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The Red Vs. Blue RPG (Halo RPG)


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ok here is my first RPG.......


This is how it should look:

(format borrowed from Joetheeskimo)


Name: Your last name or nickname.

Team: Red, blue or freelancer(whoever pays more is your team).

Rank : Private , Sargeant, Captian.... etc.......

Favorite Weapon: Halo 1 and 2 weapons avalible

Armour Color and symbols: Armour Color and symbols

Short Bio: little things that make you different from the others.


I will release more about this RPG once i get more people.

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This seems interesting enough, just one question. Can we be Elites, or Grunts, or any other Halo, thing, besides Flood, dont like them much!? Or do we have to be Spartans? I'll post Char. Sheet after I hear the answer, I have to look at my many Halo profiles to see which armor colour and symbols I like best. Plus which weapon/weapons I like best, or at the least the one/two I wish to use. And considering it's Halo shouldn't we have the ability to choose two weapons? Just a friendly suggestion! ;)

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I love Red vs. Blue!


Name: Gravemind

Team: Freelancer

Rank : Freelancer

Favorite Weapon: Sword, Battle Rifle

Armour Color and symbols: Black with no symbol (Achieved by toggling X with the very first symbol in Halo 2). Wears White with one Golden slash from the Delta symbol for more formal occasions.

Short Bio: Recruited in the same fashion as the Spartan-II's, Gravemind was always special to someone, which made him very angry. He escaped from the program with an AI still in his armor called Zulu and became a freelancer. Then-

Classified: Access to restricted documents denied. Initiating Shutdown.


Here's a link to the first episode of Red vs Blue.

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o.k., well I've taken your advise and I watched some episodes of Red vs Blue...around....*counts figures*....episode 1 to 77, and I watched all those episodes in around....*counts toes*....9-1/2 hours...yeah. And I must say....Red vs Blue is AWSOME!!!! It is the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time!! I must say I'm honoured to be apart of this RP! But I'm not so happy about your comment on your other RP thread, not good for people to see you're impatient with people asking you questions, and because of that, I'm probably not going to join your other RP, sorry. Plus, I have found a new role model! Caboose! He is my favourite, along with Tex, and Blarg (though he [the alien] dosnt have a name, but I just call him Blarg.) they are my favourites, I also like Sgt. too! Caboose is my new inspiration! Hey! When's season 5 coming out? Oh and I hope you dont mind, but I'm going to have two characters.


Name: Cprl. Cybal "Bronze" Gorse (Bronze is his nickname, and what he should be called unless stated otherwise later on.).

Team: Freelancer.

Rank : Corpral (I think I spelled that right, did I spell that right?).

Favorite Weapon: Brute Shot and Assault Rifle (I may change his second weapon later on, I'm still having conflicts with what he should have.).

Armour Color and symbols: Platinum (thats his color, I know, it conflicts with his nickname. If you dont know what the color of platinum is, its just like the metal, a silvery-cream color, that is very shiny!) He has an orange and grey derelict symbol (you know, the symbol they burn into the Arbiter in Halo 2, and, yes, it is a symbol!).

Short Bio: Cybal was recruited into the army through drafting, he was a simple person who thought he was nothing special. Until the Spec. Ops. found out his exceptional talents...that not even he knew about....for awhile. He soon trained with his own individual armor, but after having his AI deleted, he lost his sense of reality for awhile. He was dumped on Sidewinder, after he broke out of his thoughtless trance he went Freelancer. And soon found company too...


Name: Prvt. Ed Hopper (Use Hopper as his title, mostly...yeah, that's pretty obvious.).

Team: Blue.

Rank : Private.

Favorite Weapon: Fuel Rod Gun (he gets it later on) and Scoped Pistol (the pistol from Halo 1).

Armour Color and symbols: Color is Navy Blue (he gets his armor later on as well, he comes in with regular blue armor) and a Grunt Head symbol.

Short Bio: He's the new guy...what more can you say! He comes in later on (lots of things come in later on for him) , and he isn't too...how do you say?....heavy on thinking. His past is a mystery to the Blue Team, and will stay that way, until more is revealed...later on...yeah, you could have figured that one out on your own.


o.k., those are my characters, and I'll probably post one or two more later on, if its o.k., I've just got some character ideas, and I'm very anxious about being able to have them, or at the least, pass on to someone else to use, incase they dont have any character ideas. I'll wait to reveal them later on! :D

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Okay here I am!


