Obvisously I will ahve to install the game(limited edition, cool sumglasses) And the what?


DO I have to get the standard updates(that would be NGE?) or something else? Yes my subscription did not expire.


well you can use your original swg cd's and if you pirate the game the emu wont work, so just buy it online if u dont have the disks.


you will need to update with the official patch files listed under this link.




as well as the files for fixing the lighting and empty emotes.


then you just need to get the ip address from the irc chanell called #test, dont ask for it its in the message of the day, of the forums.


yes truegalaxies and spraticnet will eventually be servers but the stress test is at swgemu

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Dusting off my LF acccount...


Install any version of SWG, If you are currently playing the NGE, you must make a new install in a different directory, since the last NGE publish screwed up one of the .dll files.


Install guides :)


Setup with Slim Launchpad


Setup without Slim Launchpad


Common Errors and Fixes



I'm intrigued by the mention of LA being involved or at least lending their support. GL has allways been interrested in fan art etc, I wonder if he sees this as an extension of that?

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well for your info you have 2 old players of SWG really interested in this work you all atre doing.... we cant wiat to try it out.... you do start a new char right?


*thinks back of the past*


ahh architecting for the guild to get the frikken guild hall..... pistoleering my way up to bounty hunter :p.... eventually turning jedi after years ..... i love this game for what it was. :)

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I too will be around SWG emu when it gets more "official" and stable. Can't wait to play with you old Affliates again :D. How ya doing anyway man, send me a pm or get on MSN some haha. I'm beta testing LOTRO right now and have preordered it and such so give me a shout sometime.

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Heya Jo :) Me and Corzip talk every day, so we are the two geeks that will come back and play the old style SWG :) I cant wait for to be Swordsman and Creature Handler again ;) I think I will start to cry when I the first day log in and play SWG again :D Loved the game for what it was before, NGE messed it up. Wish I knew something about programming and I would have helped them out fixing it up :):twogun:

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Wait, SWGEmu is actually running in some form? Didn't know that. I think I'll pop in my SWG discs and give it a try the next time it's running.





Just created a charcter and shot some stuff. Pretty neat. Can't wait til they complete the project.

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Yes, the EMU is running.


I even got it working on a 64 bit version of windows xp.


right now, you can run arund and pvp.


you have a set of skills (includeing jedi ones) and a set of equipment with different weapons to pvp with.


good luck.

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here's what I did to get in a server (and get massacred alot in pvp...)


edit this .cfg file:




To have this in it:








Set your short cut target to this:


"C:\Program Files\StarWarsGalaxies\SWGEmu.exe" -- -s Station subscriptionFeatures=1 gameFeatures=255"





yes, there are 3 " I don't understand why the third one is there, but it works like this.




the rest of the setup instructions can be found all over the place.


(the 14 or so files to patch, and the 7 others that also need updateing).

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SWG Emulation Update



SGEmu are still working on Core3 - an optimized rewrite of their original code. They currently have a decent amount of combat in, and their test server is regularly online at chicago.swgemu.com. See their forums and/or chat for further details. I cba to link to them.



The until-now-quiet SWGANH team have finally gone public (ANH stand for A New Hope, as any Star Wars fan should've already gathered). You can gauge their progress by browsing the only publicly available screenshots available at http://swganh.com.


The ANH forums are still closed, but feel free to inquire about and/or discuss the ANH project on our ANH forums at SWGEmods.com.


Enjoy the screenies.


Other Emus

The other emus are progressing nicely as well. They may be adopting a "tortoise and the hare" mentality, but this is necessary to prevent buggy and incomplete code.


OpenSWG, the CU emulator team, have made some very encouraging progressover the past couple of months. They are currently still working on full 'nix portability before pressing on. Very commendable.


Phoenix OS (a pre-CU emu coded in VB6) have also been making some progress as of late with zone insertion, basic NPC insertion, and many highly optimized features.


The status of SWG DotNet (an NGE emulator) is currently unknown.

