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Talon Karrde's Lair (SIEGE, FFA, CTF)


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OK, just gonna start throwing some pix out here.

This is Talon Karrde's hideout on Myrkrr (or however you spell it!)

It's all based on the Dark Horse comic and the architechture therefore reflects the very "chunky" style of the artists.

It's a WIP and still early days yet.

Was originally concieved as a small FFA map but now its a little bigger and I will likely make it CTF and SIEGE as well.

Currently lighting needs to be done along with a zillion little details.

Doing some scripting for this one too.

Anyway without further ado...


Looking from Imperial landing zone over towards the ruins.



Over by back by the Generators and storage sheds



View from a Mercenary Siege starting point (opposite Imperial landing zone)



Inside the main ruin with the tree growing up through the floor



Mercenary control room with working Screen (Though skybox draws wierd and misc_model_static's don't show at all!!!)



Top floor of ruin with tree Ysalimiri and Morgan Katarn standing in for Talon Karrde LOL


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WEll... I have my Acklay model in there... in a cage... which you can open.... ;)


I have about 5 objectives all worked out (mostly kill, maim, destroy LOL) + also working on different things for the various "classes" to do... you know, the usual stuff like slicing door panels, building emplaced guns etc.


FFA is about done though apart from finalizing weapon ammo and item placement.


CTF is same just need to decide where the rebel team flag is going to go - I have it in one location but it may need to be moved to another location.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's an shot featuring an early WIP of the skybox...




I still have to do the shader for the trees, fix there positions so they sit on the landscape , remove the back faces (polygons that can't be seen) and make the landscape texture match the main map. (i.e. brown cliff faces), but I think it should work...

Oh and I have to fix the size of the trees a little too!!!


Another angle...


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This one's for Pahricida


If you go into the woods today you're in for a big surprise!!! ;)






EARLY work in progress. Looks quite crap now but with a nice skin...

Still have to finish the feet and fix the face & eyes and so on...

Anyone interested in texturing?

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Well, just putting the last touches on the map ready for the Beta test.

It's all PK3'd up now and nearly everything seems to be working OK.

The botroute works mostly except for a couple of places so I'll eventually need to edit those - in fact will probably redo the whole thing after its been tested.

Unfortunatley, I have to run one more compile - since I need to fix a couple of the new things I added that aren't quite right!


Vornskr's are in the process of being UV unwrapped (I HATE doing that!!!)

Greeata will hopefully make it to the siege version of the map (If it gets made)


One more comp.


One more test.


And then it'll be ready for BETA!

Yay! :rolleyes:

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Ok first off I think you caught the athmosphere of the comics pretty well and it's all decently detailed imo.

But thats also where the maps main problem kicks in. Obviously you tried to get some of the constructions seen in the comic into the map even though they were not seen in that place.

That wouldn't be bad if they were allocated more efficently...

The map is unplayable in its current state


I don't know what kind of machine you have but I'll let the picture speak for me:




notice the FPS and they don't get better as long as I look away from the house or the water.


Now what I suggest may sound a bit hefty but in my opinion it would give the map great benefits, also in regards of the whole area seeming to be clinched.

There is practically no space at all behind the tower and the grate also ruins the area.

I think you need to move most of the buildings and details that are placed infront of the tower, expand the area behind it and place it all so you can make sure FPS can be maintained at a reasonable level with vis blocking and other aids.


I could send you a few more pics of the area behind the tower that were not shown in that particular comic you propably have. (talking about the one where the AT-ATs seize the whole area).

so much for the gameplay issues, now on to the visual stuff:




lighting ain't finished yet I guess but the lowest segment is just way too dark.



Very repetive ...



hrmmm ... this side of the tower being dark? I dunno I think you should change the angle of the sun in the shader.



That building should really be accessible, maybe through an elevator that leads through the rocks to ground level ... it could server a purpose in siege/mb2.



agressive brush about to seperate from the structure and attack ! :p



all of those advertisment tables inside the tower are really out of place and annoying... especially in the briefing/dining room.



That just looks stupid :> ... I suggest you make the roof accessiable from an elevator from within the building as you did with the other one on the west side of the map.


Now the skybox and water obviously need fixing so I think I don't need to comment on that. I hope you will surround the whole map with rocks since the spots that directly blend into the portal sky look kinda dumb right now.


I still think this could come off as an awesome map since everything I didn't mention is pretty much awesome. :D


have you also thought about promoting the map on places such as





There sure are more experienced mappers lurking around there than here.




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All good points Pahricida...


I'm sure you know how it is... you look at these things so much that eventually you can't see the wood for the trees.

I guess the reason the layout is as it is at the moment is because all I have is the first 6 Heir to the Empire comics... I hated the artwork for the other two series' so I didn't bother with them.

Thus leaving me with a few spaces to make up myself.

I'm aware the path behind the tower sort of curves around a cliff face around to the landing field where the falcon is (In the comic).

Currently, the beach area is a bit redundant, not sure what to do with it really.

Might make it a bit smaller.

As for the FPS, haven't even thought about starting to optiize the VIS portals and whatnot yet!!! LOL


Interested to hear how it plays though... (Since I only ever get the chance to play vs Bots)

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