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Excellent, Very Excellent!


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I just finished the Campaign for Forces of Corruption. I must say not only was the campaign EXTREMELY FUN, but the story was EXCELLENT. Very well written, fits with canon, everything just falls together excellent. I also quite enjoy the semi-cliffhanger we have at the end with Silri opening up the temple of what appears to be hundreds of Sith Lords frozen in Carbonite.


I'm assuming they are sith because it was the Sith Artifact that led her to that location. This gives me the impression that the next EaW game/expansion is going to inolve a conflict between the Zann Consortium and Salri's(I hope i got her name right) new Sith Empire she seems to be starting up.


The campain was a pretty good length (One must remember this is an expansion and not a full game, But it sure could fool me!) and again the story was very well written.


Because of this, i must now demand a sequel from Petroglyph. Good Job guys, very well done. I am more than impressed.

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