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Commander Bonuses II

Darth Ablett

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Props to YertyL for asking for this info in the first place. The original quote is in the regular EaW discussion.


Now, my question is regarding this particular quote:



Fleet/Field Commanders - 25% enhancement bonus


Ackbar (Home One) - 25% health (space)


Emperor Palpatine - 25% health (space/land), 25% shields (space)


Tarkin - 25% health, 10% damage, 10% shields, 10% evasion, 10% move speed


Mon Mothma - 25% health


Piett (Accuser) - 25% health (space), 25% health to Star Destroyers (stacks)


Are these existing bonuses getting tweaked in FoC?


I'd like to see Mon Mothma be a tad more useful, even if she just gets the 25% shields thing Palpy has.


Also, if you have Piett and the Emperor along with the Executor, will this give it an extra 50% to health and 25% to shields? :nut:


If yes, that's going to take quite a bit to take down. Thoughts?

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I would also like to see Mon Mothma become more useful. I'm not sure if Piett's Star Destroyer-specific bonuses applies to all kinds of Star Destroyers or just the ISDs; I suspect the latter. That means he won't have any effect on the Executor.


You know, I hope so. If the Executor gets such a big health boost and the Rebels get bugger all from their tactical modifiers, I'd be a bit worried, especially since Petro have stated the Rebel's are more 'hero-centric' in the expansion...hmm. :snear:

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Just like in: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi.


rebs: more hero based.


imps: better ships, modifiers, ect.

Not necessarily better modifiers, but other than that I agree completely. The Empire's strength was its overwhelming military might, while the Rebellion's strenght lay in the exceptional individuals drawn to its cause.

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  • 3 months later...

I've just looked up the comander bonuses of FOC in the XML... Here's the list:



Piett - 25% health for all ships and 25% additional health for ISDs

Thrawn - 20% health, 10% damage, 10% shield, 10% armor and 10% movement speed bonus

Emperor Palpatine - 25% health on land and in space, addtitionally 25% shields in space

Veers - 25% health on land (though his icon doesn't glow - strange)

Grand Moff Tarkin - 25% health and 10% on about everything else (damage, shields, armor and movement speed), sapce only



Mon Mothma - 25% health in space (still)

Ackbar - 25% health for all ships

Garn Bel Iblis - 10% health and damage on land, 5% health and damage in space

Rogue Squadron - 25% health for all ships

Yoda - 25% damage bonus in space. Strangely I haven't found a bonus for land units... :confused:


Zann Consortium:

Tyber Zann - 20% health and 10% movement speed in space

Urai Fen - again haven't found anything despite a blinking icon in land combat...


It's possible that the data about the original heroes of EAW is not up-to-date, since they get a file of their own (which could be just copied from EAW), however I haven't been able to find anything newer yet...

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