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Force Seeing/Sense


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Force Sense now works as follows:


- Can see players as usual.

- Thermals, Trips, and Detpacks can be seen now.

- If its a map trip (t1_fatal, t1_sour) can be seen through areaportals.

- Items that are available (not picked up) can be seen.

- NPCs now work somewhat more like SP.

- Most objectives should show up now. (Bombs on t1_fatal)



- NPCs: NPCTEAM_ENEMY - red, NPCTEAM_NEUTRAL - green, NPCTEAM_Free - Tusken/Sand Creature/Wampa/Rancor - red; Anything Else - yellow.

- Objectives or NPCs carrying keys are blue always blue.

- Players in Siege: Enemies are red; Allies are green.

- Players in TFFA, CTF, CTY: Red Team is red, and Blue Team is blue.

- Any other entity shows up as yellow.

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If you only have level 1, only players/npcs if its not a EF_FORCE_VISIBLE flagged entity (SP objectives; floor units)


The distance varies also in the client-side:

Level 1 - 1024

Level 2 - 2048

Level 3,4,5 - 4096


Edit: Almost forgot, like in basejka mp you cannot see anything through walls if you have < Level 2 (Non-EF_FORCE_VISIBLE)

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