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[ I am only posting this to make everyone aware of an alternative to the patently immature and painfully disrespectful SWGEmu team.



I appreciate the thoughtful post and update on the widespread emu's for SWG, but i think this quoted comment is a bit arrogant. These guys have done ALOT in terms of the EMU. Yes, they do silly stuff, i've been on their forums, etc. and i may not know the story behind where such a comment came to be, but you need to be a bit more respectful. SWGANH looks nice i might add as well.

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Jager, thanks alot for the list of other emu's.


and has anyone heard or seen anything come of this post? (about 8 months ago by DMUK) I've been unable to find anything further on this, or any comments from SOE for that matter, and I'm sure SOE's got to be thouroughly pissed about the emu's being worked on-yet they refuse to comment...




We (as in the LFN Network) will be posting a statement about SWGEmu shortly. Lucasarts have brought it to our attention.


The whole idea is VERY exciting and expect full updates from us shortly. Naturally, if any of you out there are coders - PLEASE lend your support.


I've made some changes to some earlier posts and apologise for any confusion caused.



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so JTL will be included Correct? and if its open Source does that mean you can edit it to have new ship or another ship flyable? also what if you have installed a game that already has Patch 15 in it?


and if LA is truely supporting us SOE can't say squat.


I'm reasonably sure that JTL will be included in it, though it my be one of the last parts implemented, and it would be up to the server opperators weather or not to even include JTL in the "publically hosted server". The SWGEmu team (as far as I know) are trying to reverse engineer the server code as it was at patch 12.1 (a time shortly before the CU, so yes, JTL would be part of the codeing they do-IF they get around to it. The complete construction of a 12.1 server code is the intent, but of course time and difficulty may alter it.


Some of the EMU teams do have open source as far as letting you try your hand at fixing stuff, but just because you do this, doesn't mean it will be implemented. Final call for that is of course up to the dev team in charge of the individual server. From what I could figure out, this source mostly comes from what teh SWGEmu team has hared previously, then butchered/patched to fit the whims of the teams makeing their own code based off this code.


Most of the EMU sites have links/instructions for reverse patching for people who got the most recent live update, and need to get the right .dll's that were corrupted from the recent patch.

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Here are some juicy bits from the latest Q&A session showing how far along we are. You can find the whole Q&A at http://www.swgemu.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2879


Q) What % would you say JTL is complete?

A) 90%


Q) Do you feel like you will be able to add in professions soon?

A) Its a bit further on the to do list, but in the near future yes.


Q) How is experience implemented? with mobs?

A) Its there. We just wont award xp for mobs on the upcomming TC until Professions are in.


Q) You said resources were in the ground.. what percent of crafting is done along with that?

A) Most of the protocol behind crafting is done. Just the data related items are still in infancy.


Q) When do you guys think you will add groups to the TC?

A) Its on the top 10 SWG related features to do for Core3.


Q) To go along with Erec's question, how about NPCS?

A) They will be in the next TC. Watch for it


Q) Is there any word on placing structures?

A) Research was done and completed last month by Ultyma.


Q) New Content?

A) New models and skins? Not supported. New missions, quests, npcs etc yes.


Q) Can we expect some fun "events" to go along with the tests on TestCenter?

A) Thats the new direction our TC will be taking. Themed events for each stres test.


Q) What is on the top 10 list?

A) This top 10 list should ideally be completed in no more than 1.5 weeks, though it could take longer due to life. These are SWG related functions and do NOT include internal improvements to the server such as clustering & stability fixes.http://swgemu.com/paste/index.php?read=200704041620089573

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I'm Apathy, lead developer on the OpenSWG project. I just wanted to update this thread and let everyone know that not only have we been working on CU but PreCU as well. In addition to just working on the server a large amount of effort is going into rebuilding the community and our website to reflect a time we can all remember so well. We're currently in the final phases before our upcoming release, tenatively scheduled around the first of July.


If you have any questions on the project feel free to stop by and check us out:



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