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Republic Commando RPG (Second Try)

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Well, a while back I tried to start a Republic Commando RPG but it failed pretty much because 1) I was immature :p and 2) I hadn't bought the game, so I didn't know the real story.

Both of those things have changed, so I hope to try again at a Republic Commando RPG. I know most of you veteran RP'ers don't own the game, so I'll understand if this doesn't get off the ground. :)


But anyway, this RP takes place during the early Clone Wars. There are three types of clones: clone troopers, clone commandos, and ARC troopers. Clone commandos are what we are here. Commandos are slightly more independent than clone troopers, but will still obey orders given by a commanding officer or Jedi.


The commandos work in squads of 4. Each squad usually has a:

Squad Leader

Demolitions Expert

Sniping Expert

Slicing/Hacking Expert


You can be a clone commando, a Jedi commanding the clones, an enemy of some sort...really anything that was around during the Clone Wars. You can watch AotC for inspiration. :)


Your bio should be something like this...

Name: For clones, you can have a nickname; anyone else can have a regular name.

Designation: For clones only - should be "RC-" followed by 4 numbers, e.g. "RC-1136"

Specialty: For clones only - can be anything in the above list (Squad Leader, Demolitions, etc.)

Squad: For Jedi, say which squad you're commanding. For clones, say which squad you're in (e.g. "Omega Squad")

Anything Else: If there's anything else that makes your character special, tell us!


Have fun! :)

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((I HAVE WAIted for one of these to come along. Thank you Joe.))


Name: Fi

Designation: RC-8015

Specialty: Sniper Expert

Squad: Epsilon Squad

Anything Else: He traveled with Omega Squad to Qiilura where he liberated some Mandalorian armor from the decapitated corpse of Ghez Hokan.


He was noted as unusual for a clone due to his flippancy and sense of humor. He also longed for what he called a normal life, especially after seeing civilians on Coruscant.

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((Eh...I gather you own the game, then? :D))


((Is it alright if I request you are a different Sev from a different squad? If we're not characters from the game we can develop unique personalities :) How about "Epsilon Squad"?))


My Character


Nickname: Jay

Designation: RC-1145

Specialty: Squad Leader

Squad: Epsilon Squad

Anything Else: I stole the nickname from Hard Contact. I don't have a very good imagination ;)

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Name: Tape

Designation: RC-1192

Specialty: Slicer/hacker

Squad: Epsilon Squad

Anything Else: Hand to Hand Combat Specialist. Notoriusly known to put "tape over captured enemies (human of course) faces and to tear off it very fast."

Has duct tape on shins, breast plate, and wrists.

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((I have answered your prayers.

And probably Rexraptor2000, he's just everywhere...I can't figure out why...hhmm?
I am everywhere and see everything! :) ))


Name: 'Aliit'

Designation: RC-117

Specialty: Demolitions Expert

Squad: Epsilon Squad

Anything Else: The number I got from the Halo series. 'Aliit' is mandolorain for family.

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