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Error when Using Modview


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I modeled a saber hilt for jk2. I attempted to create a modified version of kyles saber from Jedi Knight. Anyways, when I open it in modview I get this error:


R_LoadMDXM: models/weapons2/my_saber/saber_w.glm has more than 1000 verts on a surface (1320)


I got this error before and just assumed it was a too high poly model. However, I'm pretty sure that I've seen more polys on other weapons, especially since this is a re-modeled version so I don't know what this means.


If anyons any ideas, please, shoot 'em this way!




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If you cut the model in half, so it is in 2 shapes, I think it will work. The max poly/vertex limit for JA and JO is 1000 per object. So if it is in 2 objects, you may not go over.


I am not sure if this is true or if you can even cut models in half, but meh. :)

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Yes that is correct, there's a limit on vertex count and you can split the object into separate pieces. The object should still work in JA, just wont have shadows calculated i think (too complex).


Honestly if you have 1k on a hilt that means you're way overboard too! :p

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