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Yo! How many of the old homies we still got here!



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  1. 1. Yoda?!.?

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(I'm an oldbie, I'm allowed to dig up threads less than a month past their sell-by date! :xp: )


Hooray for lurker threads! :p

Holy crap, Havoc?!!


Holy crap, Waccy?!!


*wraps his legs around Havocs' midsection and grabs onto Waccy's pantlegs*



Holy crap, Rhett! You're not living in a cave any more! :eek: Awesome. :D I hope you're doing well, matey. :)


Since you're so very...*looks at torn pantlegs*...determined, I guess I'll have to stick around this time. :D I must confess, I do miss the old place, so it could be good to lurk-- I mean, post, a little more often. :) (Why haven't you stuck this for us yet, Rhett? :D)

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So I read through this whole thread before realizing that it'd been bumped after a year of inactivity...


Cool to see all the old people still lurk... makes me wonder about jokemaster...


(BTW, a little over five years ago is when I came on... wildjedi back then, in case any of you might remember me...)

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