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My ner'vods, may you make a sig for me that shows sev on it? In action of course, i would like his DC showing, acctually, his whole body in the sig in action


Delta 1207 - I will make you a siggy when I get some free time. It would help a lot if you could search for some sample images using Google Image search and supply the links here. They don't have to be *exactly* what you want, just some samples.

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id like a sig like this


a avatar of sarge


(all the avatars and stuff should be in the album titled MyCCP on my profile im also posting them here) on the left then have it say this in cool lettering

We shall bear its weight together.

Forged like the saber in the fires of death, Brothers all...

and then put a full body pic of Boba Fett


(make it so the whole body fits in the sig)


please and thank you guys!!

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