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Preventing Connection Interrupted?


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I was wondering if there was a way to prevent clients from getting connection interrupted, atleast lower the amount of times. It seems to be random, it isn't like a normal lag spike, it kind of like shuts down the server for a random amount of time and clients have to reconnect and I assume it is because I am behind a router. Since I host the server I can't lag out though, but is there a way to prevent this from happening?

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I might can answer some of the questions, but i cant say for sure, thats this is the problem or thats the problem.

If you have a router between your server and internet and you only forward those ports that are need, i think it was from 29070 to 29081, be happy about that, thats just good for your server and the protection of your server.

If you have 1 netcard on your server, make sure, its working, sometimes netcards can have invisible errors, you ping and stuff, looks like its working, but its not working.

Also your bandwidth is importen, the more the better.

If you have 10 mb bandwidth, dont use a 10 mbit netcard, use higher then 10, 100 mb is recommened.

If you have 2 netcards, dont use any cheap netcards, use alittle bit more expensive and install those netcards right after the AGP Graphic Card so its

AGP = Graphic Card

PCI = Netcard

PCI = Netcard

Remove or disabled sound card, If you also are playing from the server, then leave sound card or enable it.

Talk to your Internet Service Provider too, they can have couple of switches that causes the disconnection sometimes and sometimes there are no problem.

You must also play on other servers to see if you get connection interruption or not, to make sure that it might not be the ISP´s side, it could as well be on the other server ISP Side.

If you use wireless network from your internet connection to your server, that should be a bad thing says people, I personally dont know, never had Wireless, but those who complains on my server, are those who has wireless. ( Dont know if i should beleave them or not, i still prefer cable network :p )

On the Jedi Server side, there is alittle bit configuration to make too.

like sv_maxrate

I have sv_maxrate "25000"

and clientside /rate 25000


server side = sv_maxrate "50000"

clientside = /rate 50000

More then 50000 = no effect at all dont even try it.

Make sure your Windows or linux is patched, dont install too high required virus scanners or firewalls.

Simple one for Windows XP or 2000 Professionel you find it on this one http://www.free-av.com ( its free and a good Virus scanner ).

Make sure that you also are protected against this = jamsgbof.cfg. You will find it on this link


Little bit more server side stability.

Dont use more then 16 players on the server side, the server can crash

when i switched to sv_maxclients "32" server crashed after 15 to 30 minutes, it also crashed after map switch, it happen 2-4 times, now max clients are 16 and it stays there.

Try also to add your server.cfg file, i might can identify something that i can recommend.


You have the same problem as i had in 2004. :)

Good luck

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I would start by doing a bandwidth test. In other words, what are you really working with? For most residential connections the upload will be the lower number and it is always the lower number that your server rate and slots must work with.


To clarify some points made in the intial response:


Unless you have a commercial connex, I'm not sure what the value is in avoiding a 10Mb NIC.. It's likely double what your cable or DSL modem can handle.


If you had 1Mbit up (1000 Kbps) and you set your rate at 25000, you'd be maxed out at 4 WAN clients. As this is based on id's Q3A engine, I doubt that it is able to utilize a rate setting of 50000 even if it is a "valid" setting. Even newer "bandwidth intensive" games like Q4 and FEAR don't require this much bandwidth per client to run well.


Just remember: Bandwidth = rate x slots

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I can tell alittle bit of my investigation and the rate, but i cant say that am right or wrong, the game has many bugs as none mod server to have.

When i enabled allow download and i had rate 4000 to 10000 ( client and server side ), it worked very VERY slowly, it was downloading like 2 to 4 kbps and thats modem crap connection.

When i tryed with rate 25000 ( client and server side ) it worked alittle bit faster around 10 kbps sometimes 15 kbps.

i changed it to 4000 rate ( client only ) it started to work slow again.

Now i wanted to investigate something else, i added rate 50000 ( client and server side ), what happen was that my download speed went from 10 kbps to 15 kbps to 20 kbps.

I had to try rate 100000 ( clientside and server side ) no affect, it stayed on 20 kbps.

I wounder if 1 client gets 20 kbps on download on a 10 mbit bandwidth ( Server side ), there shouldnt be problem having 16 players with /rate 50000 = 16 x 20 kbps = 320 kbps.

Correct me if am wrong, all help is welcome, i want more bandwidth to enable instead of blocking, the faster download the better.

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If you have a 10Mbit line, I can tell you that the math works for your settings (based on a rate 50000 and 14 slots) but I doubt that the game is really making use of that kind of throughput. I've been running id engine game servers for nearly 10 years but I do not have a lot of personal experience running JK3 so I can't say I've personally monitored the load (bandwidth/CPU utilization) that JK3 places on a server nor can I speak to the "bugs" in the game that may impact it.


I'm also not sure what you mean by "working very very slowly". Are you talking about gameplay or downloading custom content? If the latter, pushing files to clients via this game engine is (IMO) simply not practical.


More to the point of the thread starter, I think he is talking about gameplay and disconnects. While I don't know for sure, I can say with some confidence that he likely doesn't have the bandwidth to support 25000 per client (let alone 50000). To say "the faster the download the better" is dangerous because if you don't have the pipe to support the slots and rate, you WILL flood the server and you WILL see disconnects not unlike the situation he is describing. More is not always better... often it is worse.


If I had to guess the problem it is likely one or more of the following:


1) Too high of a total throughput combination (rate X slots) for the server's available bandwidth.

2) Too little "CPU" per client with the server.

3) Poor traceroutes from clients to server and/or high ping.


I run a JK3 server at home.. the rate is 10000, I forward ONE UDP port to enable it and it runs just fine. 10000 is also the rate setting I see most often as a default in the server configs of JK3 servers as well...

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Well am talking about the downloading, if it would be possible to enable more.

What you say might be right, this is my second time i run a dedicated server so i cant say that i know things when i dont.

I dont have a problem with people getting disconnected, only when there computer crashes.

I do have noticed that if you make 1 change in server config, 3 things wont work sometimes. The game is still buggy, i got more examples then changes in the server.cfg file. That i know. HAHA :p

Isnt it possible to active something so it makes the download faster ?

have a nice day

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I don't believe the game supports an http redirect (which would be ideal) so what I do for Quake 3 Arena is put a web URL in the server message where clients can get the files. It is not using the game server's resources at all.


With in game downloads (depending on your /timelimit) the map is quite often over before someone finishes downloading it - not very useful.

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