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Come play Mysteries of the Sith with us! (each weekend; w/ big pics!)


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Okay Guys I just came back (7:50pm Central).


It seems there were four or five people playing

Tree Canopy (First map?) and for some reason,

my modem "hiccuped' and interrupted the game,

meaning it was stuck

"between maps" for an hour or so. I apologize.


It's back now at


I'll keep it up for at least the next 2 hours

if people still want to play.

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I've gotta go actually.


GG everyone! (Seems we

were done anyhow).


See you next weekend hopefully,

thanks to everyone who played!



Dang it! I need to register this prog... it blocked off my score.

However, since I wasn't actually playing at the time, it was zero, iirc.

LOL ;)








Team Games (these pairs go together):


Couger & I were blue, Ross & Met were gold:




Met may have had a point, opposing teams are best with

high contrast colors. I guess that's why they play CTF with

blue vs. gold. Green vs. Gold is a bad idea!

Also, probably best not to have two Jedi vs. two non-Jedi!

(I was Jedi, Cougar/Maw was Scout, Ross was Jedi, and

Met was Bounty Hunter).


Since we lost a person, this kinda

degraded into a deathmatch.

But you can do that in team games since

there are four team colors if you have

three people only...




See you next weekend!


Can somebody tell me what happened today?

What time did you try the server and it didn't work?

(Please tell me what time zone)


I'm curious...

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and me and kurgan having fun with mines lol


That is a great pic! That was at least 30 mines IIRC.

Turned out much better than my pic, which was just

my body flying towards the camera.




There, fixed my pics so they should load a bit faster

(hypersnap saves them in a large file size!). ;)


Hey Maw/Drew/Cougar...


Are you running the game in Software mode?


It looks like you are.


Why don't you try 3D Accelerated display mode?

If your card can handle it (and it should

unless it's ancient), it should be faster

AND look better...

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I came on around after 6pm central time I

think what I live on! Oh and I can host Mots

or Jk if any1 wants to play that anytime during

the week just send a message here or message

me by other means.(note may not be able to

if compuer is not open. I got other family

members that like to use comp as well so

otherwise I cant host at all hours.)

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Um the error started

around sometime after 12pm est.


Bummer, that means we crashed right

after takeoff. However when I checked

it six hours later, it showed five people

had been there.


So they must have been able to connect



I figured the server ran and then the

error occured, and after the 25 minutes

the map ended, and went to the transition

screen, but since the modem error window

had popped up, and forced MotS to minimize,

it had not allowed the map to cycle, and thus

people just saw the error and couldn't get in.


The only other option would have been a

complete episode cycle (which would have

taken 7 1/2 hours, so is unlikely).


It was unforseen and unpreventable. There

really was nothing I could have done, since

I can't monitor it remotely, and I had shut

down all other processes that could have

possibly interferred. Had it really gotten

kicked offline for good, nobody would have

been able to connect, and thus it wouldn't

have shown them in the score table.


Did anyone join the server and see just

me in there and quit? Or were you all

stuck at the joining screen?


Thanks again for the feedback! At least

we got to play for a couple of hours,

and I'm glad Ross was on hand to get

another server up. Feel free to share

any screenshots from that one too! ;)

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Yea we got on and was playing but when

the frag limit was reached it would try to go

to the next map which was reactor. But then

it said like reconnect, host changed map.

So we would reconnect, but your points stayed

at -13 and plus I saw my name having 30 from

the previous round. So we could get in but the

game was short and was always same map.


Hope that info helps some.

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Wait, so you were able to actually play?


It just kept reloading Tree canopy?


How long was the game? (when you say "short" do you mean only

a couple of minutes? The normal time limit was 20-25 mins).


If so, at least that's better than what I thought, which was

that you couldn't get in at all, being stuck staring at a screen

saying "changing maps"... ;P

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recently i did a dual boot on my machine

so i had windows me and xp media center JK

runs PERFECT on Me but MotS wont do multiplayer

for some strange reason (we had this dicussion before ;))


now under XP it works... but it keeps giving me a stupid

direct X error saying it needs to be installed even tho i have

9.0c or what ever the newest one is... ive tried everything

but i keep getting the same dam error so i just run JK.exe

for it to work and because of that i HAVE to run software

mode it wont let me use my graphics card...


so now Me thats right the worst OS looks 100 times

better than XP :( ugggg if any one knows a way to

fix this could you PLEASE help me????


btw whos ontop of most of those scoreboards??

JKLE_COUGAR!!!!! ;):p

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Okay, installing DX 5.0 was a bad idea.


If you can uninstall it, do so. Or just install

the latest DX 9.0c? (whatever it is) on top.


Run JK/MotS from the JK.exe or JKM.exe file,

NOT from the "launcher" (Jedi.exe or Sith.exe).


That will bypass that thing trying to install

directx 5 (which won't help you).



Btw, I'm preparing to launch the server for today.

Everybody ready?

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Hey guys, hope you downloaded the Arnold Taunt pack!


Also, here is something I suggest you all download ASAP,

as we may be using it soon:




Yes, it's the JK maps converted to MotS (and well done too)!


See you in the afternoon! I'll have the server up

12:30pm-5:30pm Central at the bare minimum and probably

longer if I see people playing.


Get JK2 MotS!

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