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how long is the wait to the emu and will we have to pay seperate monthly fees?

where can you download the emu from?


and can anyone give me some advantages of the emu compared to the game today?

and we will have to start the game again basicaly from lvl 5 or whaterver?

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EMu is seperate from SOE altogether. There is no monthly fee, though i know most servers are always open to take donations to help with maintenance. you can download the EMU files from multiple sites, just try SWGEMU.com


Emu compared to game today?-From a vet, its just better..dont ask, just know this :p

Start the game over? Yes. Levels? NO! PreNGE there were no such thing as levels in swg

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ok i tried to download the emu did it and got to putting in te new ip address couldnt find it and then tried to play swg noramly screwed over the game completely! ive had to wait 18 more hours! anyway i didint like the way the emus sound no npc's but kyat dragons and its almost half a game. and in the emu how are you supposed to advance in the game if there are no lvls and wont everyone be the same wont pvp be harder?

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they are comming along nicely with this project its allmost playable

NPCs still need a lot of work, but a lot of the professions are working for the most part

crafting is allmost done and is very workable

vehicals are in place and can be crafted


remember you need your original SOE SWG disks (you can pick some up off Ebay or any number of other web sites) you csn not use the downloaded version trial or retail download)


back when this post started you had to jump threw hoops to get on the server by editing files and such now you dont have to

they have their own launchpad(enhanced) that will do every thing for you pick that up at



join the forum there as that will be your login info for the server

id say the project is around 75%-85% done (thats just a SWAG)

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