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using an open engine?


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a few weeks ago I posted that it might be a good idea to start using an open engine to keep going with JA.



It seems to be that it would be perfectly doable to use one of the quake2 or quake3 open engine projects to keep going with it, specifically i had in mind using ioquake3 as a basis to create a useable engine for the existing JA sdk.



This would give the advantage of being able to create our own engine fixes and get fixes from the ioquake3 project.


so are any other programmers interested in doing this? I would see this as being part of OJP so anyone could use it as part of their mods.


leave comments please.

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So far we have this for a todo list:


- Convert File Formats to Raven Versions

- Remove excess MISSIONPACK stuff from engine

- Tweak Console Colors to be like JKA

- Correct the playerState and entityState to be like JKA

- Add Ghoul2 stuff ? :Nervous

- Add support for FX stuff (wont be easy)

- Add support for Light Styles (wont be easy)

- Add support for Raven's weather code :blueno

- Add support for RMG/Terrain crap. (wont be easy)

- Add support for Ambient Sound stuff. (wont be easy)

- Fix up file paths and use jka's asset files instead of pakx.pk3

- Remove CD key stuff / add checks for USE_CDKEY like jka

- Change master and auth servers to jka ?

- Change port numbers

- Change protocol number [use 26 (1.01) or maybe 27?]

- Language System :how2do:

- Find a replacement for ICARUS ?

- Siege Persistant ... :nono: Re-write all of siege plz

- True Malloc/Free (I think I've already written this)

- Add PNG Support

- Add MP3 Support

- Remove need for the \ in console like JKA for known commands.

- Merge misc fixes not in IOQ3

- Merge Unlagged Code

- Allow mods to use old basejka style font or use q3:ta style.

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not rly, the only thing i see having difficult doing is actually making fx, terrain/rmg, weather, and ambient sounds work. the rest should be fairly doable if Wudan wants to give out MyGhoul. to just get it running the simplest thing you can do is just make the syscalls in the engine return 0 to do nothing for now.

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ROFL, no it's a GPL project. There aren't any binary releases or source releases at this point. I've given some access to a few developers working on similar projects.


At this point MyGhoul is a much more Q3 friendly way of handling GLM meshes, since I've re-written Q3 tag queries and whatnot to work identically with GLM meshes. I've only recently looked at the JKA SDK and the interface with G2 through a bunch of poorly explained trap calls and void * variables makes me gag.


I had Raven's support in my unravelling of the format, so I owe them my gratitude, and a heavy dose of good will. I wouldn't like to see any harm brought to them, so I'm curious if people would purchase JKA and run the assets on the free engine, or if people think it would encourage rampant piracy.

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Yeah basically it's possible to just make an EXE that can sit in the Gamedata directory next to jamp.exe, that's all anyone's talking about distributing (at least, that's all I'd distribute), I'd be concerned if unscrupulous folks were sharing copyright(ed!) assets illicitly.

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Well how icculus does it (because it is legal to do this) isnt the last asset file from the patch? That can be distributed if you wish but the others must be used from your installation of the game. Anyway, Icculus installs it into a seperate directory and asks you if you wish to copy the point release pk3s and then you must copy your pak0. My engine mod however runs along in the q3 directory where q3.exe is.

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  • 1 year later...

we are not forced to recode a completly jamp.exe or a jasp.exe based on icculus source...


we could for example start with simply recode a dedicated jampded.exe and linuxjampded just to be able to fix all server related problems...


then if it works we could think in going farther and do a complete jamp.exe...



for just some Multiplayer needs of the dedicated server, there would be less work...

i mean we would just have to do the replacement of ghoul2 things...and fix the code in order to let it use the DLL based of the JKA SDK (a few trap call)....


are there other things to implements?



So you really think that would take a lot of time?

ghoul2 would be surely the biggest thing...


are there any changes in the protocol client/server between quake3 and JKA ?

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Is that really a problem? Would it matter as long as the relivent data was transmitted over the network? It's not like it would need to be 100% compatible with the basejka build.


You wouldn't want to waste bandwidth when the game already does waste enough as it is would you?

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i am sure that's not hard to be compliant with the commentaray symbol ";" behind the lines and only send over the network those data which are not commented....


So in reality it looks like the biggest thing to do is to emulate a ghoul2 thing and be able to implement all the trap things (whose ghoul2 collision and trace things...)

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Also don't you think we could ask raven to release as a compiled .lib , .a and .dll all related to ghoul2 things...


we could say that quak3 sources are released ,and they too much remote exploits in the jamp.exe and dedicated things.. and above all, they are not fixing those things as it is not supported...


So it is not as if they would give the source but only a compiled part of them...


moreover it would also be usefull for all raven games like SoF2 or other that also use ghoul2...


well just a thought

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Good luck getting in contact with Raven or Lucas.


Send mail on behalf of us all xD.


And if they somehow do let us work with it etc, we should prob set up a git or subversion and like slider, myself, and possibly razor and stu can read/write to.


I think we would want some kind of standard version, no? Not just each of us working on separate. Lol...


I'd probably do the bigger chunks of the porting since i have pretty decent knowledge of the ioq3 src and ive seen how Raven sloppily codes in C++ (jagamex86.dll partial src) so...

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