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Kotor 3 Boxart Compo!


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Hi. As some of you have fantastic artistic talent and to change the subject of wishlists and "is it out yet" I am interested in starting up a little competition for boxart. You can put whatever is relavant to Kotor on the design and you can submit as many entries as you like. You don't actually win anything considering i have little to offer but my love, other than that, you will gain kudos and respect amongst the community for your talent as an artist.


Use your imagination and let me see those creations. As a few suggestions, the art should obviously have the name and the ebon hawk on it. As it was featured in the last two arts pieces for the games. Use my entry as




Go for it! :smash:

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Im deeply shocked and offended, i put many seconds into my masterpiece.

So did I! :xp:


Ok... Why is there an Ewok with wire cutters on it?

For Lucasarts screwing up the franchise. They made Bioware drop the engine, and putted Obsidian under abnormal pressure. And they aren't planning a K3 at all, almost if like they sabotaged the project by dumping Obsidian and Bioware. Hence, an Ewok with a wire cutter, symbol of Lucasarts wicked money-obsessed mind!


That's the joke (I think). Hence the Title, The Wanting Waiting Game.

Yep :D


I would post, but I can't get stuff on Hosting Sites and I haven't made one. Ztalker has the best so far.

Thanks! And hence, a Hosting site

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these are all very good but i jus can't seem to put my box art entry on this thread how do i do it?


First of all, you make a JPG* image using Paint/photoshop, whatever.


Then you go to http://www.imageshack.us/ to load it up. Afterwards, you can clik your picture with the right mouse button. You then copy the 'location' adress.


Then you type (in your post)

link without the spaces between them. Then your picture stands!


*Imageshack doesn't like big files. JPG is recomended, especially since there are 50kb-internet users visiting this thread.


Good luck!

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