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TSL Req: Boosters instead of Weapons


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I brough this up before, but now I'm seriously poking around with it (I'm trying to go through the game with the PC using only force powers).


I've managed to "fix" the plama torch that you pick up in the very beginning of the game, making it do only 1-1 damage, but adding to Wisdom and Charisma.


There are a few things preventing me from being happy about this, though.


1) As a melee item, it needs to have a better "look" - my original idea was using the animations that go around your hands when you use Flurry attacks. The plasma torch, noble as it may be, just isn't "impressive" or "cool" as a big **** off lightsaber.


1.5) Single or Dual? I'd prefer it be counted as a two-hand weapon with animations over each hand.


2) Level progression. To save a lot of time "planting" better versions of these in vendors or NPCs, I'd prefer to see it level, like <Your Name>'s Crystal - every few levels, unequip it, take it to a NPC (Bao? Disciple?) and have its mods go up (Wis/Cha upgrades, small defense add, etc).


3) Difficulty to attain. If it is possible to make it a leveling item, then I think it should be a mini-quest, with fair difficulty, where you rely on Force powers heavily.


Ideas? Tips? Tutorial? Walkthrough?

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