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I pround to present the EAW: FOC Litle Demo Mod



-^Working Orbital Bombardment^ The Tyber's ship must be on orbit around the planet Felucia or Kamino, ****Warning Don't Use this ship in space battles***

-Norghi, Dark Troopers P1, P2 and P3 on Ryloth

-Buildable Skipray Blastboats


I think it's all .. for now..



NEW VERSIONS HERE http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?p=2189298



Replace your Config.meg from FOC\Data with my one.

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Ok guys i gona relase a new version of the mood with more features.

I gona create a new tread for it, wait for the... FoC: The Small Mod.


If it goses for the bombardment the Tybers flagship Merciless (in the demos xml called Peace Bringer) the one with his head must be on the orbit before land combat. I state that using it in space battles will crashe FoC.


If it goes for Felucia I tested it and it worked.

You must just follow the demos route and don't send unit too fast.

It coud hapen because i removed some locks.

Also you must send every unit to Felucia those that i added too :)

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maybe i was to fast, maybe its because i tried to send one of these defilers again to that planet to try to do some corruption again (which didnt work - surprise surprise, gnah).

i dunno, i jus sat there trying everything, bringing some space units into the orbit, regrouping, tried it couple of times. i dunno what went wrong, its just the fact that i experienced it the first time i tried it after putting your file in it. so i was guessin around that it could be, thats why i wrote "i think i found one" not that "i found one" :D

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