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Elite Honor: Modern Warfare Mod

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Recently I started the Elite Honor: Modern Warfare mod for JA.


"This mod puts you in the seat of a United States Marine in a warzone in the Middle East, with the purpose to fight the War on Terrorism. You will go through the hardships of a Marine and the intense action, alone or in a group, that a Marine would face daily. The game is aimed to be highly realistic to show you realistic combat, with the weapons and gear that would be used. You will be able to use anything a real marines or IDF members uses, from an infamous M4 rifle, to the powerful MK3A1 Jackhammer, to a small but powerful Beretta 92 pistol to even C4 and mines. However, if you choose to be a Coalition fighter, you will use different equipment, like the AK-47, Saiga-12 shotgun, PP19, and Zastava M76. Full weapon models and player models will allow you to have full ability and appearance or your chosen side. Either fight to your death with no limits in FFA or finish missions or prevent success with Siege mode. Largely familiar and explorable environments will be at your disposal. Plus, pull powerful attacks or defenses with tanks, fighter jets, and other multi-purpose land vehicles.


Join the Experience. Choose Your Side. Be the Creator Of Fear or Protectors Of Peace.


Elite Honor: Modern Warfare"


We are in need of modellers for the models for Marine, IDF, and Coalition fighters (Each side will have variations of appearacne, and also will have MAles and Female versions). Plus, we are in need of the following weapons (with their replacements):



Sword-M9 Bayonet

Blaster-IMI Tavor TAR-21

Disruptor-M40 Sniper Rifle

Repeater-M4 Assault Rifle

Flechette-Mk3A1 Jackhammer

Missile-SRAW Predator ATGM Launcher

Thermal-M67 Hand Grenades

Trip-M18A1 Claymore Antipersonnel Mine

Det-C4 Plastic Explosive



Sword-AKM Bayonet


Blaster-PP19 Bizon

Disruptor-Zastava M76

Flechette-Saiga-12 Shotgun

Missile-ERYX ATGM Launcher

Thermal-M67 Hand Grenade


Det-Heavy IED


*Note Some Models Are Repeated for Each Side*


Plus the following Vehicles:


High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) (M998 Truck)

Assault Amphibian Vehicle Personnel Model 7A1 (AAVP7A1)

Merkava Tank


There are also mapping and coding opportunities, plus modelling pickups (more details will be given if interested).


If anyone is interested in joining, or can model some and donate them to the team (all credit will be given), please post below.



Team Head


*IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some people will be very upset by this topic. Some are already. Some have expressed that they were in one of the above armed forces and say the game is inaccurate. If you want more accuracy, suggestions are welcome. However, certain things must be dropped for limits and entertainment purposes, along with space. I am not a Marine, I have family members/family friends that were and will be enlisting in a few years myself via Naval Academy if accepted. If you plan to just flame the project, its memebers, or its progress/ideas, please hold yourself back with your comments or do not respond at all. Thanks everyone whoe read this.*

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