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Three more inane ideas


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1) Force Pull - Disarm. Be a badass like Vader and rip a ranged weapon out of an enemy's hand. Put a decent DC on it to make it not work 100% of the time, and bam.


2) Deflection Gloves - The basic concept is similar to the above scenario; Vader stopping Han's blaster shots. Basically, gloves that grant the non-saber reflection feats and add a bonus to deflect, but a small cost to accuracy. This can be either an unlimited use wrist item, or just regular gloves.


3) Gore, baby. Gore. I know that the Star Wars universe is fairly "sanitized" from gore due to everything cauterizing the wounds before it bleeds, but in almost every SW FPS, lightsabers have at least been granted the ability to slice off limbs. I'm obviously not asking that the model actually lose a limb - but just occasionally "drop" one on the ground when hit by a saber, so the corpse pile has a few stray body parts laying around.


Further, I'd like to see some of the more destructive Dark Force powers (especially the High Level addon ones) change the enemy's corpse into the "chewed up corpse" model.


I know I said 3, but I have 4.


4) I've dabbled a bit in the modding... I want to start out with something very basic - give the Miner's Outfit and other clothing some extra protection and bonuses, about the same as robes. The way I figure, if you're a Jedi on the run hiding from people, you aren't going to walk around in a Jedi robe, and I doubt that non-armored clothing really counts as "restricting Force powers"...


Anyway, that's all for tonight. Thanks for your attention.


Edit: I thought of a 2 more Force powers I think would be interesting...


1) Dark - Vitality Explosion (or something) - when the target is above 75% vitality, causes a huge explosion from the target, doing high damage and knocking back any allies near him/her.


2) Light - Force Generation - transfers the casters rage into a pacific state; when used while below 50% health, will give a substantial Force point boost.


Hm, a few more...


- Dark - same effect as a droid flame thrower; high damage to organics in a cone.


- Light - Knight's Sacrifice - when above 50% of health, sacrifice all health to fully heal all allies. When below 50%, sacrifices all health. 12 seconds later, the caster "rises from the dead" with 75% health and 25% Force.


Edit of Edit:


I just thought of one more...


Universal - Force Security. 3 ranks, each one worth 5 points of security (for a total of 15 points), non-stacking with the character's base skill.

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I'm gonna try to whip up those Force Deflection gloves either tonight after work or tomorrow. Wicked sweet idea.


The problem is that the non-saber deflect aren't really feats, they are passive force powers. While they do work if you give them even to someone who isn't a force user, I don't think you can grant force powers temporarily while wearing an item (unlike feats). And there are only scripting functions to give new powers permanently, not to take known powers away.

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I was looking into making force/feat/skill/attriubute modifying items the other day and was quite dissapointed that you couldn't grant force powers temporarily, but oh well...


Instead I just stuck with an implant that gives you every feat in the game XD

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