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Expansion pack...I think not


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If I remember rightly, I haven't played it in a wile, but age of mythology's expansion kept all the original stuff, including the original campaign, so you could play it normally, I got the gold edition of it which came with the expansion and was able to play the first campaign, I'm pretty sure of it anyway, I'll try and have a look now just to check, but I could be wrong.


If I also remember well, The Titans didn't add anything to the old civs.


And I didn't think this game was cannon? so what happens if I wanted to play through VEAW campaigns with the new units, I don't see why not? in my opinion it gives the game a little more depth with new units and the "option" to pay with extra things. Its not like it would be one sided considering both sides would get new units.


It does matter. It's a question of consistency. You're trying to tell a story after all.


Anything and everything can be argued. I have not played other RTS games because im not a huge RTS fan. However, it does not mean I cant compare apples to oranges and star wars movies to LOTR movies because they are of different genres (sci-fi/fantasy). I merely am speaking about games I have played in the past with expansions that done what I said.


It is possible to compare two elements depending on the angle of the comparison. Apples and oranges are both fruits for example. The reason why that expression exists is to avoid purely superficial conparisons. Expansions for RPGs and RTS games are similar only in both being expansions.


RPG expansions need the original game to be playable with new classes or else it has too little content, in RPG standards. However, RTS standards don't need that. Usually, they'll even find an excuse in the campaign to introduce new units. RTS expansions range from adding a handful of units and a new campaign (StarCraft: Brood War, WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne), to simply adding a new civ(s) and a new campaign (Ensemble Studios' Age games) to doing both (Relic's Dawn of War: Winter Assault and Dark Crusade, E@W:FoC). All of those are considered expansions.

Yet, strangely enough, they are mostly incredible expansions with varying degrees of content added. It simply doesn't matter how much you put in.

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