Name: Capt. Jared "Dice" Usrey

Team: Blue

Rank : Captain

Favorite Weapon: Shotgun, Sniper Rifle

Armour Color and symbols: Has steelish blue armour with a red skull. Commander Of Beaver_Creek_Outpost_1.



"Hmm" Dice looked thourgh his scope of his sniper rifle.




"What do you mean?"


"I mean There's no activity."


Pvt. Ed Hopper just arrived from basic and was still getting the hang of things.

Luckly for him Capt. Usrey was patient and remembered what it was like to be the rookie. Until two days ago there was three blues stationed at Beaver_Creek_Outpost_1

but Sgt. Geffer was hit br a stray rocket, the Reds were incompetent enough not to know how to fire the rocket launcher, which in the end turned out for there benifit............

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(you know, the symbol they burn into the Arbiter in Halo 2, and, yes, it is a symbol!).
The Mark of Shame. And yes, it is a symbol that can be chosen.

Shouldn't we wait for at least one or two more people? And Season 5 starts soon. I'm guessing after Red vs. Blue Out of Mind series is done, in which there is only one left to go. You can go watch the series on their website.))


Gravemind's eye twitched. All they ever did was talk. He had been hired by the reds to spy on them. It was the most idiotic job he'd ever been on considering the blue base was less than 20 feet away from the red base. And the blue base commander was using a sniper rifle. Who the hell uses a sniper rifle to look at a base less than twenty feet away!? He was spying on them from right above them, on the giant rock bridge thing.


He heard something about there being no activity from the commander and felt himself flare. The reds were dead drunk. They even ran around in their undergarments last night throwing beer bottles at the blue base! He didn't get why he couldn't just shoot them now and get it over with. Or better yet, blow them up with the rocket launcher right next to him. It was curious that anyone would leave such a strong weapon lying where anyone could take it. But he had orders, regardless of how badly he wanted to gut them with his Energy Sword or blow their heads off with his Shotgun.


"Gravemind, heart rate exceeding set down specifications. Please take the medicine to calm your heart rate." Zulu, his AI, said in his helmet.


Shadow listened to him and took his anger pills. Zulu was one of the few AI's that had patience, something Gravemind didn't have.

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((I've seen every 'public' episode of 'out of mind' I'm still waiting for part five and six to become public. Is this RP going to be sorta randomish, like the series, or is there going to be some background plot? And is the Beaver Creek outpost the one map where Sarg and Caboose are in the middle of that crazily insane battle? You know the one where the bungle blows and the dead red and blue guys rise from the dead just so they can die again...that was funny.))


"I like that....yeah I like that alot" said Hopper as he sat on the roof of Beaver Creek Outpost 1. He was mumbling to himself, while he sat, legs dangling over the side, looking at the strange man in black, he didn't really notice Captain Dice, not very surprising though, considering he dosnt notice alot of things too quickly.


"Maybe he likes that too!" he said to himself about the man in black.


"I miss Geffer" he said out loud to himself. "He was my friend" he said to himself in a quieter tone. "He liked it too" he said to himself about Sgt. Geffer.


Standing up Hopper waved at the man in black, and yelled, "HELLO, DO, YOU, LIKE, IT, TOO!" pausing a little after every word.

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Rank : Field Marshal (I know, strange rank, but it exists, I hope.).


((You realize Field Marshal is the highest rank possible, above even the General, don't you? A Field Marshal is a leader in control of pretty much the entire army, appointed only during war time. So I doubt there would bea Field Marshal in Halo, and if there was, he wouldn't be doing grunt work ;))

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And is the Beaver Creek outpost the one map where Sarg and Caboose are in the middle of that crazily insane battle?
Yes it is.))


Gravemind's eye started to twitch again. The moron had spotted him and the commander still didn't notice him. No, he did not like the lack of activity. He had grown up in a life where he was always doing something. Recon was not one of his strengths.


Gravemind started to take deep breaths to calm himself down, but it wasn't helping. He knew that he wasn't supposed to take the again pills until at least four hours from now, so that was out of the option.


The commander was ignoring the moron, so Gravemind had not been spotted yet. Gravemind decided to ignore the moron.

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Calm Gravemind, stay calm, Gravemind thought to himself as the moron started waving pie around. The commander still didn't notice him.


