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Elite Rifles Recruiting


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The last thread seems to have been deleted while I was on vacation. I am back, and Recruiting for the Elite Rifles is again operational. So is this thread for news, discussion, and questions. Look for a session tieled Elite Rifle Recruit, if you see it that is our recruting session. Please, all members that are currectly allowed to recruit members (whs sgt dutch, tgw, and (arc) unit ) use this name.


NOTE: Elite Rifles is a PC clan.


NOTE: The clan password has been changed, due to the old password being too long. Members whs sgt dutch, tgw, (arc) unit, and xavierscool 73, report to a clan session to recieve the new password (before you recruit any, paticularly). I'll notify everyone when we can use the password in our clan sessions, when everyone knows what it is.

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