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Talking Ads


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I swear this isn't a complaint as more of an annoyance that is quite funny in a weird sort of way the more I think about it...


Seen the ad over on the right of your screen here on LF of the "new generation" of talking smilies?


That little yellow guy has scared the heck out me on more than one occasion by me accidentally running my mouse over him!


"Say something!" indeed! Little creep... :lol:

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Just a tiny FYI to anyone interested:


I found a small registry download this morning that blocks Flash ads for us Internet Explorer users!




It's at the bottom of the page listed as: disable_flash.reg


Download it then double-click it to add it to your registry and poof! No more annoying Flash ads for us IE users! Yah!


(You will need to restart your browser even though the page says you don't.)


(It's safe and easy to use -- just follow the instructions. :thumbsup: )


I am using it and it does work. Hooray! :D

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