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-(db)-: The Force is with us, and the future is ours


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Welcome to the DarkBlood Clan thread. Now, our name is misleading, since we do not care about what side you play or RP as, be it Jedi or Sith, Hero or Villain, Empire or Rebels.

We are quite a peaceful Clan, with a War record of 2 played, 2 won (the second being a disband war with (ck)). We aren't as old as many other Clans, but are quickly rising, with many recruits joining each week. Our sole aim is to make our members, as long as they follow the rules, basically that there's fun, and there's too much fun, we have improved many members by huge amounts, giving them practise and new tricks to add to their arsenal.

We have many Allies, and only one current enemy, who we have defeated in various battles, causing us to win the war with them. The =SS= have all but given up on Battlefront 2 now.

We do not believe in spies, and our three virtues are Honour, Loyalty and respect, as well as honesty, which basically needs no mention.

We would be happy if you could join.

We offer best support for PC BF2, though we can help with any other games you have.


Darth Vindr :sithk:

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