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I took the liberty of uploading 009P with..


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-New sabers

-New sounds including deflecting, clashes, blocks, hums, gunfire blabla.

-New effects (gunfire, deflection flashes, sparks)

-New animations (all the old ones without any of the bugged ones, + added cartwheels and other stuff)


And probably some other things I forgot about.

Now I'm not trying to have any type of hostile take-over here or anything, don't get me wrong, but I think the people that like my mods will appreciate the ease and comfort that comes with this download link.




Enjoy plox ;D

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Good replacement Max, though I can't say I like the purplelish blaster bolts from E-11. ;)

Bah, I knew I forgot something.


That's a leftover from tinkering with different efx files.. I tried to copy the effect from the "FX mod".


Latest version has pure red bolts for all guns.

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