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OMG need hlp plz


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Wow! It's been forever guys! I finally got a new computer! Not an old computer and it's new to me, but I got a NEW computer! A DELL computer! I can finally play games and not crash my pc! I've finally arrived in the 21st century!



(you might be asking "who is this lunatic?")


It's me guys! Obi-wan13/obi13/obi. Whatever! I'm back baby! How is everyone? Any of the old gang around? (you know who you are) here's an update on my life-


After my dad had a suicide attempt last year(another reason i've been gone), I've had to help him. He's bed-ridden. But that's enough sad stuff. I received my ordination papers(I'm REVEREND OBI now :p ). I am in the process of getting enrolled in technical school, and then on to seminary. I am in the process of getting a building to start my own church (Truth Christian Center) in Thomson, Ga. If you guys ever come around there, CHECK IT OUT ;)

I am still engaged to the same girl, and I'm still working for the government. I've lost approx. 110 lbs. and I am now at a very sex-ah 200 lbs.


So how is everyone else?


-If I haven't met you before, hi. My name is Obi. :D


(or you can call me Jake. Or Rev. Jake. Whatever )


BTW, this place has CHANGED! :o

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GUYS! YOU PEOPLE ARE STILL HERE! PHREAKEH! You're admin now too? Jeeze! BTW I've changed my looks a lot since that supes pic. I've lost a lot of weight and gained some muscle (I joined a gym).


Ok, let's go down the list.....


Pie- Good to see you again man! Sorry, no NEW pics because I lost my USB cable to my digi cam. I know it's around here somewhere, and I'm in the process of finding it.... >_>


Anthony- Thank you! I've been training for two months to get my ord. papers. It was hard, but it paid off.


SuperRodian- Nice to meet you, man. Yea, I'm a laid back preacher. I Keep it real, dawg. (if i ever say that again, hurt me) I don't try to be holier-than-thou and junk. I'm a human, I screw up. You're a human, you screw up. We're in this thing together, let's make the best of it. That's my take on God. He's the only one that doesn't screw up. I think that's why I like him so much = )


Mike Windu- I love you too, man! You can't have my bud light -_-


btw tell Rhett to get his kiester(sp?) back on here and give me a shout :D


IG-64- It HAS been a long time. Good to see you again ;)


Tyrion- Can you legally drive yet? Have you had your first pimple yet? :p (last time I spoke with him, he was 13)


Commander Obi-Wan- Awesome Name. Obi Rules. Best Star Wars character EVER. I don't know why people can't see that :p I like your sig pic. And you've heard a lot about me? Hopefully it's all good. 'Cause if it wasn't, I'd have to bring back the Geraldo mask. (only a certain few know what in the world I'm talking about, but I'll just say it's not pretty.) Keep up the good obi lovin', and we'll get along fine.


TheDoctor- Nice too meet you. Good luck on that citizenship thing. Marry Tyrion if you're desperate. ;)


Darth Moeller & El Sitherino- Nice to meet you fellow super mods. Nice to know we have some fresh meat to watch over the boards. ;)


Ratm- Yea dude, long time no JA :(


Phreakeh- you had your turn already................punk..........

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Tyrion- Can you legally drive yet? Have you had your first pimple yet? :p (last time I spoke with him, he was 13)


I can legally drive once I get my permit and everything, but I just turned 16 a week ago as a matter of fact. And yes, I got my first pimple...and the second one...and the fifth...actually, I don't have too many pimples because I'm kickass like that.


TheDoctor- Nice too meet you. Good luck on that citizenship thing. Marry Tyrion if you're desperate. ;)


Actually, Rhett branded me an enemy of the Swamp and stuck me in a damp cell somewhere dark. I don't remember committing a crime, but that didn't stop him unleashing his elves on me - oh ye gods!. It gets kind of blurry and sexy after that, but in the end I ended up having my citizenship revoked. Thankfully, I was taken in by the Swiss embassy because I was a sexy foreigner. Ever had swiss chocolate before? If you have, imagine a tub of sexier swiss chocolate. They filled the holes in the chocolate fudge with a female bikini team. A sexy bikini team.


Damn fantasies and their damnable non-existence.


Edit- Oh, and as an update El Sitherino is really Insane Sith.

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Long time no see man, good to hear that things are goin well for you man :)


Also, I know someone on here has the Shopped pic Rhett made where he replaced Obes guitar pic with a fish, and the one where he compeletely removed the damn guitar.

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I'd like to inform you of a regime change in the swamp.


I own everything, and all returning old-timers pay taxes to me.


That'll be tree-fiddy.


He lies. I rule all, and there's nothing to be done about it. :D


Anyway, welcome back Obi! I think the last time I remember you coming around was when you're dad was having some major health issues. Glad to hear that life is going so well for you.


And yes, everyone, I'm doing fantastic, thanks for asking. :p

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