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Watch this while you can (Frank Miller's "300" movie trailer, contains some blood)

The Seeker

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The trailer doesn't intrigue me that much. I guess I'll wait and see how this one turns out when it hits theatres and maybe I'll change my mind.


EDIT: The trailer doesn't seem so bad. MAybe it was because it was my mood yesterday, but I does seem compelling.


*Note me change in opinion was not influenced by anybody else's opinions

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Well, after watching this, I can see why they'd want to ban it, but it's still cool.


1) The kid beating up on another kid, complete with blood splatter.

2) The infant bones (infanticide is not the best thing to show in a trailer, even if it is not directly seen)

3) The guy getting his leg slashed, complete with more blood :p

4) Nipple action (clothed, but still visible) in the trailer :D


The main character's (King Leonidas) kind of ugly when he's yelling :p


Still, I look forward to it. Thermopylae was such a cool story in Latin class.


Also, game is in development for the PSP. No word on any other ports. :(



"Then we will fight in the shade."

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