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FoC: The Small Mod


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Uber Cannons can't hit corvets fighters and transports they are too small

Distruptors ... maby the can't damage shielded units.


Oh i tested the Death Star everything was good to the place when i wanted to fire the super laser at the enemys space station... it crashe maby it is the model i am not shure..(lol i will cahne DS II model to an asteroid :))

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Actual I can't check this now (no free space to unpack eaw models), and placeing the ds model in the demo is rater illegal. (Oh and i can't post the 300mb demo models meg file :))


..My HelpMe.zip was downloaded 12 times and we still don't have SCRIPTHELP.txt ...:)

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Yes but when i removed all of it the game started to be buggy and not to work. I must find the thing that causes it. It must be a part of script somewere..




FoC: The Small Mod V2


New Features:

-Corupt and Conquer the whole Glaxy

-Use the ultimate power of Death Star II

-maby more :)


(I will make it go when i will have the SCRIPTHELP.txt done by ya guys :))

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okay I have this installed but I can't do the Felucia mission It won't spawn Tyber and it automatically says I am defeated and I can't access any other planets. I can't find all the stuff I need to mod the files they really made it harder

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I am back from school .. and wath I see ... :) ok today or tommorow...

I need to write an long script ...then geat every planet a owner a flett ground force...


Btw. Can ya guys give me some sugestions about those planets...

Faction ...Fleet ect.

Factions: Rebels (I think they have only corelian corvets .. :))

Empire, Hutts, Pirates, Underworld (Ryloth is theirs so maby 1 more planet)

Planets: Abregado_Rae, AetenII, Alderaan, AlzocIII, Anaxes, Atzerri, Bespin, Bestine, Bonadan, Bothawui, Byss, Carida, Corellia, Corulag, Coruscant, Dagobah, Dantooine, Endor, Eriadu, Fondor, Fresia, Geonosis, Hoth, Ilum, Jabiim, Kashyyyk, Kessel, Korriban, Kuat, Manaan, MonCalimari, Naboo, Polus, Shola, Sullust, Taris, Tatooine, Thyferra, VergessoAsteroids, Wayland, Yavin, Dathomir, Honoghr, Hypori, Mustafar, Muunilinst, Myrkr, Saleucami, The_Maw, Utapau


Hehehe :)

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Alderaan : Rebels

Bespin : Rebels

Bothawui : Rebels

Byss: Empire

Corellia : Empire/Rebels ( Not sure on this one, I think Corellia is under Empire control but wants to Join the Rebellion)

Coruscant : Empire

Dagobah: Rebels

Dantooine : Rebels

Endor : Empire

Fondor : Empire

Geonosis : Consortium

Hoth : Rebels

Kashyyyk : Rebels

Kessel : Empire

Korriban : Empire

Kuat : Empire

Manaan : Rebels?

Mon Calamari : Rebels

Naboo : Rebels

Sullust : Rebels

Taris : Empire

Tatooine : Empire/Hutts?

VergessoAsteroids : Pirates

Yavin : Rebels

Dathomir : Pirates or Consortium

Honoghr: Empire

Mustafar : Empire

Myrkr : Consortium

Saleucami : Empire

Utapau : Empire

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You should(after you get rid of the long text in the tutorial(if possible)) make other factions playable as well(then give the darktrooper tech to empires.)

Whens version 2 coming out btw?

Cool mod, is this the only one for the FOC demo(normally I would buy it, as I did with Eaw, but since my parents won't let me[right now], I have to wait until I borrow it from a friend:()

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Ok guys I can't get all those planets up some bug gets in ... log text .. still it bug's also ...

I lovered the num of planets to from the expansion -mustafar and some old eaw planets..

Version to will be out in 15 minuts? Something like that, next i will try to change the sides and test it but a litle later.. now I fell realy bad ... +homework to do ...


OO my falut .. i got some files massed up anyawy back to plan A all planets but i don't have time to get all them fleets :(


You gonan kill me :) back to PLAN B those planets tend to crash the game so i need to fix it out :) i will be back with a beta of V2 soon (veary soon)


Beta OUT !!!

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Ok I went trought it your planet faction list is nice but i got to minimalize it (number of planets for now at last +some rebel worlds still soud be Imperial

:) the have those VSD .... and rebels have only the corvette same with those pirates ... (venator and v-wings maby)....


Ok get my beta o and remember to Corupt thw wokiess!

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Ok guys I am sorry but I won't have much time tommorow i got some additional Informatics lessons (maby my teacher will let me do some xml editing :))


V2 will include all planets with imps and rebels maby some Hutts and pirates :)

I will also unlock those coruption options and try to work on aditional units ..


So have fun with the beta and report bug;s :)


V2 Time remaining 48 h 00 m 00 s ....



Guys .. I got a working ...... DROIDEKA Mk II :) so see ya :) ...droideka's will rule this galaxy

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