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Wii Vs PS3 Vs XBox 360



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Which (will you be getting/have you got)?


Though I wont be getting any of them myself, I would be in favour of the Wii, but I am not convinced of the controller yet. The PS3 is just a marketing ploy to get Sony's Blue Ray hardware out there so they can start selling Blue Ray films at extortionate prices.




(actual fighting over which is best not authorised by thread starter, do so at your own risk)


Also if there is already a thread like this (I did look honest), please lock/delete ASAP. cheers.

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Same here. I'll try to get a Wii on sunday morning.


I couldn't have any less interest in PS3. Honestly, I think the price, as "justified" as it may be, is way too high for a video game console. Not to mention I don't have an HDTV, nor do I plan on getting one in the very near future, so the ultra super high res graphics and the Blu-Ray technology don't weigh too much in the balance. I also hate the controller, I've hated it since the first iteration. Holding it hurt my hands almost 10 years ago and It would probably still hurt my hands now as they have stuck with the same design through 3 generations, simply adding new features on it over time (analog sticks, force feedback, motion sensing). Finally, and probably the beast reason I won't get the console is I don't care for it's exclusive game franchises, for the new and innovative games I'll play my Wii, as for my "standard" gaming needs, I have my PC.


My opinion of the 360 is pretty much the same, but mellow every thing down a bit. I still don't plan on getting a 360 before a couple of years.

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I got a 360 last month, and so far I love it. I reserved a wii already, and I will be picking that up on Saturday at midnight, although I won't be opening that up until Christmas. I have 360 games that are still in the shrink wrap, because I have been working so much lately.


I used to be a strict pc gamer, mostly for the mods and the online content, but 360 has a great set up that is so easy to use, that it blows the pc out the window at this point. PC games are getting to be quite annoying because the graphics cards and upgrades cost above and beyond the prices of consoles, and you STILL don't know if they are going to work until after you install and run them. 360 games for the most part run right out of the box without the installation, and it is just as easy to download updates as it is for a pc game. I'll be running my 360 for a while. I would also like to mention that Jedi Academy for xbox is backwards compatible on the 360. ;)


Back to wii and 360. I have played both, and I can't say that I prefer one over the other at this point. I like both of them for different reasons, and I am sure that both of them will get equal attention in the near future.

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I have a 360 so far, but I'm undecided on the Wii at the moment. The Wii seems to be centered around the "Playing with a group of friends" idea, yet since all of my friends live in different cities and places, it would be a bit of a waste of time. I doubt I'll be getting a Playstation 3 unless I manage to get a job that pays great money, but I'm dying to play Metal Gear Solid 4, but I really need to play the 3rd one first.

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Not at that 600 dollar price tag it's not.


The Best Buy we go to is expecting about a hundred and is opening at 9. If I can convince my mom to let us, I might go there either saturday night, or get there at about 5 in the morning.


God I wish I had my license : |

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Make sure you check your local Future Shop opening hours for sunday, I beleive they open early... They open at 9 AM here. ;)


Done that already. They normally open at 11 AM on Sundays, but called and he said that they will be open at 10 AM. But, I'll still be there 2 or more hours early since my mom has work early in the morning at around 7-7:30, so she'll drop my off at Future Shop. :)


Future Shop = Canadian Best Buy right?


Just like coupes. said, they are virtually the same, the price differences are very slim.


Though, I don't think we have such places as Target or Gamestop in Canada.


Meh. There are also a ton of other stores that will sell them too. So, I am quite positive that I will get one. :)

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