Must. Restrain. Self. From. Gutting. Him, Gravemind thought. Zulu began to play some soft, calming music within his helmet (A.K.A. Halo music). And Gravemind calmed down for the moment, doing everything in his power to ignore the moron.

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"Got Ya!", Dice exclaimed to himself.






"CRAP! I can't believe I missed him!

This Scope Has to be Screwed up."


"Wait, where'd he go?"

The black man was gone


"Hopper, Shut the hell up!"


"What did I do?" Whimpered hopper.

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Gravemind couldn't believe that the commander had missed all three shots, and hadn't used the fourth either. He had enguaged the active camo built into his armor after the first shot and was still sitting there, fuming. The music wouldn't be able to hold him back forever and neither would his common sense. He debated taking the pills. No, he had to follow the doctors orders.


Just to release some anger though, he picked up a rock and threw it at the commander. It became invisable as he grabed it and then visable when he threw it. It flew straight and true, hitting the commander straight in the center of his visor with a THWACK! That was followed by every profanity ever known from the commander.

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(We need at least 1 red!)






"Son of a *****, What the **** was that?"


"God, Hopper stop throwing your goddamn rocks at me!" He yelled.


"It wasn't me!" Replyed Hopper.


later on,


"Command, I'm requesting A reinforments detachment."


"Dude, what the hell does that mean?" he replyed with the sound of a smirk in his voice.


"You know what I mean."


"Ok, Ok I'm sorry would you like the 2 weeks squad reinforments or a freelancer?"


"The freelancer."


"Ok, We have one availible, a Cpl. Cybal "Bronze" Gorse."


"Does he have any experiance?" he asked with a slight hope that he did.


"No." Vic replyed.


"Crap, Uhh, well he'll do." said the Capt reluctlently

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((i.e. Hopper is NOT an NPC, he's my secondary character, comic relief, and total moron. I've got him (Hopper) because I'm not always going to be Bronze. Just thought I'd let you guys know! :D ))


Hopper stood staring at the cloaked figure, though his mental capacity wasn't too knowledgable in what it was, after around two hours of non-stop staring, he at least figured out who it was.


"HELLO MISTER, DO YOU STILL WANT SOME PIE!!" he yelled, but without pausing after every word.

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((Ah, what the hell, you guys look like you're having fun. Is this a serious RP?))


Name: Blitz

Team: Red,

Rank : Major

Weapon(s): Battle rifle, Plasma sword

Armour Color and symbols: Black with red and white chevron

Short Bio: Works alone, mainly since he is alone on his team, which works out for him. Well, not exactly, he wouldn't call Muffin a "teammate" per say, due to his inexperiencedness. Excellent with the battle rifle and in close combat situations.


Blitz snuck out of the main bunker, battle rifle at the ready.


"Hmm. I didn't know a plant could be that blue." He remarked to himself. He raised his rifle and fired one shot into the shiny blue object.


"Ow! Goddammit!!!" Screamed the now apparent leg.

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(just letting you know I'm going to have a secondary Character too here he is.)


Name:Pvt. Muffin (lol similer to RVB's Donut.)


Weapons: Pistol from Halo 1, Assualt Rifle.

Armour: Maroon with white skull.

Bio: Rookie what else is there to say.

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Shadow grinned to himself. The commander had been shot by the major in the leg just as he was about to fire a Rocket at Shadow. It looked like the major had just finished dealing with the hangover from last night. Shadow decided to join the fun and threw a plasma grenade. It landed right inbetween the two soldiers.

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((@ Royal Guardian: No this is more of a goof off thread, but it's more or less still based on something, so you can't be going around doing absolutely outrageous things, unless Halo_92 says otherwise on this matter.))


Hopper had been saying hello every time the figure in black appeared with his cloak generator switching. The faster he appeared after he dissapeared the faster Hopper said hello, to keep up. He was enjoying himself, for the most part.


((i.e.- As previously stated, Hopper is my character no speeking for him, please. If he gets hit, hurt, or maimed by any of your characters, I will respond for Hopper. Whether this applies for anyone elses characters, I dont know, if so, please speak now for yourself, so in the future we can all know, and not make your character say something, you didnt want him saying. Thank You. I thought I'd just bring this to you guys, as a friendly gesture, so we're not all at each others throuts in the future for doing the above mentioned. :D ))

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