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Atton Rand's past


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I took a look at dialog.tlk and couldn't find anything to support it. Doesn't mean it's not there, but it's doubtful.


I've heard the theory before, though, and I guess it's persistent because it at least has the virtue of explaining what Atton is doing on Peragus in the first place, as well as why he never mentions the ship he arrived on after he meets the very jedi he was supposed to hand over to the Exchange.


But it's still conjecture, and Wookieepedia shouldn't put it up as fact, unless they're going to provide a source to back the information up. I don't mind that it's there, but it should be marked as speculation. I've added a note on Wookieepedia to that effect.

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It's not exactly proof, but Coorta does have a conversation with an "unspecified" person about the Jedi bounty on one of the holo-vids IIRC.



It's a conversation between Coorta and the "maintence officer" (in reality the HK-50) about him (Coorta) contacting the guy to take the Exile off Peragus.



I presonally don't think that Atton was there to pick up the Exile. One reason is the missing ship he would have arrived in. AFAIK, the only ship on Peragus is the Ebon Hawk. The other is that Atton freaks out when you end up at the Jedi Academy on Telos because well, they're Jedi. He also doesn't like the idea that you AND Kreia are Jedi. I just can't see Atton wanting anything to do with Jedi, and Coorta does say the guy would like to know "details" of the operation. Also Atton knows almost nothing about what has been going on in the station.


I personally think Atton was working on a fuel ship, violated the weapons rules and got his butt thrown in jail. And the fuel ship left without him.

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I've alway like that kind of Shadowy past, it makes him a better character in my mind. IT adds to the mysteriousness of the character, something theres not enough off, but it should have worked so that they explain it later in the game.


I agree, although it would be nice to know about his past. He is one of my favourite Characters from TSL.

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Sometimes, its better to keep some things secret...


I won't be surprised if hs is just a smuggler or something dropping by cause his ride is busted, or some guy that is lost in space, or a crurier, or a fired employee or some unexciting reasons like that.


But yeah, in the current confusion we can always dream up something nice. :3

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In the interest of exploring Atton's reasons for being on Peragus, here is what he actually said on the matter:


Atton: "Security claimed I violated some trumped-up regulation or another - take it up with them if you want, but they stopped listening to me shortly before they stopped feeding me. Now that's criminal."


And a bit later...


Atton: "It was a misunderstanding, trumped-up charges. I could clear it up if I could just speak to somebody in charge, but seems to be no chance of that happening... unless you let me out."

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Playing through TSL again, I do think Atton is the smuggler hired on by Coorta to bring the Exile to Nar Shaddaa. It's the only satisfying explanation that ties into what clues are already presented throughout the Peragus module.


Coorta inquires with some unknown individual (presumably Atton) about smuggling the Jedi (still in stasis) off to Nar Shaddaa -- Atton knows Nar Shaddaa, has a (private) history of doing away with Jedi, and since the Exile's floating in a kolto tank he'd have little reason to fear her (whereas a whole "nest" of mind-reading Jedi on Telos would be too much for him to handle). The "maintenance officer" finds out and wants in on the job. The droids are reprogrammed to repair the Ebon Hawk and there's no reason why Coorta wouldn't think that it's the maintenance officer taking care of their transport problem.


Atton's on Peragus (probably came on a fueling ship -- that's the only loose end) and the security officer, suspecting sabotage with the droids, etc., believes Atton is responsible and locks him up in the holding cells (the trumped up charges -- Atton hates droids, etc. As for smuggling in blasters -- he's lectured the Exile thoroughly on the dangers of Peragian fuel and displays a clear nervousness about it; I don't think he'd be "crazy" enough to risk that sort of thing).


Security officer: "As added insurance, I tied the override switch into the circuits of the holding cell door. That'll make sure that it can only be opened if all droids on this level are shut down."


Security officer: "Whoever's responsible won't be able to have the droids come rescue him after I lock him up. Nothing'll cut through that door -- he'll be trapped."


And it's Atton trapped in there, obviously. Coorta lets him be their fall guy, adjusts plans to take off on the Ebon Hawk with his cronies while the maintenance officer orchestrates the dorm lockdown, but ultimately is double-crossed.


There are other quotables that can be brought into the argument, but I think that's enough. I'm sure the devs meant for Atton's reasons for being on Peragus to be ambiguous, but the clues add up to something. Believe or doubt as you will, I want to get back to my game!

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I'm sure Coorta lets Atton take the blame. I don't recall Coorta ever mentioning the Ebon Hawk at all. The closest we hear to his plot is his conversation with HK-50 - posing as the maintenance officer - and the references to someone who makes trips in-system.


Coorta: "What did you want to talk to me about? I have to suit up and drill the 32-19K asteroid claim within the hour, so talk quick."


HK-50: "I heard you had plans for the Jedi - about selling him to the Exchange."


Coorta: {A little cagier, fishing to see if maintenance officer would be cool with betraying facility}"Yeah, but security already said their piece on that, didn't they? Nobody's getting sold to anyone."


HK-50: {Suggestive, wants in on the crime}"Are they? I've seen the logs you've been accessing. Maybe the two of us could work something out."


Coorta: {Slightly angry}"It doesn't matter what we work out, we wouldn't make one hyperspace jump before what's left of the Republic was on us."


HK-50: 'If you have a way off this station, I can cover our tracks and ensure the Republic is not alerted to our presence.'


Coorta: {Cagey, already contacted the trader.}"Well... I may know someone - works this system on special jobs. He may want to know details, but I might be able to arrange transport."


HK-50: "I've seen the logs. I know you've already asked him and given the details - once he agrees, I can handle the rest."


Coorta: 'Handle the rest? Like how?'


HK-50: {Business, professional}"When the time comes, I'll contact you via comlink. Maintenance out."


Coorta: {Incredulous, to himself}"Since when did the maintenance officer grow some horns?"


Now, what I find interesting here are two things:


1. In the programmer's notes, the person Coorta mentions is referred to as "a trader". That doesn't sound like Atton to me.


2. According to HK-50, who has been spying on Coorta's communication, this person has not yet agreed to help Coorta. That then makes it a question of timing, since Atton is already in a forcecage when the Exile awakens.


Not that I'm really opposed to the idea of Atton being the one Coorta made the deal with. It makes sense, after all, and also explains just what Atton was doing there in the first place. It always bothered me no end that Atton promised me to answer all those questions once we weren't being chased by Sith assassins, but then wouldn't talk about it once we escaped Peragus :(


Still, from the above, I tend to think it absolves Atton more than it incriminates him.


But granted, there is no real evidence either way.

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