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Come play Mysteries of the Sith with us! (each weekend; w/ big pics!)


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Well gg all... played Andrew for awhile.


And we found a new MotS secret area!

On the Moisture Vaporator facility map...


There is a spot where there is a door that appears

"locked" (can't open it normally). Across the room

there's a switch, run across and the door is open.

Instead is a Carb gun, flash grenades and mines!


Plus there are some crates right outside the room against the wall.


Hope behind them and you find a super shield! (There are THREE

super shields on that big map! of course two of them are booby

trapped with a crusher, heh).


That map could actually be fun now, that we know about that,



Okay, that's game for tonight... catch ya tomorrow or Sunday

perhaps! Post screenshots as you wish...

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Hey no prob.


It's a bonus that anyone comes on,

for me! ;)


Boy I'm tired, stayed up way too

late last night!


Anyway, I'm going to be leaving for work

soon, so the server will be up for sure

today: 12:45pm - 5:30pm Central Time

(unless it crashes while I'm gone).



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Yeah gg guys. Towards the end there I tried to limit myself to blasters,

fists, and occasionally saber (and lightning once or twice).


Much tougher that way! MasterRoss and I had some ST Rifle duels

and then some saber battles towards the end.


Let me just say that I've been hit with Force Destruction so much

I must be glowing... ;) But it's fun!

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Nicely said there Kurgan ;) ! I mainly used

scoped rifle myself! Got Zappa and Kurgan

a good amount of times I would say! I hope

atleast 4 show up today so maybe we cant

gets some CTF going! I wouls love to play

that for sure. ok now for some pics!







I also carbed some guys as well ;)!




I got more but dont got the time right now

so ill post em later! Hope to see you all tonight!

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Great job. I will have to post some of my pics later.


Sadly I have to work and then meet some fellow

students to do some greek homework (argggh!).


Basically MasterRoss sniped the whole time (imagine

a tiny silent spark appearing on your face and then

boom, you fall over). Including lots of crazy, instantaneous

face shots on me from close range.


Zappa basically used destruction continuously. Had I not

had absorb I've had had negatives every match... hehe


I also noticed you rarely used guns. I haven't seen that

playing style in a long time in this game (though I admit

that MotS was more conducive to sabers+force only

than JK1!).


Just the scoreboards (and yes they are marred by stupid

"register reminders" since my trial just ran out apparently).

Note: these are not ALL the matches, just the ones I happened

to cap.














Actual in game shots later when I get time!

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I WILL fire up the server

before I leave though

(1:00pm-6:30pm Central time minimum).


Actually it'll probably be on even longer, because

I might be out for awhile.


Thus CTF probably won't work because I'd have to run it

the whole time, and people would quickly get bored if

there aren't four people to start already. So it'll just be

deathmatch again, sorry. Maybe next weekend we can

try that when I'm not so busy?

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Listen guys, if you wanna host a CTF game,

I won't feel bad. Go ahead (fastest person host).


The whole reason for hosting these games

was to provide a place for people to play

who wanted to play the game with some people

(since it's an old game and therefore difficult

to find players) or try out the game if you never did. ;)


The server is up now, and will be most of the day,

Rotating standard maps, Personalities (full force),

as before. 30 frags or 25 mins per map. It may

stay up as late as 10:30pm, but I may have to

take a short break sometime between 6:30 and

9:30 (to use the comp).


The IP is the same as before (as it says in

my sig).


Then that'll be it until next weekend. ;)



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this is the game i made with kurgan here are some funny shots :p


me being a dirty sniper first...










and here is a old trap that still works lol




and me and kurgan having fun with mines lol






lots of fun


and btw me and grid will be going on in about 30 mins cause he has to eat his pizza so COME ON DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

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