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Ok first of all I would like to say hi to everyone reading this and thank you for the help. Now...to the problem I am an admin on a server I sort of got when the other admin left town and I am trying to maintain it so heres the problem I can login to my server with admin rights by typing in exec JKadmin.cfg and thats all great and it tells me how to scroll through all the admin commands like kick and slap and sleep... But thats all I can do I can only see the commands taunting me with their adminly goodness but I can't exec them I would like to know how to exec them. The txt. file says how to bind the keys,it says like: Bind 'KEY' "JKprotect YOURNAMEHERE" so I do that and then I hit the key it is bound to and, it just says that JKprotect is an unknown command. PLZ HELP ME!!!!



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