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Request for character and saber.

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I would like to make a request for a Darth Bane model and his lightsaber for JA. For the model I would like a non-robed/cloaked figure with the clothes he wears seen in several pictures.


His lightsaber would look pretty much like the one from the comics.



Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3



EDIT:I have just had an idea that would make this easier. Could some one reskin a Weequa model and have the head and face look more human? Then the braid could just be removed, and the clothes could be reskined. This would be great for the model.

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Ok, I have finished the reskin. I used the weequay, I couldn't find anything else to use. Here is a picture of the face and head. The body is just recolored to a darker color.



Send me a PM with info on where to send the zip file. Any one else who wants to use this just PM me.

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